Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Feeding my pet. My bloggie pet. My latest muse.

I get a breather now because my exam has been postponed. Phew!

So..I'm done with my Shakespeare&Poetry paper. Pretty much ok. If you ask me, I ought to ace the exam. But last year, I was just as sure, but somehow things go wrong. Whatever..


I really got worried thinking I was mistreating my blog without feeding it with posts.
"Pieces of me" sure is a piece of me!
It's like having a pet! You look after it,make fuss over it, feed and pamper and spoil it, coo about it to one and all. Showing it off.. Awwwww!

But truth is, I have never had a real,live pet. Excluding the human being pets I have in plenty!
My otherwise first pet was my teddy bear. That addiction has never left me. Not even now! I am an incompatible mix of mushiness and toughness.
Oh, my tamagotchi pet! I almost forgot! Y'know the tamagotchi nah? It was such a craze 10 years ago. The first real virtual pet craze began with the tamagotchi. Damn cute thing! You get to feed it, overfeed it (then you show him to the doc, and give medical treatment), he poops,pisses and plays.. wondehful!

The best part was that --no dirt! You are not messing with the real poop! Just great!

I got so indulgent of him. Then doggie died and was buried in the virtual cemetery. *sniff

But then I reset the tamagotchi and got back to fussing the new chick. feathers and cuteness.

My current pets are..
1. Five year old Snuffles
2. Four year old Darcy
3. Three year old Padfoot (he was supposed to be gifted to Riph. If I hadn't fallen in love with the cute lamb!)
4. Two year old Harajuku kind of wooden doll (no name yet. can you suggest something? what? Gwen????? you must be joking!)
5. The last one. Just one year old. No name. Tiny like Ron's Pigwidgeon. Small, yellow. Gifted to me by K.S (kid sis)

All stuffed and softies. Cutie pies. I will post their pictures asap.
I could have had six all in all, if Riph hadn't taken revenge on me on the same coin. Last birthday of mine she tells me, "I've bought you a cute teddy". Next thing I hear,"but I fell in love with it. So can't give you!"
The darling devil!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Preparing for moi exams-TWEEEET!

Woohoo! (Jus trying to show off that I'm being silly)

I've begun twittering. Yep,tweet-tweet! Sounds pretty silly. Oh,me going mad with exams hanging on my head. They're right on the other corner of the week.

Though not really a Herculean task,my exams begin on this 30th, and I can be back to social networking by May7th. Yayy!
So it's bye until May7th. (Or rather, until I succumb again to my internet addiktion,sigh)

Is any of you on Twitter? My user name is Raphe. Catch me there! I'm just 2 tweets old.

Wish me luck, catcha later.
Till then...........TWEET!

P.S-Guess I should just have twittered this 'un.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My king dad

King dad and his li'l princess daughter. Sure,kid sis too is a princess. But this is my space!
Daddy sure knows how to make me feel speshul. Very very speshul. I told you guys once that I'm very much the "I-want-this-I-want-that" type. And dad's the "Anything my princess wants" kind of dad.(Much to mom's annoyance who keep saying to this day,that dad spoils me.Too true!) So you can understand we have a great relationship! He he!! He indulges me in everyway he can. Chocolates,teddy bears,accessories, gadgets etc etc. Have you heard of the tamagotchi? Used to be a great hit. I had one!
No-even without that part we do great.
Once he gifted me this very endearing fridge magnet which had the words, "Daughter and a friend,a blessing twice." Doncha think that's immensely cute? I do!
I remember when I was the only child, dad had bring home video-cassetes of Disney's fairy tales. I got to watch e.v.e.r.y fairy tale in the book! And I remember I'd these cartons full of toys. AND I also remember my cousins murdering my eldest teddy and then we gave the "martyr" a salute and sang the national anthems and "very respectfully" flung him into the garbage bin. I did think it funny when it lasted. But when everyone had left I began missing the teddy,and I guess I whines about it to dad.
Going shopping with dad is always fun. I get to use all my "spoilt-kid" lines, and dad gets to indulge me. I wonder if he gets bored?
We resemble each other. Sans dad's bald pate and mustachio!
No one gets tired of remarking how same we are. In respect of appearances and behavior. Reserved,but fun!
He cracks the best jokes. Makes even mom laugh!
He helped me with MY VERY FIRST POEM. Which turned out to be quite a success. It got published in the newspaper and I read it at my school's morning assembly.
Upto the age of ten,he used to tell me stories. Or rather I used to force my darling,tired daddy to. The same three stories in rotation. I donno how I stood that. The hare and tortoise story, and his two invented story. In the end when I had gotten bored, I would tell him stories. he same stories. Ha ha! Another bad thing about me was that I had nevah go to sleep soon. I had make him tell the whole silly story to the end.
And he makes funny faces to make me laugh when I'm putting up a fight.
And many other things.
I feel guilty that I have never been a good daughter and done things to make him feel speshul. Except for the hugs and kisses. Bah!
I can't even remember when dad's day is. I just make it on dad's birthday. You know,kinda double treat. And I had buy him things he likes with his money. Talk about love!

I really love you dad! For everything you do for me. Like the cute gifts. He's excellent at gifts. No one can beat him there.
For the best daddy in the whole wide world.
Hey,I love mom too!

Monday, April 21, 2008

The so-called Great Story

I'm not sure if this one post makes any sense (they never did,you point out!). I've been out of my mind ever since the study hols began I guess. More outta my mind than usual. Kipping up without a sight of my friends..haa..painful..just phoning..graah...I'm not liking this scenario however nice it maybe if it doesn't contain my *wookies all over and around me.
*Wookies-an endearing term I came across in Richard Bach's book, "The Bridge Across Forever". Choooo cute!

Anyways, coming back..this is an imaginary story Vinaya began and I completed seated in the back bench.. I'll explain.
Here goes.......whooooooooooooooo!
This one happened when we used to sit for our subsidiary classes. Which means this one happened in one of the early months of the academic year. Obviously. Later on we matured and stopped sitting for the subs altogethah. This class was Fiction. Veryyyyyy boring. The subject, the text book,the teacher..everything( stressing on the "v") bores us. That one whole hour of sheer torture. Me and my classmates actually run to the back benches when we realise which hour is coming on! Honest! The professor can beat Prof Binns in a competition for the most soporific class. And the novel? You will die rather than have too study it. "Heart of Darkness". See what I mean? Even the book's name is depressing. The whole room seems to be filled with silent inward groans whenever the class begins.

I'm forgetting what I was actually post! So before that happens,here's a prologue by me to the story.
Back bench. We've propped up bags so as to carry on what we are doing without the teacher noticing. I'm reading the same sentence of the library book I'd taken for the 10th time or something. But making progress. Namitha is sleeping. Nimisha was playing Snake or something on her phone. (No ban on phones in our college. They trust us!) Prajisha and Ragitha,the nice girls were sitting up close and front in the front bench listening attentively to the teacher. Or trying to. Whatever.

--------The story--------
Mr Fat and Mr Huge met near the basket( I really don't know what Vinaya meant be "basket") during Fiction class at Functional English. Fat asked Huge, "What are your plans for the last hour?" Huge was reading a book and not listening to the class. (As if she was!) He replied, (from here on I wrote the story) As long as Fat doesn't make stories again, I might as well run away.
Fat and Huge thought it was high time since they played a prank. They decided to blow a dung bomb in the department and in between that commotion they and Sleepy and Phon.E (spelled as "phony" )could slip away easily.
What about the Quiet and Smile in front?
The Quiet and Smile will remain quiet and smile.
[ This led to a volley of silenced laughter from the pair of us, which led to ma'am looking up, Namitha slightly opening her eyes from her beauty sleep]
[Then we had to end the story with this line]
If they throw the dung, they should do it before Yakkity-Yak rushes in. [Ma'am had apparently left the room for a while]


What was I trying to prove?
That we have no talent for making up stories? Or that we were trying to make a big deal of something ordinary?

You dahlings tell me. I'm waiting eagerly!
Love y'all. Ciao!

Friday, April 18, 2008

i Believe not!

Hmm,I realise I'm going through a demoralised patch of life. Feeling rather vaguely atheistic. I don't wanna! For one thing, I'm a staunch believer that God is, and is the One and Only God. For another, atheists don't have any holidays..except for Karl Marx's birthday,I think..[;)]
okeys,admitted that that quote is postively NOT mine. But mebbe I'm not feeling exactly atheist. I just don't know what the thing is.. Ah yes! Disillusioned perhaps!

But I never ever get that silly as to fall for superstitions. Nope. Raphael is a Ravenclaw,she has to live up to Raven standards.
For one thing, I'm the kind who_
*Purposefully lets a black cat walk past me. Once I did this, I had an exceptionally fun day, whereas my friends had an exceptionally bad day. Scolds and detentions from teachers..
*I deliberately turn back when its deemed unlucky.
*I don't believe that the first stranger I see in the morning can have any influence on how my day turns out. Only God decides.
*Stopped reading my zodiac predictions 2 years ago. Too bad I didn't do that earlier. I can't fathom how planets and stars that have NO connection with me can decide that I will have an encounter with good or bad stuff. How can some mysterious Trelawney plan out how my day will be? It's upto me and God!
*Obviously that means no tarot cards either.
*There are NO ghosts, ladies and gentlemen. Life on earth, then you die. YOU D.I.E. That's it. You don't linger back as spirits thirsty for vengeance. How come the Godhra victims don't come up for justice then? Or the 9/11? Or all the war victims in Iraq,Palestine and elsewhere? And after death,you are in your grave. ok,i believe in life after death. But NOT ghosts.
*I almost forgot to mention about palmistry. Well? I once did the mistake to have my palm read (that's the last time) by the palm reading expert at my college. She told me I would get married within 6 months. Though I scoffed I did get worried that this calamity might happen. Happy thing is this palm reading happened one and a half year ago. I'm thankfully still single! And she informed me that my haath ke lakeer told her (oh yeah?) that I have been through a catastrophe in my childhood. I know there hasn't been anything so catastrophic in my infancy except of my being born!
So silly! She told N that she has a short life line, but she gets married late in life! What the heck? I guess she will rise back from death to get married?! Ha! I hope she lives long and happy.
*Crystal balls? So filmy. What had a crystal ball tell me which God Himself has kept away from me?
*Omens- I told you earlier, I make sure black cats cross my path and the like.

The only time I get superstitious nowadays are during exams and competitions. But I'm getting past them. I'm using my God-given intellect to look beyond such beliefs.

Now for something very remote from superstions and the whole lot.
I've found out who J is! But maybe J prefers anonymity, so I will just play along!!

Cheers and love to y'all!
Use your brains and don't go messing your names and life for success!(Allusion to numerology craze)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Apps finally land in Orkut too!


Orkut bhi kisise kam nahi!
They've brought out the apps!!
Three and more cheers for Orkut!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Why not?

Why not a reality show where celebrities do social work,charity and are all goody-two shoes for a change? The nicest one walks away with the prize. So how about that?

What says the fellow human beings who read this?

Monday, April 14, 2008

They have done it again!

Rakesh Roshan does it too!
I simply can't believe how many Malayalam movies are remakes into Hindi! It's even more surprising that everyone seems to like them! And Priyadarshan (who's a Malayali in case you missed that) seems like the King of Rip-Offs and Remakes.
It's kinda pathetic that no one has any originality left in them anymore.

Hulchul-the Akshaye Khanna starrer is a rip-off of a Malayalam movie named "Godfather" which was made 20 years ago or so.
Hungama-is another rip-off.
Hera Pheri-is another.
Golmaal-seems a mixture of two Malayalam movies.
Garam Masala-is a make over of a 20-30 year old Malayalam movie called Boeing Boeing. The 3 air hostesses, the three timing, everything is the same. And the surly cook. i swear the Malayalam version was way much better than the crappy Hindi version. No offence meant!
Chupke Chupke-was made in Malayalam 10 years ago. Name was "Punjabi House"
Bhool Bhulaiya is actually an awesome Malayalam movie "Manichithrathazhu" which got the actress Shobhana her National Award. She was mighty scary and damn original in her acting. Vidya Balan didn't give me any thrills. Shobhana did. I still feel the goosebumps. Chilly!
Tamil industry too remade the Malayalam one,then the Hindi does it too.
Bhagam Bhag is another rip off.
Kyonki-was made in Malayalam decades ago or so,which is based on the english "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".Kyonki was boring,but I cried buckets at the Malayalam version.
Heyy Baby was already made in Malayalam 20 years earlier. "Thooval Sparsham" was so adorable and funny! I cried in the end. Couldn't help it! But now I realise that Heyy Baby which I considered a rip off of the Malayalam version is a rip off of a Hollywood movie Three Men and a baby! Talk of the rip-off of the rip-off! Ha ha!!!
I See You was made in Malayalam before the hindi one even hit the floors. "Vismaya thumbathu". I didn't like it though.

The worst is yet to come.

I have watched the Malayalam version of the "Krazzy4" years ago!
That was hilarious! I donno if this scene is in Krazzy4 as well. But one of the mad men(they all behave pretty same actually,except for the mad streaks), the senior one gate crashes into a meeting. He gives a very inspiring speech of how Gandhiji gave up all foreign clothes for his nation. And declares that he is going to do the same right now,and strips down to his briefs! Funnier is the fact that the sane people who listened to his speech became inspired and sacrifice their clothes as well!
And now the gossip mill informs me that Krazzy4 is the rip off of some Hollywood movie.
Seems like Malayalam movie industry has been ripping off ages before the idea hit the Bollywood circles!Hey,but that's not to say the Kerala movie industry has no originality. Quite the opposite. We have innovative screenplays even now.No one can still forget the eternal love story"Chemmeen"which was made during the black n white times.We have award winning film makers like Adoor Bhasi, and other uber-serious people who are so serious in their art, that shallow people like me don't know about them! and versatile actors like Meera Jasmine(don't I love her!)
Its just that there are some supposedly talented directors who have no sense of dignity left in them,except for a talent to copy and paste! and Sobhana(North Indians may know her for acting in 'Mitr-my friend'.,and Revathi,famous for directing 'Phir Milenge' in Bollywood. But they have more to them than all that! Oodles of creativity,attitude etc etc.

Why do the Indians keep on stealing ideas from Hollywood? Why don't we make original stuff anymore?????

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sisters by chance. Friends by choice.

"Sister is a little bit of childhood that never goes"{courtesy-flickr}
So true!
For one thing I'm really missing my kid sis. She's enjoying the sun at my uncle's place in Tamil Nadu. There used to be a time when I used to fight with her,make her cry(sorry!) and what not.
Well, she used to be a miss prissy then! But that's no reason to be fighting someone who's 9 years younger than you, especially if it's ur own sister! Couldn't help being wicked sweetie! I was spoilt and pampered for too long. So when you came,I had a difficult time adjusting to the new scenario. I mean, I'm selfish! So having to share the love to which only I was privileged for nine years was tough. So there were problems.
There still are. And I'm the only one responsible for that. I haven't yet grown up. I behave like I'm forever 15! But kid sis is more mature. She understands and copes. I don't.
Oh..You nasty,li'l,spoilt brat! [that has to be me!]

Anyways, leave all that behind. I'm not expressive, and it creates all sorts of misunderstandings that Raphe is uncaring, self-centred,selfish,etc etc..
ok,some of it might be true,but that doesn't mean I'm a bad person. I really love my friends and family. It's just that I don't love people the way everyone else does. And I have a small problem with sharing. Just a teeny-weeny problem. Hope you understand! Kid sis does!

She's the best part of me. We have fun together despite the 9 year gap. We play music and pretend to be rockstars at a concert! We dance the way they do in Pride and Prejudice. We blow bubbles and giggle. Please try to forget the fact that I'm a 19 year old. We make up fake rap songs and act out the funny scenes in movies we have watched. [Last one we played out was the OmiSwami in Om Shanti Om]. When we sleep together,she kicks the hell out of me in her sleep though. That ticks me off. Aaaaaaargh! But she's otherwise always veryyyy careful not to irritate me. My sugar! We check new websites together and try new widgets in her blog. She's just a 10 year old but writes mighty cute!

What else? She's my hair stylist. Sort of. When I have the patience to sit still.That is.

And,which other 10 year old would gift her wicked,selfish elder sister her favourite teddy bear?
Only mine would!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lazy and blogging when I should be studying. Blae!

If it hadn't been for the fact that all my friends (yep,the whole lot of them) were so doomed lazy, you had think that no one cared for each other. Not that I'm any better,I could only be worse. Each one of us have a problem moving our respective asses off the seat where we are.
And as we are all without seeing the rest for some weeks( study leave!), it's getting kinda boring at home. I've been having a bit o' fun on my own though.Shopping,travelling and my dental appointments have kept me on my feet. We could meet up if we could muster up the energy to get off our respective couches and sofas and beds.
We are so lazy, that no one is even bothered to call up the rest. So difficult to press the buttons,huh? The max one had go is to do a missed call on the rest to remind them, "Hey, i exist! i remember u!" That kind of thing.
Couple of days ago, I called up Vinaya. Someone has to begin na?
We crap a lot, I tell her of a weeiiiiiirrrrrd dream I'd last night. Usually Namitha's the one who has the weirdest dreams. Vinaya chuckled out at the end saying,"you beat her this time!"
By the time we hang on each other, I've slouched onto the floor, reciever in hand. btw-it was a pretty short phone call. The calls during which I slump onto the floor usually lengthens to 2 or 3 hours. But now that has lessened.
Maybe it's the prick-o'-conscience in respect of the phone bills.
Or maybe its bcos no Riph's calls now. She's like my other half.I'm Raphe, she's Riph. The girl is doing her posting (or whateva it was; i guess its something like the interns).Doing her dental science course.I'm soooo proud of you,gurl! So she's mighty busy-busy. No more calls. We had see each other everyday at school, but would still ring up and chat for hours on end.
Miss you babe! Work hard and become a good dentist! My teeth are waiting! No,honestly! I'm pretty sure I've the worst set of teeth around this side of Earth. My dentist has already worked her way through three of 'em. *Sigh. Some sort of fate,huh?

I'm supposed to be using these days for studying. But the disgusting part is that, though I'm an English major, I have to study for my second language-Hindi harder. English subjects are easy-breezy for me. But Hindi? Uff! I'm getting up at wee hours to get a head-start on it. 5 goddamned textbooks for an optional language. WTF? And the whole Hindi syllabi we have is sooo damnably goody-two-shoe genred, that I can't help but feel like throwing up everytime I pick up my Hindi textbooks.As a language, Hindi is pretty cool. But academic material? Oh no thanks.
I feel blessed that the cursed subject won't be there in my final year. Thank God!

Alvida then!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cracking on the surface

Am I the only one who had a pukey day today?
Today was totally trashy.
I wish this day never happened.

The only nice part was a feel good conversation with my cousin's friend. Who happens to be my friend. She also happens to be my friend's cousin. Weird!

Why am I even posting this? My mood is immensely evil. I'm ready for any kind of dare devilry right now.

As if this matters.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Black is the new black!

How do ja like moi new template?
This is mucho better than the first one, I believe.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rantings of a whole week(almost)/ Happy Feet Part3

Long time since I blogged. This one was supposed to happen last friday from college. Y'see, I had been acting pretty out of control from home and as a result, our broadband limit reached the brink sooner than ought to! So I planned to blog side by side with Dusk from college.. if it hadn't been for the lousy connection, I wouldn't have logged out half way through the post. That didn't work out as planned, so here I am, after a week!

What a week it was! As if all of a sudden we had realised that, "this is the last week of our second year." We were outrageous!
*We go shopping*.
I bought a cutesy bag, we checked accessories, collectibles, blah blah.. We were all over the place! As if that weren't enough, Vinaya snaps our whole footloose madness on her camera. Then by afternoon, we return collegewards. Or as Namitha aptly said, "back home". Back home....Home sweeter than our real home..home that brings stronger feelings than the real home..Or am I not mistaken? Isn't this alma mater our real home?

The next day, we don't step outta college, but that doesn't lessen our deeds! First hour, Faim brings cream cake as it's her fiance's birthday. Me,Vinaya and Shalima lick the pastry clean.. Yummmm! Next hour Vinaya and yours truly step out of the campus to return the cds we'd taken. Lollipops and umbrella in hand we walk and talk a lot of stuff. Or rather a lot about some subjects.
Back at college everyone's looking at the sky. Wassup? we ask, looking upwards ourselves! Turns out there's this rainbow surrounding the sun! A circular rainbow! Mebbe I should say raincircle!
Whatever! Anyway, from 1.30pm to 3.30pm, it was show time! We just lounged around our favourite place near the main entrance..and sing! Duniyawale kya kahenge iski parwa nahi hame! We began with our current anthem Azeem-o-shan-shahenshah and were on a roll! Whoooo!!! You should first of all understand that 9o% of the campus consists of pseudo-sane and dignified people. We make up the rest 10% who set the mood around the place we are. Plus, we notice now that when we sit somewhere which is already full, one-by-one everyone leaves the place, making it our own kingdom!! When this kept happening everytime we settled down, Vaikhari, me and the rest couldn't help but wonder...."body odour?"
And it had us sniffing about, until we finally decided we didn't smell any worse than the rest.

Our mini concert rocks the campus (partly)
Anyways,we sang:::*better take a long breath*
Azeem o shan Shahenshah/Jashn-e-Bahaara/Pehli Nazar Mein/Kiya Kiya/Saiya Re/Salaam e Ishq/Khaike Pan Banaraswala/Ye mere dil/Khalbali/Rang de Basanti/LOOSE CONTROL!!/ Bure Bure/Say na say na/Soni de Nakhre/Mauja/Nagada/Bum Bum Bole!/Jise dhoondti hu mainKoi milgaya/ Aankhe Khuli/Welcome/Bole chudiya/Falguni songs/Ek Ajnabee/Ek nazar mein bhi/Kajra re../ Maiya/ Where's the party tonight?/Heyy Baby/Darde disco/DIL MEIN BAJI GUITAR/apun bola/aati kya khandala/ a whole more. We basically stuck to fast numbers, so to keep the mood upbeat and funky.
All the sound effects from yours truly. Since I'm more learned at the lyrics fore, that was good. Like in "Saiya re", I would sing,"Ye adaa..", the rest would complete,"Haaye!"
And in "Khaike Paan Banareswala", the "chhora GAnGA KInarewala".. and we did the drums, guitars, oh the whole orchestra babe! We had the whole music coming out from us! And the filmy antics too!
The best was probably "Azeem O Shan Shahenshah", me and Vaika did the drums part so adeptly, we were W.O.W!!
There were the old songs too. Mere sapnon ki rani, our all time mad fave YAHOO!!!! vagera vagera..
And smatterings of Tamil (A.R Rahman numbers) and Malayalam.
We did a seperate section of ad songs.Jojo was really enjoying along with us. Saifu was ready to have fun.He asked us girls to surround him and sing wedding songs for him. He pretended he's a bridegroom. We sang a lot, then sent him off. Then came the campus' Kunal Khemoo. He first tried to be all angry with our singing, but finally gave in and suggested us to sing a funeral song. Huh? We sang anyway!
I might have missed out some of the better songs.. We forgot to sing Beedi Jalaile!Whatte miss!
Finally back home after tiring ourselves out completely. I was still bubbling with the adrenalin, texted Namitha a message.It's like this,"This is the day the Offbeats made some noise and hoped someone would complain so that they could fight back and make more noise!" She really loved it.

Free hours showering down upon us. Hmmmm, maza aagaya bhai! We tripped over to the canteen ( there's this low lying tree nearby). Vinaya takes out the soap-bubbles box we'd bought the other day and blows. Shooo mainy kyooot kyooot bubblezzhh!! I giggle like silly girls and wave my arms around to catch 'em. Namitha snapped a pretty pic o' Vinaya blowing bubbles. Then_
We climbed a tree (and sing silly songs, with gestures.. B comes along,tries to shake us off the tree.)
I scraped my knee( well, not the knee. My ankle actually. But I had to keep the rhyme na!)
My dress (thankfully) hasn't got a tear
We bhangra on our way back to portico
I whistle everywhere
And underneath my head-gear, I have got kinky hair!
I think that's enough of really corny rhyming attempts. *Sigh!*

*Apart from this*
Vaikhari is helping(rather too enthusiastically) in completing my "my vices" list. Its still under construction. Dunno when I will post that one. Or should I? I might be scaring people out!
Why she's so helpful now? Because I didn't apologise for accidentally stamping on her 2 mile long skirt!
My defence:She's a friend. I don't feel the need to say sorry to friends! B'cos they are friends,duh!
Anyway, about this vices list.
Vaika reckons I'm arrogant.
* BIG gasp from everyone* (I hope they will gasp!)
I'm the least arrogant person you'll ever find on Planet Earth. I might ace a test or win prizes and all.But I'll come back with the same scrawny face. No emo! I'm the nicest, most down-to-earth, humble girl you will ever have the fortune to meet! Ha!
I Am Not arroGant! I'm nice all through! See?

*Last day of academic year*
We are supposed to step down from being the funky, bunker, way-so-zany 2nd years to being ""serious, mature""{this deserves extra double inverted commas!} final years.
So- the mucho talked about farewell party. Thankfully no hitches. Except that we had an extreeeeeeeemly tough time shoving the teachers into the party place. Good food, great anchoring from Dhanya and the rest of the girls. We felt so proud that we gals had single handedly organised the whole thing. Vinaya remarked that she felt like a powerpuff girl! Juniors turned out to be actually nice!
We didn't have a propah lunch later on. None are bothered! We are all feeling so rested. Laid-back, sedated. Like, we finally accept the sad truth that the year had ended! Too quick! Way too quick!
Last episode of Happy Feet.
Vinaya takes off her shoes. Complains of weary feet. I think, why not? Me too goes, off with the shoes! Then rest of the girls take off foot wear and we walk down the path happily, singing our anthems {Azeem o shan shahenshah, Sajnaji Vari Vari, Kajrare, blah blah}. Of course, everyone except Namitha are bare feet.
End of road. On with shoes and slippers. Goodbyes for a month. After which the exams begin. *Groan* Kisses and hugs all. Love ya all.
Oh yeah,we might be getting togethah for Pretty's wedding.