Saturday, January 21, 2012

This one goes out to you. And you. And her. And him.

This one's for those friends of mine,

rare finds
who stand out in any crowd.
The ones who've stood up for me,
Held me when I cried,
Hugged me while I died inside.

Made my day 
when it was otherwise so mundane.
Loved me and reminded me
of all the awesomeness I'd forgotten about me.

This post is for those amazing friends
who made my day, week, month and the year.
And off we start 2012.
Belated happy new year fellow-wookies!

Because I love you,
And will stay so,
Things are easy.
Questions are answered to,
Problems solved.

Because I am so,
and can't be helped otherwise,
I'd rather the world understand.
Let me be,
Let me rise.

And now that I know you're hurt the same,
Please don't protest, deny or blame.

Good feelings grow,
They will finally show-
The world's not such a bad place afterall.

Life's worth living,
Hugs happily shared
and smiles easily passed on.

So we'll hold hands,
Roll the roads and rivers
that keep us apart
into nothingness;

and I'll hold your hand tighter-
'cos friends like you
are godsends,
one of a kind,
and were custom-made for me!