Monday, August 23, 2010

untitled-part II

[this was the first draft. the last post was the polished one. or vice versa. not sure anymore!]

My insides are cold

I'm snowed in

I'm freezing within

It's all black rain, black snow,

Dark and cold.


            I'm freezing in the dark

            Crying, all alone

            Where's that warm fire

            That kindled my hopes and made me feel whole?

            Where did I lose my soul?


I'm stumbling, walking on my own

Without you beside,

I'm pitched against the dark.

Could've screamed_

Should've yelled_

Must've told you_


Don't let go,

I was cold before you came,

I'm cold again where I can't see your sun.

I'm frozen without your smiles

Patch me up and save me

Wake me before I go crazy.


Hurts me that you didn't know

Who I am and how I was before you.

Say it's not over yet,

Please don't give up.

I won't beg for you to stay,

But know I care and remain.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A doomed love

Like I always warn beforehand when I publish poems; this is just figments of idle imagination, so make no further assumption!


Unsaid words and unscreamed blames.

Silence loud as anything.

You wouldn't even look my way,

Yet I could feel my world falling apart.


[My world fell apart, like this]:


Everyone went on living,



            I was the lone change.

Nothing would make sense to me.

Sort of like the sense had left everything.

And everything became one whole cold meaningless entity.


I lost my fire,

I lost my soul,

Your absence

Sure has taken its toll.


Soulless, I wandered in the black rain.

Freezing, I stumbled in the black snow.

Don't remind me to cry

Don't remind me of my broken heart

It's hard enough, bad enough, sad enough

Without wasting tears on a doomed love.


I couldn't even cry;



With you gone,

Life's just about breathing in, breathing out.