Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bam! and my head hurt! :(

I think a better title for this post would be "my first REAL injury". Definitely. Yesterday would have been a perfectly normal, even boring day...hadn't it been for that head-wound.

You guys all know that cliche joke? The one that goes like this...
"How did you hurt your head?"
-"you saw that post?"
-"well, i didn't".

That kind of thing! Namitha walks straight in front of me, gets past the broken post that hung perpendicularly right above our heads just fine. I didn't. I was too busy watching the ground so that I didn't fall into one of those slab-broken pavements which are so much characteristic of TLY. I hit the post head-on and it's youch!

I was like, ok, that really hurt. I rub my head, blood oozes out.
"ok, Nami..check this out yaar.."

Some passer-by notices, he tells me to find some water and wash it off. But where the hell is water around that place?? Since I'm practically dripping with blood, I couldn't be particularly helpful. Nami was freaked out too.

I would really like to thank the Helpful-Crowd that formed immediately after they realized what was happening. Those strangers helped tie my scarf round the wound to stop the profuse bleeding, brought me water, helped us catch an auto to the nearest hospital.

And you thought Tellicherry people were narrow minded??!!

Once the first aid at the hospital was over, we were stepping out and some construction dude was throwing his materials down from the terrace.

Neither we, nor the nurse could stop laughing.

This whole situation was just so downright ridunculous!!! [yeah, sure, i knowingly mispelled it]

By the time my uncles came rushing all worried to the hospital, my only regret was that I had washed off most of the blood from my clothes,so i wasn't looking exactly tragic. Or like some survivor. Oh well, this is the problem with us. Both me and Nami were being completely weird. I'm supposed to feel shocked, hurt, scared and all.

None of the above feelings within me.

Remember I told you guys once that I was entirely shock-proof? Here's the evidence now!
And seeing all that blood gushing forth didn't daze me either. Good.

I realize that I am indeed really really good at keeping my cool, to the Point of Complete Detachment. Heck, this blood was mine, the wound was mine, all that pain was mine. Why am I being so emotionally cold? I was more like, "Nami, can you hold these specs? My hands are too bloody to hold em. So is my face."

I never was one for melodrama. But it did make me realize that I wasn't immune to injuries after all. I gotta be careful.
Earlier I was only accident-prone-but-safe. Now I'm accident-prone and unsafe!

Things that hit me after the incident:
Learn first-aid.
Be careful.
I'm emotionally cold. More like, I'm all about cold logic.
I know people do care about me after all! Friends all called up worried.
How unexpected life can be. I never thought I'd be bleeding like hell even when I got hit.


The Wanderer said...

OMG! hope u r all better now!!

and dont watch tv or use computer or read or do anything that requires concentration.. might make you dizzy ....

take care dost!!

et said...

Aww.. u really ok now??!

Where's that POST by the way..?
There's a VERY HIGH probability that i'll end up in the same fate! :D

Anonymous said...

Do you have a thick bandage over your head now? :(
I hope you read this very soon & also that when you read this you will be all better :)

PS: & y is bloggersville crawling with people from Kerala?????? :o

et said...

@ choco

Anonymous said...

Sigh!!! The poor gal's hurt and not yet read this & et is having a good laugh...

Ab Bas Yeh Din Dekhna Rah Gaya Tha

He Parmatma Mane Utailiyo!!! :(

Azra Raphael said...

gosh, seems like everyone's having fun at my expense. :(

and to all who wondered how i am now, well, im doing fine-in fact, as wacky as i always am!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ashu,

It was really sad reading that you had an head injury. Hope you are
completely alrite now. That must have hurt you a lot. Take care yaar. Thanks to all those people who helped you. Dad

Bluebutterfly said...

Ohk... So I hope you are doing much better now... is there like a scar like harry potter has ????

Maybe you are not emotionally cold as you put it... maybe you are jusy really really calm under panic situations.... That's good....

Anonymous said...

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