Friday, July 9, 2010

The Post where i avoid the fluff and talk serious things that have been niggling me for some time

I usually don't blog about issues that leave people with sadness as to where the whole world is headed. Not this time though. Last week there was a horrible incident in Kerala that jolted us all.

On one hand you have the namesake teacher who deliberately and viciously insulted the Prophet in a question paper with words like "dog" etc.
On the other hand you have the worthy of emulation Prophet himself who never raised violence against his enemies even after they threw animal intestines on him while he was prostrating in prayer; toasted death threats his way all the time and even tried to work them out on a daily basis.
And you have some crazies who don't know the first thing about Islam and chop off this teacher's right hand as if they are doing the right thing in the name of Islam. You idiots! You are the reason why Islam has a bad name all across the world.

But thankfully, there are sane Muslim out there too. This teacher T J Joseph's sister called upon Solidarity; [a group of sane moderate Muslims,as i like to call 'em] for blood for her brother. And they did. =) They were at the hospital donating blood when required. While the crazies helped give Islam a bad name, these dudes were the saving grace. Phew!

This is what I had to pour out. Thanks for listening me out. Love ye all!

PS- working on a poem. But i just can't finish it!


Hari said...

I appreciate the conciliatory tone of your article but I disagree that Islam or Christianity (or any religion)preaches only peace. Religious texts are full of verses that promote violence. Google it.

Azra Raphael said...

@ Hari- thank you for reading. but i must disagree. I'm sure no religion preaches violence. but I'm more sure so of Islam since i follow the faith. ages back when followers of Islam were hunted down, tortured [much like what happens now in Guantanamo, only that back then it was worse.they had to fight as part of self defense. Islam NEVER EVER preaches violence, except for self defense. even then, God makes it clear that He prefers people to forgive each other, rather than having them resort to violence.

and what does Google know abt religions and God? there are truckloads of crap on the web filled with false stuff. i know how some awful ppl cut out parts from qur'an verses to make it sound like all of islam is blood thirsty. NOT! hope u understand sir. =) have a good day

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

That teacher is mad.

Its upto us how we interpret our experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly resides in us. It depends on us which one we prefer more.

-waiting for the poem :)

Hayaah said...

Couldnt have said it any better.

Idiots sadly roam our earth under all kinds of manifestations and guise giving ''religions and their people'' a bad name...

Politics and power craziness is what feeds these ignorant of all forms race and kinds.

Humanity sadly gets under-trod with each instance = (

thanx for this post!

The Wanderer said...

you are right... same is the case with all religions in fact.. a couple of extremists tarnish the whole community..

I remember looking at pictures of riots... how can slaughterers call them followers of a faith.. they have no religion.

Love u and ur blog :)

Azra Raphael said...

@ truth- =)"Its upto us how we interpret our experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly resides in us. It depends on us which one we prefer more." so very correct!

@ hayaa- exactly, bcos of the 0.0001% of rotten eggs in a community, the whole community gets misinterpreted. and the media doesnt help matters either.

@ dear ol' nishi- me too! i look at news images of riots and wonder again and again, "why? why do u drag religion and God into this when He never wanted all the bloodshed?"

and @ all- thanks for the encouraging words. maybe i should think of blogging serious stuff with a little more frequency. =)

JoshiMukard said...

Great post. Glad to know about Solidarity.

Ekhwan said...

Its not what religion makes of men but its how people think. Islam and its Prophet does not preach violence but it is those who in the name of Islam do certain unwanted things that cause the trouble.
I do agree with your post but there needs to be a shift in the Paradigm on all sides. A change in perspectives or at least try to see the other side of the coin.
Lets take a common man. If someone abuses one of his/her parent to an insane level he or she might get frustrated and angry and injury the abuser, mind well there are different personality traits, behaviors and so on. Though the act of the abused against the abuser might not be justified but it is here that the importance of motive is known and sought.
For the onlooker, it should be understood that no one is perfect and that the attacker's action against the abuser of his parent was not a result of his upbringing. Nor was he taught by his parents to do so. Nor did his education teach him that.
Similarly if a Muslims does something wrong you cannot blame the religion of Islam.
We humans are highly egoistic beings and are lot more complex in nature, and all this perspective business is its result.

Azra Raphael said...

@ ekhwan- exactly. once in a while snipers go on a violent spree and the like, this has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with that person's twisted psyche. media and political interests should stop placing blame on religions alone

@ joshi mukard- thank you