Monday, April 27, 2009

Let it rain on me!

It has been several posts since I posted a poem. This one given here was actually written during last year's summer rains. [Those were beautiful, by the way] The reason why I didn't post it all this time was because I thought it would make into the college mag. which is didn't.
Well, so what? I have you people!

This one's dedicated to all those rain-lovers out there. I love you all so much!
This was written for my long-term best friend and published for my best friends.The Offbeats and the Smash.

btw-Hey, set the mood first by listening to some good music. imagine that wet, nice, comfy feeling rain brings [since not everyone gets a good rain in the summer]

if it were me, I'd listen to some jazz, piano stuff, ARR in the lonely spot to bring on the mood.

When it rains
When it rains
I'm hoping you are thinking of me
--------------(more than anything else)
-out on the road, or
by the window side,
or wherever else.

You watch the rain

coloring up the world around you_

The coolness, freshness

And that aroma of damp earth

the sensation rain evokes in you
the mood it sets,

and the magic and intimacy...

Do you think of me then?

When it rains,

I hope the feelings it stirs up in you

Are the same feelings (i hope) I cause in you.

Is my fragrance in the moist breeze?

--------------(which whips up memories long forgotten)

Do the drizzles that softly kiss your cheek

--------------(remind you of our walks in the rain?)

Those drops slipping down your arms to your hands (your hands...)

---------------do you find me in them?

When a wind blew off your umbrella

---------------did you remember the times I dragged you into the downpour??
Does the soft music of the monsoons

---------------echo with my voice

Guess I should just let go of it all.


Instead of you thinking of me (when it rains)

It's me thinking of you.

-Not the other way round

Which is actually what I want.



In the lines of my poems.

And the distance between

filled by

the music we shared
those coffee cups.

Can you see me,
The way I see you
Standing there

Just beyond the shimmering veil

of falling rain drops.
With a small smile.
(Yes, even your smallest smile will do)


Lavinia said...

Its awesome yaar...nice thot...

Mohua said...

i love rains.. i luv jumping into puddles.. and i also luv to sit by my window pane, with a cup of coffee in my hand, lovely slow music playing in the background n think of all the long forgotten memories.. cud actually relate to ur flngs..
b'ful n cute poem.. ur frnds r lucky to hav u around..

et said...

Who is out there not loving the rain!

I didn listen to a particular music b4 reading this, but from the first line, i got the feeling of avril singing it.. may be with some yellowish background, autumn-brown maple leaves, and a soft shower of rain.
I enjoyed the poem. Especially the line.. "my fragrance in the moist breeze"(gives the feel).. and hw u liked the choreography?? :)

J said...

as beautiful as it gets......absolutely amazing and refrshing....has been a long time since u put up something this wonderful on ur blog.....just loved it....the thoughts, the imagery, the words.....mind-blowing
this poem is indeed bliss just like the frst drop of rain in this burning summer....

And yea, from now on when it rains, don;t worry, I'll be thinking of you. :P


Azra Raphael said...

@ lavinia- hey, new reader for me! thanks for the appreciation!

@ mohua- poem's that nice? thank you!

@ e.t- erm..not exactly, that's not the feeling or picture of rain i have in mind. anyways, thanks for sharing urs!

@ J- now I really know what i wrote was awesome, because u never appreciate unless something is really good! no offence meant abt the rest! so next time it rains, u wil think of me?

and u r right, i havent put up anything really good on my blog in a long time.

et said...

@ raphe.. not my picture of rain, either :P :D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

its sweltering hot here , but your poem really brings the freshness of rains with it.
its really brilliant and marvellous.

ps kiske liye likha? :)

Azra Raphael said...

for friends truth. it includes my blogger friends too btw! which means, you too! happy showers!

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence! It rained in my city today. The 1st rain this summer after weeks of the temperature staying at 40 degrees! And I am reading your poem about the rain while its raining :)

Good read!
PS: How is that bump on your head now?

J said...

it rained today...
I thought abt u
came back here to read it again
its beautiful...

Azra Raphael said...

@ choco- thanks for asking abt my head. im totally fine now! no bumps either!

@ J- so its raining there now? here too. had a gorgeous evening rain yday. thanks for remembering me at the lovely occasion!

Saloni Chavda said...

You need to know, your poem just made me wish its rains here!!!!!!!!!

I could feel it :) the raindrops connection!

Unknown said...

Nice one there!
rains are enchanting, isn't it?
Well, however much you try to describe them, you know you could have done better!
Hey, but I fairly liked your attempt!

Well, one more thing, yeah, we had indeed lost touch!
Keep in touch buddy...
Gonna blogroll you too... and nice page look.. been long since i visited you, you know!

Cya around! :)

Unknown said...

Nice one there!
rains are enchanting, isn't it?
Well, however much you try to describe them, you know you could have done better!
Hey, but I fairly liked your attempt!

Well, one more thing, yeah, we had indeed lost touch!
Keep in touch buddy...
Gonna blogroll you too... and nice page look.. been long since i visited you, you know!

Cya around! :)

Zeba said...

Heyy sweet poem .. brought back sweet memories of rain :) Ohh .. how I long for it again ..

Maybe you should put up some music for it sometime, or get someone to :) It'll sound great :)

Azra Raphael said...

@sally- i hope it rains here too. way too hot!

@dark gal- welcome back! and raise toast to our renewed frndship and expecting rains!

@zeba- nice idea zeb! i'll work on that next!

Anwin said...

Awesome poem, written very very well and with emotions. And that IS the way to write, when you are emotional. It brings the creativity in you :)


I'll try 2 be truthful said...

i remember reading this one but cant remember why i didnt comment.
anyway its beautiful , simple and nice , aaah its raining here now and the poem seems perfect for the mood and the season and everything .

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

oh silly me !!

The Wanderer said...

Oh my god Azra.. this is just so soo sooo sweeeet... I an eons late in saying this... but this really amazing piece of work...

the longing, the bursts of memories, the hidden just brings so many feelings flooding back... I love it,, and I love you for writing it!!!

And the picture every paints... wow!.. u r an artist!

Bluebutterfly said...

I have missed all this....
That was beautiful.... It was so perfectly painted... I could just imagine everything...
And I so totally love some of the lines...
It has the rght emotions and has this simple flow-y way...
and lots of love back at ya.....

p.s. - So sorry I was'nt able to drop by sooner.... but now that I am here I going all the way back..

p.p.s. - Yipeee !!! Kris won AI... I was so scared that Adam would win but thank God he didnt...

Azra Raphael said...

@ anwin- what can i say? im just crazily in love with rain! thanks for dropping by!

@ truth- ya, ther r times when i read ur stuff but somehow end up not commenting too! will try to comment always from now on. im just a slothy blogger!

@ nishi- thaaaaaaanks!

@ blue- welcome back! thanks for appreciating the poem and btw, u were rooting for kris too! good!

J said...

it's not raining here....but somehow I felt a weird urge to read this poem again....
I simply love it!