Wednesday, December 23, 2009


As you can see below, yet another web comic. This idea was just one compartment of the whole train of thought I had on the topic. I even came up with a micro-story concept relating with GLEE [Glee? you know, right?!]
More on that later.

Here though, I was frustrated with the trouble my very pretty best-friend was having, shaking off an irritatingly persistent flirt. Even the mean swear words she used wasn't much. Thus this idea was born. I'm not sure it was helpful in her case, but I'm hoping it will help someone else with a similar situation!


Concept and words mine,
Graphics as always by Rahul. =)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahaani- review and [warning!] spoilers

@ Bobby- buddy, I don't know if you will enjoy this movie here, but I'm working on a list of must-watch Indian movies. So watch this space!
First off, this movie is meant only for those who have a wholesome appetite for absurd comedy.

Moving on to more serious stuff; this movie is just so Ridiculously Cute!!
The cast itself is enough reason to watch the movie. Serious eye-candy. Everyone's [me included] sweetheart Katrina Kaif in a fitting role as an Anglo-Indian. Which means, you get to hear her great English instead of dubbed Hindi. And Ranbir Kapoor [squeeeeeeaaaaaaaal!!!!!!!] as Prem. I loved the actor who plays his father.

Honestly, the movie in itself is no good. Cliche story, mischief-maker boy, pretty-as-a-princess/ damsel-in-distress girl and all that. But what saves it is in part the cute cast, the fun elements and a crazy script. There are way too many loop-holes in the story than you had allow. The boy falls in love way too quickly. Mood of the movie shifts every now and then. But who the hell cares? Let's get jumping into the main plot!

A strange coincidence is how both Jenny and Prem stammer when they get upset.
Well, another coincidence would have been how both are vegetarians as well. If only his friends hadn't coaxed him into becoming a non-vegetarian to have something in common with her. How was he to know that she was a pure veg!

One big deal I noticed was that Jenny is a librarian! w00t!! Erm.. in case no one can understand why this is a big deal-- well, I'm studying for Master in Library and Information Science. Well! I think librarianship may just have got a brand ambassador! :P

I like the frankness with which he tells her that he sneaked into her room the previous night to place the thank-you bouquet, and that's how he came to realise she;s an orphan. Usually Bolly heroes tend to lie or at least leave such stuff un-said.

His heart is in bits, but plucky young Prem goes all-out to rescue Jenny from an unsavory-forced marriage with the weirdo Tony. This sequence involves a kidnapped train. What the...!!! No, no, I'm NOT complaining. I'm way too carried away with this movie to raise eye brows even if they planned to show Prem flying a-la-Mohabbat man.

The Underworld guys were cool. How come no other film director, or anyone for that matter, ever wondered how come the dons always seemed to have their phones perpetually recharged without actually doing that? That happens here. The Don is in a veryy awkward situation when he finds out his phone has run out of credit!! I'm clutching my tummy, shaking with laughter in pity for this predicament facing the don. May no filmy don have to face this situation. Amen. ;)

AND did anyone else feel the almost-"Mast" situation where he comes sneaky with Jenny as her beau Rahul disappeared at the last moment?

The final action scene is beyond words- [if u take me in the right sense!] Bubbles float around during the "tension packed" sequences where ransom is exchanged for Jenny. What could easily have become a worn-out emotional cliche scene becomes a fantastically corny-funny sequence:
Prem's dad comes out to fight the big-bad people.
Prem is surprised,
Dad responds with a melodramatic dialogue complete with sad violins playing in the background.
And Prem loves the line so much, he asks daddy to repeat it once more.
Dad complies with the exact same line, complete with the same melodrama and music!

6 stars out of 6!

And don't forget the Jesus-in-guise-of-theatre-actor-who-is-actually-Jesus-anyway. =)

PS- I know my review may be lacking, but I took sooo long to finish it, that the attempt became half hearted. :(

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Back! And it feels real good too, [even though no one seems to have noticed that I haven't blogged in a while. =( ]

So what's going on in my life now?
  • Aunt gives birth to the prettiest tiny baby girl. Mom, myself and a lot of people are really cooing around it, but there were a couple of weirdos who think baby boy would have been better. I don't get it! Baby girls are prettier any day!
  • Exams over. I officially am a second semester student this coming Monday onwards.
  • This blog of mine just became 2 years old on November 30th, and I didn't even have time to notice. Heartfelt apologies baby! Love you!
  • I'm in crush. Again.
And the link is judging-book-by-cover
Hey, if anyone is interested in the venture, put in a comment. I'd love the company. :)
  • I'm pretty hyped about it, since it's been a long time plan and I got time just now.
  • Reading Twilight and some other books simultaneously.
  • I realize I'm a pretty good Music-Suggester. Literally everyone who has got a taste of my recommendations, have loved it so far. Yay to me!
  • Started going for a Qur'an study class today. Weekly once thing. And no. They don't teach ANYTHING even remotely related to bombs or anything violence.Funny how such a peaceful religion got misconstrued as something so scary. I had like to learn about Islam, then jump on to understand more about Hinduism, Christianity, Zen Buddhism and on and on if possible.
  • Wish I had time and money to take piano classes. :(
  • Rahul has awarded me some awards and tags. Yippee!! Apparently he's doing a wholesale thingy of awards. I got three so.

So as per rules, I have to award deserving bloggers that I know.
Here we go:
"Ladies and gentlemen, and the "I love your blog" award goes tooooooooo.........
Nishi and Mohua!!"

applause all around

And the Kreative blog award goes to:
Blue Butterfly and Truth!!!!
bigger applause

And the One Lovely blog award goes to
[though i should admit the more appropriate award would be "Best Resurrection of the year award"]

  • And Rahul, will do your tag next post, or the post after that, or the one after that, or after that..... :P
Some time!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Last year, when I was livin' it up as an Under-Grad, Life Was Beautiful, amazing, and most importantly; IRRESPONSIBLE.

not anymore. I don't think I'm being able to get away with any of my normal goofy-ness or lousy behavior thanks to the in-house dictator at my new place. Yep everyone, I'm doing my Masters currently, as y'all might have already noticed. And unfortunately for me, I spend my time under an uber-strict disciplinarian. Ouch. That hurts essentially. Even more when you remember that I'm too much a bohemian to put up with demands for perfection. Anyways, enuf!
Let's talk about nicer stuff.

*Previous years' regulars on my blog; my beautiful girlfriends are all scattered around the state, away from me. [*one long sigh, and then getting back my act together] Missing them all!
The coolest thing though? NONE of us chose our direct Master's course. As in, apart from Vaika[who's an Economics grad], everyone of my gang is a Functional English grad [DYSfunctional if you please].
  1. I chose Master in Library and Information Science [doesn't sound posh or swanky, but is quite a good choice] {MLISc}
  2. Namitha chose Masters in Journalism. {MCJ}
  3. Vinaya chose PG in Social Work.{MSW}
  4. Vaikhari dahling is doing Master in International Relations. [DEFINITELY swanky!]
  5. Ragitha is doing her MBA
  6. Oh! Prajisha got married! Might take up Bachelor in Edu next year,hopefully.
  7. Nimisha is in her Master of Hospital Administration, and loving it. [actually, everyone's loving what they chose!]
  8. And our very sporty Vrindha is ready for some literal jet-settin' with her IATA studies.
See? I absolutely LOVE how different we are from the normal lot. =)

*Next bit of randomness is something quite big.

*I'm soooo proud of the people I love!
Another of the people I really really adore and love is gearing up for her UGC NET exam in English Literature. Aw, I love her sooo much! =)

*I've officially fallen in love with my all-new,shorter hair. I don't exactly flaunt it at college, but I do at home, much to mom dear's chagrin. ;)

*Waiting for December to come save me, 'cos by end of first week of December my semester exams will be O.V.E.R. Then I can go and kill myself over the amazing books at my University library, plus watch the tonnes of good movies in my system.

*Again waiting for the time of December, to have a real, looooooong chat with my wonderful online neighbours. Plus do some quality blogging.

*I would soooooo love to drive up and down to college on my own. But then, I would miss out on the daily chaos I get from public transport!

*I'm working on this imaginary script where I'm settled in Delhi as a librarian with a BIG salary. Single, and friends strewn all over the metro. Niiiiice. I grab an occassional pani-puri once in a while during the story [somethin I don't get here in South India much]

*Probably forgotten the better bits of randomness. But hell, I'm late for college! Byyyyye!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Listen up if you live on the third planet

[Absolutely had to help in spreading the word that 350 bloggers are working on. Please read the whole of the article! They sent this mail to me, and I re-post their mail for you]

Dear 350 Challenge Bloggers,

This December, world leaders are meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark
to draft a new global climate treaty -- one that has the
potential to turn the tide on global warming and get our planet
back on a brighter path. The problem is, most world leaders and
their negotiators aren't getting it. They're not planning to do
enough to to avert the climate crisis. But we can change that --
with one number, and one day. Sound implausible? Take a minute
to hear us out.

The number is 350, and it's now the most important number on the
planet. 350 is the number that leading scientists say is the
safe upper limit for carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, measured
in parts per million. Since we're at 390 ppm now, it's a tough
number, and getting back to it will require remarkable efforts.
The good news is that people all around the world are mobilizing
around 350 in a unique and beautiful movement to solve the
climate crisis.

On Oct. 24th, the International Day of Climate Action, people
from over 150 nations will come together in creative climate
actions to take a stand for 350 and a safe climate future. There
will be 1000s of creative on-the-ground actions everywhere from
the slopes of Mt. Everest to the underwater reefs of the Maldive
Islands to the streets of our biggest cities. All designed to
drive the 350 message into the human imagination -- and help our
leaders realize we need a real solution that pays attention to
the science.

With 10 days to go until Oct. 24th, we need to take action now
to make this day truly count.

Below are two crucial tasks you can take (and they're coming up

1) Participate in Blog Action Day tomorrow, October 15th -- this
year's theme is climate change. On that day thousands of
bloggers will be doing what they do best; spreading vital
information to every corner of the planet, efficiently and
passionately. You don't have to be a green blogger or climate
blogger to take part. Everyone from the celebrity watchers at to the techies at Google Blog to individuals like you
will be participating. Since you've taken part in Brighter
Planet's global warming work in the past, we know you understand
the issue and the urgency. Register your site for Blog Action
Day here.

2) Use your posts to help build the viral wave behind's
October 24th Global Day of Action. This looks as if it will be
the most widespread day of climate action ever; there will be
thousands of creative climate actions in more than 150 nations,
all designed to take the most important number in the world and
make it the most well-known. (Watch our animation) Sign up to
participate in an event near you and encourage your readers to
do the same. If you want to start an event yourself we have a
quick and easy guide.

It's the combination of in-the-flesh activism and online
organizing that will carry the day here. On Oct. 24, activists
will be uploading images of their events in real-time and we'll
be displaying them on and on the giant screens of Times
Square. By day's end, we'll have an unprecedented global gallery
of images and stories, enough to make both old media and new
ring out with this crucial number.

We need to make this viral movement go double viral (think Panda
sneezing) -- and so we need your help. In the last 18 months,
350 has moved from the pages of a scientific paper to the center
of a global movement. Now it's time to make that number...
count. We have a whole series of tools at and that you can use to spread the word, and
we're enormously grateful to you for doing so!


Bill McKibben, co-founder,


Get started with 350 and the Oct 24th Day of Action at

Blogger resource hub: is the first large-scale grassroots global campaign
against climate change. Its supporters include leading
scientists, the governments of 92 countries, and a huge variety
of environmental, health, development and religious NGOs. All
agree that current atmospheric levels of CO2 -- 390 parts per
million -- are causing damage to the planet and to its most
vulnerable people, and that government action at the United
Nations Copenhagen climate conference is required to bring the
earth's carbon level swiftly down to 350 ppm.

What is 350? 350 is the number that leading scientists say is
the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.
Scientists measure carbon dioxide in "parts per million" (ppm),
so 350 ppm is the number humanity needs to get below as soon as
possible to avoid runaway climate change. To get there, we need
a different kind of PPM -- a "people powered movement" that is
made of of people like you in every corner of the planet

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Posted-only-to-confess-my never-dying love-for-the-movie

There was music,
There was Magik,
and there was you...

One year and more of loving this amazing celluloid phenomenon. Probably the only movie that I fell in love with from the day its first promo rocked my tv screen.I loved everything about it,the cast, the story, the friendship, the music and the conversations it triggered among my friends and the way it entered relationships. Both on-screen and off-screen..

Loved it, still loves it, and always will love it!

Rock On for.ever!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Gandhiji has left the building

I had wanted to talk about yesterday actually;my birthday. That was my plan until I watched "Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Maara" today. [pure coincidence, in fact I didn't notice that we were happening to watch a movie related with Gandhiji until it kinda struck me in the face]
{by the way, Vaikhari is reading Tushar Gandhi's "Let's kill Gandhi", though I don't know if that's a coincidental occurring like my watching Jahnu Barua's amazing movie today itself without even realizing it}

On the surface, and for a huge part of the movie, the focus is on how dementia affects people, no matter how intelligent and even brilliant they used to be. And how Anupam Kher [OMG, what a talented actor he is! actually, everyone from a theater background is a natural at acting. anyways...] keeps insisting he didn't kill Gandhi. This guilt of his that he killed Gandhi has its roots from a childhood incident that subconsciously still was on his mind,after all these years.

But honestly, this movie is about how each of us have a share in the daily murdering of Gandhi. Almost everything we do is yet another knife into his ideas, his visions, him.
Like Anupam Kher's character says,
" Did he fight for freedom to see this? This situation of our country where he is remembered only on two situations. The day he was born, and the day he died."

That's exactly why I am not too high on celebrating any sort of special day. Even Independence day has a ring of hypocrisy and phony-ness to it. Everyone is all smiles and waving flags one day, and go back to India-bashing the next. Gandhi wasn't celebrating on August 14th,1947. Nay, he was trying to find a solution to the murderous communal riots and the problem of hunger in his country. What a man. Such honesty, sincerity and courage in such a simple man, the Father of the nation.

Like Einstein said,
"Generations to come, it may be, will scarce believe that such one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth"


Here's to the endearing memory of Gandhi and to those who still follow his chosen path of life. May they increase in number. May we have the strength to be one of them.

I'm proud of what my country has come through,
ashamed of what it has come to.

[music coming to mind right now is- "Waiting on the world to change"-John Mayer. striking lyrics]

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Awful haircuts come in handy when blogger's block strikes!

Thanks to my stinginess, I lose all of my long curly locks! :P
Not that I'm hating the new short hair, still...!

Webcomic concept is thus mine, graphics by ET

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Something that smells like sadness

A soul dies,
A happy bubble just burst,
Someone just stepped into the dark.

The rain poured on me.

Which are my tears,
which are the nightmares that slip down my face
and which are the rain drops?

Wrote this ages ago when tragedy struck my friend.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Sach ka saamna tag

J does this fun tag. I nicked it! :)

The rules are thus…
You can only say Guilty or Innocent

[I skip the second rule. :D]

Here it begins...!
Ever kissed someone of the same sex?
-guilty twice! But
this means nothing! I'm straight!!!!

Asked someone to marry you?
-Innocent. I'm a hard core fan of singledom

Ever told a lie?
-Guilty, guilty, guilty!

Had feelings for someone whom you can’t have back?
-guilty. :(

Kissed a picture?
-innocent. i'm not crazy!

Slept in until 5 PM?
-innocent. I'm not much of a sleep person. :|

Danced on a table in a bar?
-innocent. never been to a bar!

Fallen asleep at work/school?
-guilty to the core. ye bhi koi poochnewali baat hain? ;)

Been suspended from school?
-innocent. got kicked out of class a couple of times. that's the highest i got near to suspension. I'm known for my "squeaky-clean" image yaar!

Worked at a fast food restaurant?
-innocent. in fact, I'm yet to begin earning on my own!

Stolen from a store?
-innocent. but i steal chocolates from kids almost all the time. :) sweet ol' me!

Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose?
-guilty. ohhh yes.

Caught a snowflake on your tongue?
-innocent. :( sob sob. I live in Kerala, a snow-free zone.

Kissed in the rain?
-innocent. ask about dancing in the rain!

Sat on a roof top?
-guilty. once

Sang in the shower?
-guilty enough to be executed

Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?
guilty. uncle pushed me into a pool at some water-theme park when i refused to try out any of the rides. [i used to be a completely spoilt, ruined snob of a kid. didn't like playing with anyone in those days]

Made a girlfriend/boyfriend cry?
-innocent. i'm single! but i used to make my sister cry a lot.

Shot a gun?
-guilty. The water guns were soooo much fun!

Donated Blood?
-innocent. Wish I could. But the authorities concerned would possibly try to give me blood!

Eaten alligator meat?
-Innocent. Haven't even tried crab meat!

Still love someone you shouldn't?
-Guilty. No comments. :|

Liked someone, but will never tell who?
-Guilty. Liked a lot of people at random phases of life and I just let that be. :)

Been too honest?
. Can't lie to mom. Not 'cos she can see thru me, but just so. 'Cos she's The Mom.

Kissed someone you shouldn't?
-Innocent. Naah, just kissed friends, cousins, babies and teddy bears. Bleh. Blae.

Ruined a surprise?
-Guilty. Several times. I told almost all my friends, the ending to New York before anyone had a chance to watch it! It gave me a wholesome sense of achievement. :)

Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you couldn't walk afterwards?
-Innocent. I'm one of those endangered species who never eat properly or enough. Just a bad habit of mine. I somehow like not eating much. Which is oh-so obvious once you see me.

Erased someone in your friends list?
-Guilty. Very,very guilty! But I don't think they have noticed that yet! They are those boring ppl who add friends like some trend or whatever.

Dressed in a woman's clothes [if you're a guy] or guy's clothes [if you're a girl]?
-Guilty. I think the answer had be more fun if I were a guy in drag.

Been told that you're handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said?
-Guilty. Only partially though.

Had communication with your ex?
-Innocent. No exes! And hey, that doesn't mean I'm playing the field, ok?

Got totally drunk on the night before your exam?
-Guilty. Only, it was caffeine in my case, no alcohol.

Everyone's tagged!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

And I chose the path less travelled..

..and it makes all the difference.

I chose the less sought after path,
The more prejudiced path,
the more misunderstood path.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Torn between choices

Sometimes, very rarely, God showers extra blessings on individuals. 'Cos he trusts them to do well, maybe 'cos he wants to see how graciously they accept His gifts.

So- question is,did I do well? He made me first rank holder and now when I'm kind of getting settled into my chosen course, Master of Library and Information Science[more on that later], He decided to bless me some more to see how awfully confused I can get!

I'd written the Master of Communication and Journalism entrance test of another University. Since seats are tough to get at the University, I never thought I'd pass and went ahead and joined M.L.ISc.

And wanna know what happened?
From all the 300 odd grads, working journalists and everyone who appeared-I'm the topper!

Honestly,I don't know whether I should cry or laugh or what.

Monday, July 20, 2009

and thus the long awaited brother-sister road trip finally happened

Everything else took a back seat for these past 7 days.

Yes, all you jealous ppl, I had a fantastic brother-sister-road-trip-of-sorts. The destination wasn't fancy by any means, but there was a comfy house tucked away in a suburb of Tamil Nadu. my uncle's place. our favorite vacation retreat.

My favorite parts from the trip?


*the lure of the train. [you know i love them!There's a gypsy in me that LOVES roads,wheels,winds,traveling and the whole package about road trips]

*my favorite cousin/brother for company.

*sharing the music [Than ta naaaa!!!!!!!!{kaminey} for one]

*Kite Runner. [my choice for on-the-move read. Bro had "The Broker"-John Grisham] i swear i almost cried thru several parts of it.

*making acquaintances on the train. i chose not to ask their names though, what's the fun if you can't add some imagination to all those friendships you made?!

*all those late-night movies and laughing at tacky old Tamil movies. [no offense meant!]and throw in the bits where we fought over the remote like we were kids.[never mind that we are both way past the age to fight like kids!!]

*and add to that the fact that we two bought a whole box of chocolates to go with the tv watching. munch,munch,munch.

*THE Shopping. ohhhhhhhh, the shop-all-day at Coimbatore!

*Uncle lent me a book of his, the one which he hadn't parted with in all of the 20 odd years of owning it, yet. And I'm the lucky girl who gets her hands on it. The book?
Between Ourselves: letters between mothers and daughters.

Him saying that I was going to be his heiress. No, not money. But to his VAST collection of books. Think of every masterpiece, memorable books and all those good books- he's got 'em all in his shelves.
And I'm going to inherit them all!!!!!!!
I don't care if I don't actually get those books. Just the idea that he thought me important enough to leave his precious books with... that's the best part of it.

*The food. We dined out virtually every day. Went to many of the well known South Indian restaurants around there.And I have tasted some of the best veg food, plus discovered how spicy the "dragon chicken" dish was. Yum!

And the best-best part of all? That bonding time. With the best uncle in the world and my aunt and,most importantly-
with the best cousin in the whole wide world.

Beyond sharing music,books,movies,chocolates and some sizable portions of good television watching [which would include NDTV, Nat Geo as well-IF you're wondering what i meant by good television watching]
and some dumb fights,
and 'fessing up on
past relationships [read-ruined relationships],
our shady records of shady vices,sins and our dealings with:

i know I have a wonderful brother of a lifetime.
He's always been so good; despite me being one big jerk of a sister to him. :D

The part I didn't like-

*Eating prior to long journeys makes me queasy, for some mysterious reason. On the other hand, when I travel on an almost empty stomach, I'm so good!

Maybe I'm just being psycho.

-this shot taken from Flickr

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Uber happyness! [with some streaks of anger]

I'm back, I'm back, I'm soooooooooooo back! And awesomely happy too! :)just got my results out and guess what?
I'm a winner!
a champeen'!!!

First rank of my university!

I'm just so pleased I made it thru,since we had a hard time with this course.So, if that was the best feeling, things get euphoric now,cos my closest friends both bagged the second and third ranks!!
Congrats Namitha(2nd) and Vinaya(3rd)!!!!!!!!
talk abt keepin' it within the family! *chuckle!

felt better than best with the flood of congratulatory phone calls and gifts- add to that, dad's wish granting,"Ask for whatever you want, thou shalt get it!"[not so Shakespearean when he asked what I wanted, but u get the point!]

so where do the angry streak come in? for one thing-our result has come hell late. plus the last dates for admission to SEVERAL, no, almost ALL possible universities has closed down already. since one needs their mark list for applying for admission to just anywhere, the Big News got dimmed just by some watts or volts (sorry, I loved my Physics classes, but can't remember which is what now). So there's all this frustration and irritation cos they [*gasp] HAVE NOT YET PUBLISHED OUR RESULTS. me and my frnds got prior info abt our results thanks to our ranks.

damn my university for playing with everyone's results.
and all praises and thanks to God for such happy news! :D
even better feeling since it's been raining non-stop here.

ps- anyone got ideas what I should ask dad to get for me? I'm thinking abt a jazz cd. suggest some good artistes. or suggest a nicer gift!

Ain't I awfully happy to be back in bloggersville?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The beautiful and the secular

I begin with the beautiful aspect of last week. And it feels bizarre to say that that good, wholesome peaceful feeling in me and a lot of other Keralites, was created in the first place by a death.

And not just some usual death. Last week, one of Kerala's finest bi-lingual writer died.
Kamala Surayya. A strong woman, and the epitome for secularism. She was born into one of Kerala's most established families. One that was amongst the founders of a leading newspaper. She was born into an upper caste Hindu family and later on in life converted to Islam. That created a huge chaos back then in Kerala. She was under tremendous pressure from several to take back her decision and got infinite threat calls and all.

Anyway, that's not the point. The charm of all this was how gracefully her children accepted her decision. So there she was. A converted pious Muslim living under the same roof with Hindus. No ill-will, no bitterness.

And when she died. All her family, her Hindu children and her2 adopted Muslim sons. all of them together offering prayers together, shoulder-to-shoulder, praying for her.

Isn't it beautiful?

That this happened at the very time when there is so much fights happening in the name of religion?

So what if I'm Muslim and you happen to be a Hindu or Christian or Parsi or heathen or anything?

As long as we understand that beneath all this difference, we are all just the same. What matters?

So what if there are all those fanatics imagining themselves to be oh-so secular? We can show them the way and show them what true secularism is. Like this one incident.

All we have to do is put some effort into reaching out and being there for others. Don't bother what their race is, what their religion is or anything. Because in the end, nothing else matters, ya know?

Reaching out, with lots of hope for a much more happier,stronger,safer and secular India,
Raphael. I dont give a damn what god you believe in, I just love you all!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Entre nous

There comes a point in my life once in a while, when I doubt the things I'm passionate about, and sincerely care for. Like blogging.
You might have noticed that I haven't blogged for almost a month now. And you will DEFINITELY notice that this is a looooooong post,so either you bear with me or well, you always have the option of not reading. [oh,sad, poor me!]

And who would have thought I had end up NOT blogging with so much free time?! There was so much happening with me after all. Loneliness;
facing the imminent future;
understanding how much friends mean to me;
how much materialism counts in my life-but I can do without;
trying to detach myself from cluttered and complicated emotions;
trying to make sense of relationships- the conventional,traditional ones AND the unconventional, free-styled ones-the ones to which you can't give a name but are significant anyway.

So what happened to me? Guess all too much of me-time I got didn't exactly translate to constructive blogging or even make me a better person. hell, I don't even have much of a tolerance yet for things I don't like.

All that I did was waste my time, almost. Cos the one good thing I did do was start to take driving lessons. I feel sooooo goood abt it! Plus I watched a lot of good movies and dramas thanks to cable tv. yay!


Anyways, I wanted to make sense of my myriad relationships. as in- family, friends, non-friends, everything. I have done a teeny post on how I wanted to trade some junk members in my family for friends instead. Seriously, am I supposed to really like you just because you happen to be my relation? No!

Just the same with friends, I can't exactly say how much I love one friend more than another because in one way or another they are all important to me.
This one brings wisdom and sense to my life[vi].
Then there's my singing/ harry potter maniac partner-[vai].
another darling brings out the nastiness in me to the surface-in a sane way, yep-that's my soul-sister-in-mean-thoughts [N].
Then there are the innocence, sweetness, feminity, freakiness elements.
And there's her, without whom I'm practically lost. She helps me with numbers,-if i'm more specific-money matters. cos trust me, I'm kinda bad with numbers.

Funny thing is- I'm in awe of numbers. They're fascinating and I love them-from a distance. The closer I get to them, the more mysterious and complicated they become to me.Just can't handle 'em!

Then there are these fascinating relationships totally based on one aspect of life alone. Sometimes it's music, it's movies, travel, my Korean-drama-obsession, people, books, etc.

Do I have to give names to each and every relationship in my life? Is it necessary that I have to give expression to how I feel about people I love? Isn't it enough that we understand each other, we share something in common or maybe something in difference, and that we complement each other in the weirdest ways?

why should we go with the convention of giving words to every single emotion we feel? sometimes isn't it easy to just let things get tangled up and complicated? why handle things? whoever wanted us to handle things? maybe these things were supposed to remain like this, entangled in knots and knots of incomprehension!

but when you let things be the way they are, there's always the danger of relationships becoming static and un-living. which is why, it's always better that you reach out to people who are different from you,whom you can't understand- then there is always a challenge, every conversation is an excitement, every moment together is full of life.

related to this, I will quote part of a narration i heard on a korean drama. it goes like this,

"It's strange. Even a few days ago, the words 'I can't understand you' carried a negative meaning. But now holding her, whom i can't understand a bit, I find those words appealing. Because we can't understand, we can talk more.
Because we can't understand, all our senses stand on end.
Just because we understand, doesn't mean we love.
We learn one by one.

It has been too much for a post, so I'll save up the rest of my ideas for the next post. Yes everyone who might have noticed that I haven't been blogging in ages,

I'm back!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Let it rain on me!

It has been several posts since I posted a poem. This one given here was actually written during last year's summer rains. [Those were beautiful, by the way] The reason why I didn't post it all this time was because I thought it would make into the college mag. which is didn't.
Well, so what? I have you people!

This one's dedicated to all those rain-lovers out there. I love you all so much!
This was written for my long-term best friend and published for my best friends.The Offbeats and the Smash.

btw-Hey, set the mood first by listening to some good music. imagine that wet, nice, comfy feeling rain brings [since not everyone gets a good rain in the summer]

if it were me, I'd listen to some jazz, piano stuff, ARR in the lonely spot to bring on the mood.

When it rains
When it rains
I'm hoping you are thinking of me
--------------(more than anything else)
-out on the road, or
by the window side,
or wherever else.

You watch the rain

coloring up the world around you_

The coolness, freshness

And that aroma of damp earth

the sensation rain evokes in you
the mood it sets,

and the magic and intimacy...

Do you think of me then?

When it rains,

I hope the feelings it stirs up in you

Are the same feelings (i hope) I cause in you.

Is my fragrance in the moist breeze?

--------------(which whips up memories long forgotten)

Do the drizzles that softly kiss your cheek

--------------(remind you of our walks in the rain?)

Those drops slipping down your arms to your hands (your hands...)

---------------do you find me in them?

When a wind blew off your umbrella

---------------did you remember the times I dragged you into the downpour??
Does the soft music of the monsoons

---------------echo with my voice

Guess I should just let go of it all.


Instead of you thinking of me (when it rains)

It's me thinking of you.

-Not the other way round

Which is actually what I want.



In the lines of my poems.

And the distance between

filled by

the music we shared
those coffee cups.

Can you see me,
The way I see you
Standing there

Just beyond the shimmering veil

of falling rain drops.
With a small smile.
(Yes, even your smallest smile will do)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Moi very first blog-award!

This "My Choice Blogger Award" was awarded to me by e.t.
Pass this on to 3 bloggers whom I think deserve this award? now that's kinda difficult because there are more than 3 deserving bloggers I know out there.
And thi award goes tooooooooooooooooo...

Nishi!!!!!!!! just back from a major phase of life, facing it head-on with courage that shines through her blog. And her blogs always are radiant with wisdom, thoughtfulness and beauty of life.

J!!!- for his unique ideas and fantastic writings.

A.R Rahmaniac- because when it comes to music, I'm an AR Rahmaniac first, everything else comes next!

Hey everyone else, this list doesn't mean you people are not good enough according to me. No way! in fact, i had half an idea of squeezing all my favourite bloggers [mohua, thoughtful,blue, matangi,sally,jean,mag as different sets of my choice 3 bloggers along with the first list!] and given the way i am, i almost implemented that idea too!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bam! and my head hurt! :(

I think a better title for this post would be "my first REAL injury". Definitely. Yesterday would have been a perfectly normal, even boring day...hadn't it been for that head-wound.

You guys all know that cliche joke? The one that goes like this...
"How did you hurt your head?"
-"you saw that post?"
-"well, i didn't".

That kind of thing! Namitha walks straight in front of me, gets past the broken post that hung perpendicularly right above our heads just fine. I didn't. I was too busy watching the ground so that I didn't fall into one of those slab-broken pavements which are so much characteristic of TLY. I hit the post head-on and it's youch!

I was like, ok, that really hurt. I rub my head, blood oozes out.
"ok, Nami..check this out yaar.."

Some passer-by notices, he tells me to find some water and wash it off. But where the hell is water around that place?? Since I'm practically dripping with blood, I couldn't be particularly helpful. Nami was freaked out too.

I would really like to thank the Helpful-Crowd that formed immediately after they realized what was happening. Those strangers helped tie my scarf round the wound to stop the profuse bleeding, brought me water, helped us catch an auto to the nearest hospital.

And you thought Tellicherry people were narrow minded??!!

Once the first aid at the hospital was over, we were stepping out and some construction dude was throwing his materials down from the terrace.

Neither we, nor the nurse could stop laughing.

This whole situation was just so downright ridunculous!!! [yeah, sure, i knowingly mispelled it]

By the time my uncles came rushing all worried to the hospital, my only regret was that I had washed off most of the blood from my clothes,so i wasn't looking exactly tragic. Or like some survivor. Oh well, this is the problem with us. Both me and Nami were being completely weird. I'm supposed to feel shocked, hurt, scared and all.

None of the above feelings within me.

Remember I told you guys once that I was entirely shock-proof? Here's the evidence now!
And seeing all that blood gushing forth didn't daze me either. Good.

I realize that I am indeed really really good at keeping my cool, to the Point of Complete Detachment. Heck, this blood was mine, the wound was mine, all that pain was mine. Why am I being so emotionally cold? I was more like, "Nami, can you hold these specs? My hands are too bloody to hold em. So is my face."

I never was one for melodrama. But it did make me realize that I wasn't immune to injuries after all. I gotta be careful.
Earlier I was only accident-prone-but-safe. Now I'm accident-prone and unsafe!

Things that hit me after the incident:
Learn first-aid.
Be careful.
I'm emotionally cold. More like, I'm all about cold logic.
I know people do care about me after all! Friends all called up worried.
How unexpected life can be. I never thought I'd be bleeding like hell even when I got hit.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sache ko chune, acche ko chune. Vote for the right one

This is an extremely small post. I just wanted to express my liking for the Bolly celebs' deeds.

I like the fact that such popular actors like Aamir, John, plus a handful of the fresh Bolly talents like Asin, Abhishek, Imran all are campaigning actively on the necessity of exercising your power through voting for the right person.

So tomorrow when you go and make your decision,
make sure you've made the vote for a better and more united India. Make sure you didn't vote for goons.

PS- There was this suggestion made by a reader to the "Letters to the Editor" in "The Hindu".

Why not include a "none of the above" option along with the names of the candidates, so that if the number of "none of the above"s is very high, we can have a re-election with new candidates since none of the early candidates have any desired qualities.

Do you agree with me?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Why can't I choose my family!?

this one's my ALL-TIME favourite fridge magnet. totally expresses the way i feel. -almost!

That's the million-dollar question for me right now. Even though I know the answer already. Can't get the bugging thought outta my head.

We can choose who should be our friends. [though i personally believe my friends were not exactly chosen. they were meant to be my friends from the very beginning!]
Then WHY-OH-WHYYYY can't I choose who should be my family and who shouldn't be family? I could have done away with all the pathetic hypocrites infesting my family circle that way.
I wouldn't ever mind trading the whole lot of them for my friends instead. That way, my family would definitely qualify for an family. Yep. The weirdest and looniest and the funniest in one and the same family. Only if I could get rid of the unwanted elements and put in my friends instead.

But things never were meant to be that easy, were they?
God never wants life to be a drag. He adds just the right amount of drama, tension, happiness and surprises and the end result is-Life. That incongruous mix of Everything.

Life was NEVER meant to be perfect. It needs its balance. And balance doesn't mean perfection! Balance includes all those bad stuff [loss, unexpected unpleasant stuff, not having things your way, well, everything that's not nice], good stuff [unexpected simple joys, chocolate gifts, music, me-time, blah-blah] and the extraordinarily good stuff and really ugly stuff.

Life was never a straight line of moderate good news. It's all about ups and downs, bumps and shocks. Innit?

So, if I were allowed to choose my family as well, I had probably put in the nice people in and keep out the bad 'uns, THUS messing up the Balance of Life.

That means, I'm just stuck in here with the people I'm not exactly enjoying being around. While the people I lurve with my whole heart can't be my blood ties ad the undeserving ones are related to me. Ugh!

Then again, that's how the world works! And I don't think i had EVER be happy with PERFECT HAPPINESS in this life on earth!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

25 unexpected things about me

...which I don't think you will EVER comprehend. But still, you ought to know, since I was tagged to do this list long time back.
[See Jean? i keep promises, even if I do delay them by years at times!]

Shall we begin?

1. I believe in "15 till I die!"[doesn't make much sense since I'm no more even a teen]

2. I bought a cell phone only this January. It's weird that I have been phone-less for so long when everyone 13+ now seems to have a phone to boot.

3. I'm the mastermind who comes up with the zaniest and most impractical plans for my group. Never mind that we never try to actually work them out.

4. I'm insanely in love with, and proud of my pet name. You probably could only find people who are ashamed of their pet names. Not me!

5. And I love my real name just as much.

6. I like my blogger name too! [okay, that's it. I'm gonna stop gushing over my own names. makes me look like I have a totally inflated ego]

7. I STILL fantasize that I have this long-lost twin brother/elder brother whose name matches mine-Azhar! Now all I gotta do is find him,maybe he's in S.Korea? Or Spain? Papua New Guinea?

8. I'm sliiightly claustrophobic. I can bear closed spaces but they freak me out. Like, I could be sitting in the aircraft, and all that I can think of is that I'm stuck in here, can't simply walk out of this craft, what if it crashes, etc etc... Which is why I TOTALLY heart the desi autorickshaws. Yeah! completely desi girl!

9. I'm having a non-stop craving for pani-puris which aren't available anywhere within 1000 miles of where I live. Will anyone ship them to me??

10. I hate Roadies and Splitsvilla. Roadies used to be okay until the fourth season, then they lost it. Splitsvilla? you watch it, and I have a valid reason ow to hate you. Ugh!

11. I'm not exactly ur idea of healthy girl. in fact, i look positively anorexic. and i'm not interested enuf to eat a lot. but it ain't bcos I wanna stay skinny. it's just that i never was a foodie.

12. i enjoy cartoons much more than my kid sis. she likes hindi serials [OMG!] ...nah, just kidding!

13. I'm messy. And my mom's a cleanliness-freak.

14. I'm friggingly awesome at annoying people. My guru who kick started that passion in me is Alden Nusser whose book "French Fries Up your Nose" inspired me and has changed me into a "better" person forever. Hats off to you dude, you are the ultimate star!

15. have got wild, untameably curly hair. but i still love it sooo much!

16. I don't sweat much, even if i do, i don't turn on the fan. it's all about conserving energy bud.

17. my IDEAL PLAN FOR THE MOMENT is, save up money, hire an RV-trailer sort of bus/van[the kind rock stars travel in during tours], and go on the trip of a life-time across India with my Offbeat girlfriends,all the other People-I-Love. W.o.w! We'll have a video-cam and I'll keep on blogging to let you into the details.

18. I'm an obsessive kind of person. I get crushes and obsessions quickie.

19. I never had cable tv ever at my home. The first time came now, for this 2 month vaca. We are DD Direct DTH subscribers.

20. I smell my food before eating it. If it smells right, it tastes right!

21. I'm downright obsessed with the Korean channel on my DD DTH network. So much that I'm a complete die-hard fan of South Korean pop culture and now I know more about South Korean stars than I ever was interested in Bolly stars.

22. In fact, the reason WHY I'm a cable tv subscriber now is because DD DTH has removed my Korean channel from the network.

23. Even now I hound Korean entertainment blogs and websites for the latest info about what's going on there. I'm a major fan of South Korean music nowadays.

24. My choice of speaking vocab is plain weird and outta-this-world.

25. My former obsessions include F.R.I.E.N.D.S [sane enuf], Rajeev Khandelwal [bored now], Harry Potter [I even have HP game cards and a Marauder's map of my college i created myself], and there are obsessions that still prevail, like brothers, Keira Knightley etc. I'm guessing my craziest obsession to date must be This S.Korean one though.

My current celebrity crushes are two Korean stars, Lee Minho and Kang Ji Hwan. Two very wow personalities.

I tag anyone who is interested enough.

Monday, March 30, 2009

What I REALLY wanted to say

It was farewell time at college [finally! them juniors took looooooong enuf to throw us a farewel party.] In fact, they have taken so long that we kind of feel emotionally drained now. No tears, choked up voices or anything. Not even too many teary hugs. [In fact, I gave out the only hug that happened today. And it wasn't even teary. Damn conventional behaviours! The farewell seems so incomplete since no one really cried. Nimisha and Vrinda did. They got all teary watching our PG final year crying.
Myself, Vinaya and Namitha are like laughing, getting bored, sweating [it's summer!], slinking down our seats hiding from view whenever it seemed like we might be called up to give a nostalgia-induced teary speech...and doing literally EVERYTHING we normally do. NO TEARS. In fact, watching the other 2 tear up, we were more like, "what the....!?"

Which is why, when I was called up to talk, I couldn't say all the things I'd wanted to say. Instead, I ranted about random stuff.


"First off, I want to tell everyone that I know I haven't been a perfect, ideal student. If anything, I was less-than-perfect. I got into dumb fights with my teachers, I bunked classes and would jump in front of them with the least sense of shame and what not..
I'm really really heartfelt sorry for all the wrong things I did and sorry for the things I didn't do.
I'm lucky that I got a family here who still loves me completely-with my flaws, with my imperfection. Brennen is a home I never thought I could find here, and you people have been like the best family I could ever hope for. Thank you all for taking me in.

Like Supriya said, even I feel sort of orphaned just by thinking that, "hey, there's no more Brennen in your life. No more hanging around, hiding from teachers when you ought to have sat for their hours in class, falling in and out of crushes, finding happiness in the simplest things of life. There's no more of this world for you from now on. Gosh! And now I suddenly feel all small and abandoned. No more of Brennen. But that seems the same as saying "I'm homeless!"

And there were so many beautiful moments from my life here. it's been beautiful living here, and it's come to a beautiful end. Ya sure, there are regrets, there's still a long list of things I wanted to do from here. I found a totally unlikely friendship with Leena ma'am and Sarita ma'am, thanks to the debate fever last year. I got a brother from my very first year. I had a kind of "discovered-then-lost-then-found" friendship with Supri. Seriously yaar, how come we lost that great relationship last year and thankfully found it back this year?! and i learnt so much about things I never knew existed.

Thanks to Brennen and all of you, I can say that, "yes, I had a beautiful life treasured away in a beautiful world called Brennen."

you can't ever take that away from me!
[hand on heart] I loved it here,
but that doesn't mean I'm returning here!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Paper Planes in the time of Intonation

This is a li'l post about ''Pen Planes''[not to be confused with the "Paper Planes" track from the SDM soundtrack, which, btw, was a really nice piece] that got transfigured into Fighter Planes when things got unbearably monotonous and dragging in the class. 5 straight hours of accent classes. Come on now! Human mind cannot concentrate for more than 45 minutes at a length, how are we poor souls supposed to keep our minds on intonation, rhythm, stress, supra segmental features and all that jazz for FIVE STRAIGHT HOURS???

Namitha and Vrinda had opted to stay away from class all morning, while me [usually superbly lazy to get my ass off the Main Entrance stone benches and walk up for classes] donned on the "studious" attitude for a change and stepped into class, along with the always-in-class darlings Vinaya, Ragitha and Prajisha.

One hour went along with Vinaya sneakily taking pictures of the class without the sir knowing. And by the third hour our back bench was behaving like a bunch of elementary brats.
Y'know that noise kids make while driving an imaginary car? With the lips they go all
Well, apart from me the other 3 could make the noise puhfectly well. I couldn't admit that I wasn't good at stuff, could I?
So, here I was saying, yeah, you people drive cars and all, but I'm used to flying planes, which is why I made the noise "BWWWWW-WW-WWW!!!"

What followed later was put into a short "war report" by me in the next hour of mundane accenting.
Here it is! Along with the pictures we sneakily snapped when the sir wasn't watching.
Lieutenant Raphael's missile

that's my missile (Vinaya argued logically that a refill was a missile, it couldn't be a fighter plane)
Lieutenant Raphael's missile has been hijacked by Flight Commander Vinaya. Captain Prajisha has provided Lt. Raphael with a passenger plane to take revenge on Ft Comm Vinaya. The fighter plane pilot Raphael is using the passenger plane at supersonic speed to bombard Ft Commando Ragitha's unsuspecting jet. I had forgotten that my original motive was to attack Vinaya's pen, oooops- fighter plane! All the while Flight Commander Vinaya is texting to Trainee pilot Namitha not to enter war zone III year Functional English. Namitha probably had second thoughts and wanted to attend class. but me and Vinaya felt that it was better to stay away from this mundane and advised her so thru text messages. span class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_28">M>Trainee pilot Vrindha is accompanying her.
Content of the message; "Terrorist English attacking us. Do not approach".

But Trainee Pilot Namitha seems eager to approach despite warnings.
The war seems near an end, but the enemy was holding us hostage. Ft Lt Raphael grew impatient and, as Ft Commander Vinaya reports,
"there is lack of ammunition and the enemy is holding us prisoners."
We pleaded and begged with sir to let us go with all sorts of reasons and excuses, but our teacher is way
smarter than us, sigh!

After an hour more of weary fighting, the soldiers got a brief respite. After consuming their rations [read, food] the attack resumes. After an initial "rat-a-tat-a-tat!!" soldiers settled into routine fighting. The trainee pilots who hadn't been at the war zone all morning, along with a relative newcomer Faheem have also entered the fight. Though our army is stronger in number, the enemy has the final authority. Which makes a potential rebellion near at hand.

my passenger plane-cum-fighter plane.
or was it Vinaya's?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Was it worth all that hype?

first off,

I'm in high spirits since ARR won the Oscar and I'm a long time self-confessed ARRahmaniac. Plus the Oscar for Resul Pookutty was the icing on the cake. As he's just as much a Malayali as me.

But was Slumdog worth all that hype and Oscars?
I didn't think so. Not because they showed a poor India, but the story is just another typical bollywood trash. All that lost-and-found-and-lost again love story, rags-to-riches element... and there were glaring flaws too. i can't believe a quiz master could be so rude to a chai-walla on a TV show. That's sort of impossible.
like Vinaya said, "Bollywood story made by Hollywood".
Well put!

And music?
ARR has made music million times better than this soundtrack for sure.

Why didn't Rang De basanti get the oscars?story-wise, music-wise, directionwise and in every other sense that was such a perfect movie.

It deserved the golden statuette but doesn't get it 'cos it was not made by a Western guy?
But I gotta say that technically it was fantastic, even though there wasn't much logic in the whole movie, the cinematography was perfect.
Best Motion Picture Award?
But like my friends said, the movie is not to be blamed, it's the jury that needs a spanking.



i had a hell lot more to say but i'm darned busy with exam preparations. catcha later!

and has anyone heard from Nishi? she seems to have disappeared-

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Meet The Pets

This one was meant to be posted ages,ages ago. Sorry for the delay--
Hope you enjoy meeting my family!

Meet my pets for today.
I had them all set for a photo session, and by the end of it, a story "happened" quite accidentally!
That's The Family.
The snow white one is my eldest. Snuffles. ain't he like smouldering???

And this would be Darcy, the cutest and my darling! 5 years old, and this will probably be my last one I thought, because dad was growing tired of my obsession with soft toys. And I wasn't showing too many signs of stopping my liking for them.

Then three years ago, this gorgeous strut down all the way from China-via-Muscat down to India!! Lacking a better choice in names, I finally named her "Harajuku". Obviously inspired from Gwen Stefani's single "Rich Girl". Don't remember? Then I shouldn't have reminded you!

Yes! Harajuku and Darcy are very much together and happy too, as you can see. Don't they look adorable?

But look at who is approaching this friendly gathering, will you.

That's Padfoot, Harajuku's jealous ex.

The confrontation scene.
Darcy: Leave my girl aloooooooneeeeee!
Padfoot:(ever the bad boy) She's miiiiiine.......
[lots of tension going on with Harajuku clinging on to Darcy.]
{doubt- she doesn't seem to have any hands, how is she to cling onto him??}

That'd be little Yellow [the youngest member. my kid sis gifted it to me when I wouldn't stop whining] watching the whole drama from his house.

I got bored and left. by the time I returned only Snuffles was there being goofy and rolling on the sofa. Turns out Padfoot made Harajuku cry and stormed out.

p.s- you noticed that I'm a Sirius obsessed person, huh?
Ah well, I'm the person who still cries her eyes out every time she reads about Sirius and his death scene especially.

Not meant to be read, not meant to be seen

This one is just about giving vent. Otherwise I might just suffocate.
And since I'm entirely sure that the people concerned with this issue are NEVER going to read my blog, I don't have to worry about what they will think either. This is better this way.

About that debate thing. And how I spoilt it all up. What was the reason?
Supri insists that I was on empty stomach and that was why.
Nay, I disagree. I could go and ace a test on an empty stomach [if i wanted to, that is].
I was entirely stressed and I wasn't prepared well enough. and we had been waiting hours at a stretch. But that reason seems unreasonable as my debate partner had been waiting just as much.
Whatever the reason, one week or more after that and I'm still feeling bad, ashamed, depressed and most of all--guilty.
I let down a lot of expectations. We could have actually won that competition. As easy as anything. If I hadn't muddled it all up. Well, my friend was quite perfect. But I fumbled and didn't fire back properly and forgot how much good I'd been at this and even reached the finals last year........before THAT controversy and we couldn't make it as the winners.

Anyways, what's most important is that I haven't gotten over it, even though my team mate was so generous and forgiving. Crap! I can't help feeling ashamed for that fiasco.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wannabe do-gooder

Everyone wants to do good. Most remain dreamers hoping to do something right, but never really doing anything.
And some take that courageous step ahead and shout out their protest,
"No! What's happening in my country just isn't right. I love my country and I just won't let anyone abuse my land. I just can't bear seeing all the wrong and remain silent."

And what happens?
Impediments all the way through.
Everyone's out and about to stop you from doing any sort of honest service to the country.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


[continuing on the last post]
...And what happens when none of your hard work shows?
You end up not being your usual best,
Disappoint everyone who had lots of expectations pinned on you,
[either the long wait took a toll on you,
you were just too confident and didn't bother to be better prepared]/

And all that's left are broken expectations, hopes, mortification.
None of that bombarding with rhetoric you'd hoped to cash in on.
* * * * * *

Neither do you win for the film review which you wrote so well.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A thanks and about working too hard

This is to thank that very delightful friend, Nishi for that gorgeous header image.
Thank you! a helluva lot!!

On the other side, I'm having a mad time. Got chosen along with a friend to represent the college at the inter university level debate competition. Ah! I'm not that bad then,huh?
Problem is, whenever I'm assigned to work on something, I overdo it. The hard work I mean.

Here I am, the lazy bum who won't move from her place if she can help it-goes into transition mode whenever the moment calls for it.
Like when it was time to work on the research paper, I overexerted myself to the point of depression and fatigue.
Pssst, that's a secret I've guarded from the family and friends as a whole. Who would want a maniac around them?
I give up on sleep, fun and everything then and oscillate between extreme slothing and over-exerting. To the point of depression. It hurts, people. Like, one point comes when you are completely exhausted and you just sit and- cry or do weird things that's totally unlike me. Definitely embarrassing to be airing these facts in here, but I just needed to get this secret out of me.

But in the end, no matter what the end result is, I like the satisfaction I get from the perseverance and hard work I put in.
Sounds mighty weird coming from a uber-lazy person like me.
But it just goes to show I'm not what I seem!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Year of the Korean

I know that wishing you all a cheery belated happy new year on the 20th day of the new year sounds extraordinarily lame and weird, to say the least.
So instead, I'll just have my new year today. Whassay?
This is probably the first time I've stayed the longest away from my blog.
Primary reason was that I was a bit adamant that I'd begin my new year with an awesome new swishy-swashy template. Unfortunately, I'm yet to find the perfect one, one month into the search. Ah me!
Maybe you darlings could help me:
Searching for-
Three column template swathed in lots of white and blue.
Not that I've anything against black, but it's just that. Black.

The year of the Korean
2008 was the year when I totally, deeply, helplessly, desperately fell in love with the Korean entertainment sphere. I came across this channel called KBS World in September or so. And thus began a whirlwind obsessed affair. Gosh! The celebs looked so cute! The dramas were so... hatke! The reality shows were, for a change, totally unscripted! Can ya believe that???
Us Indians sure have trouble believing that reality shows can be real. Like really real.
Anyways, I'll shorten down on the gushings. but check my favourite dramas and actors.
[ Kang! Ji! Hwan!!!] Well that's the SRK (or bigger than that) of Korean film industry.-- Kang ji Hwan!

And that's the drama I totally went ga-ga over. Hong Gildong.
And the girls too!
And did you know that Pritam's "Pehli Nazar Mein" was a complete theft from a famous Korean serial's OST?
And you probably don't know how many times I am called crazy because I watch Korean stuff all time and don't even glimpse at the Hindi serials!!!
What else happened in 2008?
*Multiple crushes at the same time took a sliiight toll on my sanity. At least that's what my friends prefer to believe.
*Plus lots of bike rides with Vrinda and Saju.
*By today, 2700 and more photographs taken of the gang.
*This year so the entry of gadgets (in a modest way) in our gang. Phones existed already. I owned the first camera, then Vinaya. Then Nimisha buys a better phone. And I'm finally the owner of a phone too now! Shocking that I went through college life without a mobile and still had a fun time?
*Bookwise it was a bare desert like year. Not much intelligence or reading. Doh!
*Made lots of online constant companions and friends. J was the constant commentator on my blog. The Nishi, J, Mohu were the intelligent lot of friends. Then there is the wonderful AR Rahmaniac buddy. Blue, Truthful, Matangi, Muscat's Insomniac and Vee gave me company through blogspot. And very, very, very rarely I caught a glimpse of Sid's streaks of genius too.
And you can't simply forget the delightful pair Jean and Maggie!
Sorry if I left out anyone.
*There were the wonderful movies and awesome music. [mostly from the unnaturally perfect genius called A.R.R. and also the very much likable Vishal-Shekhar duo]
Who didn't love Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na and the still favourite "Kabhi Kabhi Aditi"? Way too much of good music. Can't even list 'em all in here.
updated later on-
*hits myself in the head for forgetting my favorite movie of 2008-
Rock on
* Seriously when you think of the year, there were so many bad moments. The mindnumbing Mumbai terror seige....

That's all for this post.
I know this post is incomplete, but well,
incomplete blog post is better than a NO post!

Expect better things tomorrow!