Thursday, December 25, 2008

The weirdest trailor review [possibly]

Merry Christmas and it is trailor review time!!!
Instead of one-by-one reviewing, I'm doing a list thing.

The-Way-Too-much-Awaited Trailor Award goes to....
Dilli 6- much awaited with good reason. I so wanna see more from this space!

The I-really-am-interested-in-this list
Luck by Chance- Reason is obvious. The Jawed Akhtar family has proved its versatility in the movie industry. Brother Farhan acts, sister Zoya Akhtar directs!
Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!- The makers of Khosla ka Ghosla, that's enuf reason to get interested.
President is Coming- Sounds like some serious fun coming with the Mr Prez's arrival. The frames look docu-fictional satire, and the sound track is dark and humorous too.
Chandni Chowk To China- The ubiquitous infectious charm of Akshay Kumar at work. Plus Ramesh Sippy as prducer and Nikhil Advani (whose style I like despite his disastrous Salaam-e-Ishq). Music -Though the title track by Shanker-Ehsaan-Loy failed to catch my attention, my attention is definitely caught by the other song by the alternative composer trio-Kailash-Naresh-Paresh: more specifically; S.I.D.H.U!!! Cool trailor, fun element in correct proportions.
Gajini- Yep- I'm not bothered that it's a copy, I'm totally in for this movie. Storyline is interesting&uniq, music is excellent, casting is perfect [Asin is from my state-Kerala!!!], cinematography is damn good [again a Keralite!].

The Attenshun-is-caught-for-uniq-reasons list
Dev D- Tauba tera jalwa, tauba tera pyaaaar...
Tera emotional atyachaaar!
My attenshun was initially caught on by this weird song. Count me in the interested ppl! Patna ke Presleys, I'm ur faaaaan!!!
[unfortunately, this is the only name in this list]

Gajini can be here too.
But, Raaz-The Mystery Continues gets the vote.Emraan Hashmi's phenomenal luck in music continues. how come even if his movies bomb, they've always got a memorable soundtrack??
Maahi is haunting.

The-I'm-Not-Bothered Trailor
Billu Barber- honestly, SRK isn't reason enuf for me to be interested in this movie.
Victory- Harman Baweja? No thanks. Cricket? I never was a fanatic.

Rab Ne Banadi Jodi- I can almost imagine the hordes of Indians and non Indian SRK fans coming for my neck. I wish I were interested in this movie, but somehow, i'm not. Maybe after watching it, I might change opinion. Haule Haule did interest me. But the promos after that didn't interest me AT ALL. Honest.

The-Trailor-That-Should-Be-Punished-For-Making-it-to-the-tv set
Desh Drohi- Indeed, a terrible trailor. I positively cringe whenever it comes on TV. Too bad the remote won't work

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Random scrawls from memory

Thanks to the bloggerhood for telling me that I'm not horrible at all! And if I still think I'm horrible, there are several others as horrible as me, as testified in the comments to my last post!
And Bobby, I've bushy eyebrows too! =(

Unlike usual Eids where I go wild with friends all day along, this time around I wasn't with them. Unlike earlier Eids, I spent the better part of Eid with cousins. And was it fun!
With luck, me or Vinaya will get first prize for film review in English, 'cos we 2 were the only participants!!
Fine Arts Day 1-
Ragitha's birthday!!!

Fine Arts Day 2-
I lost my poetry collections book. Strangely enough, I'm not too angry or depressed. I'm more worried that someone will read it and think, "this is poetry??? you call this poetry???"

Freakiest exams ever. Totally dumbstruck at the number of classmates involved in "group activity" [as Prof Prathiba call it!]. Me and Namitha were like, what were we working hard
and preparing for, then? if it's so easy to copy in exams, doesn't that make all our hard work go down the drain?
Almost all the exams were tough stuff, with the exception of Conversational Skills. It's a bit like the exam Prof RJ Lupin would have formatted had he been our professor. It wasn't all about throwing up what you mugged up from your notes earlier onto the papers. It was more about examining how good your communication skills were. We had an awesome time especially when sir made each of us to do a self intro. Me, Namitha and Vinaya especially went wild and imaginative. Me was the French famous blogger on her second trip to India which she thought was exotic. Namitha was the famous fashion designer who designed for Parvati Omanakkuttan and of course "you've probably seen my designs on TV and at the Lakme fashion week" she added quite haughtily. Vinaya was the supermodel who turned down an earnest Aamir Khan's acting offer in Gajini 'cos she was "just not interested" and oh yes, "I came here because my dear designer friend Namitha asked me to". and all that! Akhil posed as this famous singer and hoped for our prayers for him. Sir made him sing a song as well!
Uber cool examination hall, if anything, I say!

Last exam done with. A pervading sense of satisfaction affects me and Namitha since we got through with our hard work and didn't cheat. We couldn't ask the rest of the team how they felt to have completed the exams sans any cheating since everyone was enjoying the last day before Christmas vacation began. Nami and I watched this totally funny handmade videos the boys had made of an "action comedy enactment". Everyone was rolling all over the place laughing.

Oh yes! We went up the stairs for lunchtime to our classroom walking backwards. Nimisha totally cheated by blatantly looking backwards.

Then it was time for Vinaya&Vaikhari to leave. They're going to Kottayam, lucky people. I'll probably stuck in the same place I am for the whole vacation mostly. When I hugged our adorable Vaika, she's like crying! That made Nami ask, "hey, are you being wedded off or something? what's with the tears??" Lols.
But she made me sliiightly emo too. =(
They took such a long time in actually leaving that it made Vinaya quip, "guess we should say "get lost!" instead of "goodbyes" from now on!
N and I were having a small chat together when she got a msg from Vrinda&Nimisha, [it was in romanized malayalam, but for your sake I'm translating it]
" your boyfriend is in our custody, if you want him back come with a crore. don't try to act smart and call the cops. in that case, we will have to finish this guy off..."
Totally crazy! she happily texts back,
"I know you girls will never do a good thing even by accident. i'm sure you won't finish him off, even if that'd make me happy."
Went back to the department where Vri&Nimisha were holding him hostage. He had probably reached the department searching for N. Thankfully N didn't have to fight to get her hostage boyfriend back. Vri had probably gotten bored by him!

Thursday was the final episode of "Hong Gildong". heartbreaking ending. =(

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Horrible realisations of self

1. Cousin probably had a difficult time thinking of how to describe me in the nicest manner to a friend of hers. Well, she settles to say how I have fine eyebrows. Guess that means eyebrows are the only part of me worth ANY kind of praise??

2. Remember how I told you guys once of how I had a clean mouth and I never really spewed toxic jargon? wipe out that memory. 'Cos when Vaikhari was kinda shocked when I said ****, and Vinaya was like no-big-deal,-it-happens-ALL-the-time. I realise that I actually do say quite a lot of words and phrases that ought to be censored, when I'm like so totally annoyed and angry and worked up.

3. I'm mega wicked, mean and nasty when it comes to sharing chocolate. I might even have been lying when I told you that there were NO chocolates left. Ahah!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First Bloggiversary!

Kinda weird that I have made it along to a year!
Dear Pieces of Me, you have been a cool companion through all these 365 days I shared with you. I'm happy to note that the "bad day" label wasn't used much by me. Good!
I made a lot of really wonderful blogger friends (and some non-blogger friends too!) on this blog.
Wanna hear a really weird fact?
My grandmum had been pretty sick and hospitalised around the time I began this blog. She got well in a week and had been back home.
Yesterday was my first bloggiversary and she's sick at the same time of year and in hospital again! :(
Not a fun coincidence. I agree.

Not much to say right now. Take care y'all!
I'm already 3 days late in publishing this post, sorry!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The saddest

Not missing dads or being alone.

The saddest is when extremists attack and bring blame to a whole community who have got nothing to do with violence.

Another saddest is when they bring hate and suspicion among people who live in harmony and peace.

The hope is alive when we come together as a nation holding hands and show the evil-doers how much we love each other and that love is too strong to be broken by heinous crimes.

The prayer is that we can make it through the bad phases of the country and have a future as one single,united nation.

The happiness is when we believe in each other, no matter which God we may believe in.

Hoping to spread the love,

Saturday, November 22, 2008

What's saddest...?

What's saddest about having an expat dad?
He leaves for Hajj (pilgrimage) and you can't even hug him goodbye.

He's having a birthday on this coming 3rd of December, and you can't throw a simple party for him.

You miss those dad-daughter times you spent together, and wish it were that time of year again.

Ah well, I'm getting too bluesy.
Anyways, to all those who are on pilgrimage:
Hope you have a makbool (accepted by God) and mabroor (blessed) pilgrimage.
Have a safe journey!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Vignettes of the tour

Day 1:Crossing the Kabani river, leaving the idyllic Kuruva Island behind. Scaredy cat Nauman watches from distance, all the while smoking his hundredth cigarette.

The Kabani River. Fantastic clicking from Prof Efthikar.

Pretending to call evil spirits in the candle light. Ouija Board thing. [Power cut follows us all the way to a small tea shop in Wyanad, Sulthan Bathery]

On the left side you see the street-fast-food-joint. It's not everyday that we girls get to eat off from a street food joint at night!

Day 2:At the Wildlife Sanctuary at Wyanad, Kerala, India. Beautiful. Us Offbeats were like ready to give up everything and live somewhere like here.

Heading for the Edakkal caves. The caves were worth all that huffing and trudging we had to do to climb up there.

Feet lapping in the Kara River, watching the sunset with best friends. Only thing that pissed me off? The jeans I wore got wet and thus muddy after all that wading in the water.

Prof Babu [left] and Prof Efthikar returning to bus after some cigarettes. Shot is foggy 'cos we took it through the rear window of the bus.

Suicide Point, Ooty. [Only thing I can't undertsand is, why'd anyone trudge all the way up here just to die??? It's a sin in itself to die from such a gorgeous, breathtaking place. Moodspoiling!]
ps- the wind was so strong that everyone was worried that I might get blown off! point to be noted since I'm the skinniest.

The last flames of the camp fire. Kind of symbolic even. Shucks, things are getting too sad!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The tour that felt like a lifetime

Sun burnt, freckled, a 9000 times more happier than before...
That's me, post the MUCH awaited trip!
Though it lasted a 3 days, the tour sure felt like a lifetime in itself. An experience! Adventure!
And might not happen ever again... :(
Unless the promise of our cool professors happens, that is! They loved the time spent with us sooo helluva much, that they want another one with us! Wow!!
17 students and 3 uber cool professors.
Day 1:
We just made it to one place. But, as we always say-
it's the people and the time we spent together that matters in the end. Not the destination.
Same here. We just grooved to a lot of music and screamed our throats out for the most part.
Went to Kuruva Island in Wyanad. Mother Nature never fails to blow my mind! Crossing the river in old fashioned boats (with boatmen!) and bravely waded halfway across a fiercely flowing Kabani river. Thanks to our heroes of the day, the boys, we made it through without too many mishaps. Especially Prajeesh. So so so strongg!
erm... I slipped and fell quite a few times. Sheesh!
Came across elephant footprints and a monkey. Prof. Efthikar tried scaring it, but our simian dude wasn't impressed at all by sir's antics! ha ha!!
Night we reached our dorms where we had be staying the night. The person who organised our accommodation in Wyanad was Prof Babu's friend Eldo. Namitha and Vrinda had an instant crush on him. (Which lasted the evening only. Both were disillusioned after seeing him in broad daylight the next day.)
Dinner was street food. Everyone was actually demanding that the dinner be from some street food joint. Finger-lickin' gooood... Welcome to the original fast food makers! They whipped us up our dinner so cracking fast!

Day 2:
Wyanad again.
Morning was real cold. So cold that we breath out and mist comes off!
Wildlife sanctuary visited. Which meant, everyone was staring at the monkeys and calling them by our names. Like, Akhil: "Look, Namitha is up there!!"
Saw monkeys, deers, foxes etc etc. Tall trees. Unpolluted cool climate. Verdant landscape. Streams, rivers...
I am in a happy dream. Friends, myself, great place, cool profs...
Had fun teasing Prof Efthikar about his age which is 38 as per Prof Babu and 33 as per Efthikar Sir.
Edakkal Caves archaeological importance. plus hill climbing. multiply the fun involved!
Vinaya, Nimisha, Praveen made it almost to the topmost. Vrinda,Akhil,Prajeesh made it to the topmost. You can see all 4 states from up there! Kerala,Tamil Nadu,Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh!! ain't that wickedly!
River Kara a bath and a lot of fun. Well, most of us couldn't swim, so we just let our feet lap the water. The rest did swim. Caught a glimpse of Prajeesh's 6pack body. Vinaya&I are so much in awe!
We wanted to do Pookod Lake too. But time restriction.. so had to give up on that idea.
Dinner was excellent. Not street food though. Posh hotel and all.

Day 3 is already here! @%$^%$*&^(!!:
Off to Ooty. Way so cold. Jumped off at tea estates, sang Pehla Nasha, Chale Jaise Hawayein.. Ooh-ed and aah-ed at breathtaking scenes all the way round the scary hair-pin bends. Touched sheep. Off to Botanical Garden and Lake. Vrinda gets instant crush on a cute guy at the Garden. Prof Babu allows her to look back at him. finally we had trouble shaking him off from following her! Arre!! How could I forget those awesome pani puris and good bhel puris we ate at the lake. You don't get them in Kerala, y'see. Vinaya,I,Ragitha loved 'em!
We got on to the mini train and sang "Aditi" and "Kaataadi" a Malayalam song. Cheesy to the core! Shopping session upto night. Camp fire in the freezing cold midnight in Gudallore or somewhere's woods. Pretty emo feeling riding all over. now that the thing is almost over.
Wrapped up the night with a crappy comedy movie before finally falling asleep inside the bus.

Day 4:
Goodbye, Au Revoir, Auf Weidersehen, Alvida etc... Everyone hops off at their places in the morning. Things have changed. We are hell more closer and attached than when we began the tour. The tears aren't rolling yet though. I don't wanna prick the happy bubble in me now.

Photos to follow up soon in next post!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trains one day. Stranded the other day.Bollywood Hero saves me!

Considering that I had a 5 minute train journey on Thursday (duh!) and got stranded with a broken slipper in town on Friday, this week wasn't uneventful,right?

Thursday and my whining on not being able to get a train journey in ages has gotten so intolerable that Nimisha decides to board one from the stop near our college to the town. I'm as happy as a kid! Wasn't much,since I was more engrossed in filming the whole thing onto my cam and it was over too soon. We stood by the door and I was ooh-aah-ing the picturesque vignettes of greens and rivers.
Loves it! Loves Nimisha even mo' for taking the initiative. She's probably relieved that I won't be nagging her about trains anymore. But I'm still hankering for a full-fledged train trip to somewhere Far Beyond. Guess the craving for trains grew stronger post-Jab We Met!

Friday was a completely mad-mad day.
But first off- Vrinda,Nilla,Vinaya and Vaikhari get selected for university competition in gymnastics!! Congratulations girls!!!
Torrid rains which had us freezing and brrrrr-ing AND walking in hug-mode. It WAS so cold that I felt like I had stepped into a huge freezer that looked like a college. We are already half-frozen when a mega-cold wind blows by, and the 6 of us (rest were absent) go "brrrrrr..." together.
It's cold,wet and quite a happy day.
How was I to know I'd be wrapping up the day with a sorta-adventure??
Nimisha and I are the only ones who have to go to town for our next destination. The others travel the opposite route. BIG TRAFFIC JAM. we two walk miles, making pit stops to let me mend my slipper which keeps breakin' and have to walk carefully on top of a fence through a demolished site, then jump off 'cos the number of people walking by the fence is toooo much too. We take the difficult path [read-mucky path], and by the end of it, we know we have probably waddled our way through all sorts of dirt on our way. I can't muster up courage to even mend my slipper again. So I kind of swagger through the place in broken slippers.
NOT the end of the Sorta Adventure!
Just about to heave a relief that we have finally made it to the town, we are in for a worse shock. No mode of conveyance AT ALL to any place. Nimisha has better luck. One Bus for her place. Me? None.
Totally stranded in town. No one I know. No phone. No vehicle. And it's getting freaking late and daaaark.
It's already dark and my fertile imagination is thinking of all scary possibilities and hoping for the hero to "come and save me!"
The hero does come. Though pretty much a lot late. My brother finally came to pick me up on his motorbike. Just like the typical Bollywood Hero.
God bless the two wheelers! The only vehicle that can evade most traffic jams.
So my Bollywood Hero arrives late on his motorbike and saves me. Phew! Thanks bruv, you are a life-saver!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A "waah-some"/awesome week

Waah! Kya Birthday Thi!, Waah! Kya Birthday Thi!!
October 1- Dozens of text messages, even more phone calls,cards, tearful- "I miss you" letter from a friend, hugs in person, one mom-made chocolate cake, add an almost surprise landing from Daddy, meet-up with old school friends.. Everything about the day was fantastic! In fact it was birthday celebratory mood for 3 days straight!
Thank y'all!

Waah! Kya Eid Thi!, Waah! Kya Eid Thi!!
I'd an extra speshul day 'cos Eid was on the same day as my Birthday. Mehndi on hands, family and friends all day, I loved it!
The hand with blue bracelet is mine. The one to my right is Barjis'. Below that is Shamnas'. AND the hand remaining is Thanzeela's!

Waah! Kya post-Eid/Birthday meet up thi!
Waah Kya post-Eid/Birthday meet up thi!!
Ah yes, high school best friends get together for some ice creams and catching up on each others' lives. We got to talk on phone to the love interests of 2 friends as well. Yup, except for me,MC and BS, everyone's been thru relationships.

And a 'not-so-waah Union Day' and a "Waah-Kya-Belated-Birthday-Celebration-Thi!"
Union Day was pretty boring. Thanks to DJ, we had fun grooving to good music. BUT there were dumbass pseudo-singers who spoilt the mood with stupid songs. AND Gymnast is having separation agonies. BF going away for a year.
Who cares? Definitely not me!
BUT, on the other side, we celebrated my birthday and I got 10 cute dolls, representing us 10 girls. Sothatslikecementinghefactthatwearenolongerlessthaneight. Anyways, I had a lovely gift to show off. That's fun!

Waah Kya Niqah Thi! Waah Kya Niqah Thi!!
My cousin gets married. And his wife is a perfect darling! I was part of the official Cousins-Photographers crew. Me, plus four or five or more cousins were like taking shots of celebs at the Cannes or something of the sort. So, we were confident that we hadn't missed out a single moment of the special day.

Almost forgot!!
Waah Kya Movie Thi! Waah Kya Movie Thi!!
Rock On rocks to the core. A really good movie sans the usual rona dhona and melodrama and item numbers and yet superb. The kind of movie Farhan himself makes. I wanted to write more on this movie, but that'd make this post longer than it already is.

Ciao for now!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Really back to blog-land this time around!

Eeps. That wasn't a fun way to make a comeback. But the questions were kind of bugging me since yesterday. I deleted that post, cos it went completely against this happy place I'm trying to make up in here.

I'm pretty much really enjoying the Ramzan month. Y'know, all that fasting is actually good for you!Totally detoxifies the bod and soul. Make you come out clean. Mmm..

And at beloved college?
This week has been especially earthly-heavenly!!

Some random day of this week:
We meet up with Gymnast's boyfriend. And he looks utterly toy-boy despite his almost brutal looking, breath taking muscles.

Lots of free hours. Had hard time convincing everyone that we weren't bunking at all. In fact, we haven't bunked at ALL for a long-long time. AND there was a sorta-spat between Phon.E and Frizz. It ended with Phon.E crying and Vinaya had to console her.
Post everyone else's lunch, we goof around the grand stairs, finally settling down for a game of reverse-quizzing. Un-understandable??? You think of someone we all know, I shoot max 21 questions at you to try to find out who it is. We split into pairs. Me and My-Girl weren't scoring at all, so finally when we DID manage to come up with a person the others couldn't guess, we were so happy. Hugh and Mad tried to madden us by saying we cheated, blah-blah. In the end, MG cried and I was almost out of breath with anger. The fire-coming-from-nose type anger.
One among the many things i can't, simply can't bear?
-False accusations. Even though they were just joking, we got all too messed up.
Anyways, Vinaya consoled MG. The Agony-Aunt back in action.

That done with. We realise that Namitha and Yours Truly are the only ones who haven't cried in college. Yet. The others have cried in random places within the campus. Dusk tops the list.

Got hold of K gang's shades. Very cool and Armani and all. We all take turns wearing it and taking photos in it, mimicking K gang's style. [=P]

To top it all, Hugh, Mad and me were sitting on the steps of the Grand Stairs as well. Quite unashamed, of course!
Free hours all morn. So we pack off to town to shop for my dress. Cool Uncle gave me money for that! Then zipping back to college on Singer's bike. Post everyone else's lunch, I slouch with loosened wild,untamed hair.
i love my hair. totally. truly. deeply. madly.
And then, Mad, Z and Frizz bunketh class and sit outside, listening to songs on CJ's phone.
Hey! Mad and Dusk are already crushed on him, proposing him back and forth. Now, it seems Z is a big fan of his as well!
Mad and Z lean on to each others' back. Then both mistake 2 strangers to be our professors and scramble for cover. Dumbo!
Ah well,
Lip-Syncing to "My LOve"-Westlife with Vinaya. Loved it sooo much! Both were squealing with delight, we couldn't really sing along since we wanted to enjoy Westlife's angelic voices.
Where the skies are blue, see you once again my love.
So addicted to college now, that we fantasise of setting up a tree-top house on the tree over Main Entrance and staying there for.ever.
*Namitha and I listen to "Where Did You Sleep Last Night"-Nirvana
I'm awestruck. So much passion and so intense. I could almost feel it in me.
*They try in vain to make me like some Malayalam romantic song. Un-impressive.
*Rock On is so wow.
*Everyone, everywhere is everytime listening to a new Tamil song "Kankal Irundaay" from movie "Santhosh Puram". Or something like that. I like it too!
* Jal new song "Ye Mera Pakistan" [at least, new to me] sounds good. real good. I sing with corrected lyrics "Ye mera Hindustan", :)
*Someone's got hair all Bob-Marley-in-the-making this monday! Turns out the yaar was pretty sick then. Dishevelled hair thus explained.

Dusk is missing out on a Lot. A helluva lot.

And Raphael's birthday is coming up!! Only 4 days to go!! Yeah!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The last 3 weeks and y'day when we became angry young ladies

Starting from yesterday and moving backwards, I got a lot to blog.
Y'day was our Onam celebration. Floral carpeting, tug-of-war, musical chairs and lounging (well, the last one was what we were doing primarily. It isn't a game). Who would have thought it had end like this? Vri always has had fights with the U. She mostly voices her disagreements. Which was why, though we were damned shocked, we knew why her tyres had been flattened. So pathetic, ugly, disgusting of them! Though I'm prone to cussing, it has never been too sharp. This time, I couldn't stop the downpour of expletives and curses. "How dare they?" Is this the way you had react to criticism?
So we wrote down a complaint to the Principal and went to the nearest police station and filed a complaint against the people Vri suspected.
Let's see what happens next. Too bad it's a 10 day hols now. Slows down the action a lot.
On the lighter side, everyone except me were dressed in traditional saris and looking pretty. And ZC was being close and chatty. Plus a lot of photos happened.
*******************Before that day
*Vi has bought a camera!
*Inspirational speech from our district collector. Makes me wanna take an IAS!
*Making paper rockets with Sanjoop. The cool dude definitely knows how to make 'em fly. I don't. =(
* We'd sat around the Grand Stairs and having fun when... Ragitha spotted a creepy black caterpillar on Nimisha's lap. That has everyone screaming like scaredy cats. Aaaaaaargh!!!!
*We have maxo fun at Ragitha's place. Even though I was running a slight fever and kept hush and Vinaya was the only one to find out. She's got an uncannily good observation.
All dance and jive. Arm wrestling after lunch. Namitha was beating everyone by cheating. She scratched and used the other arm as well to beat Vaikhari and Sajla. So when she tried to beat me up, I cheated for a change and tickled her. Yeah! I won!
Moral of story: Cheating is what cheating gets. Vaikhari's and Namitha's arms. Vinaya made them pose for my blog! The silly pair was smiling and Vinaya had to remind them that only their arms would be appearing.

*Freshers' Party cold have been more fun. sigh On the other side of the Abandoned Building, the Business Administration dept gets together and enjoy a traditional Onam luncheon. Forget a luncheon, we Functional English people don't even seem to have the unity to come up with a decent Freshers' party. BUT. the party WE threw last year for our direst juniors had been fantastic. This year, we let our juniors do the work, and it is disastrous. ugh.
*That Korean drama "Sassy Girl" which I talked about in my tag? It ended last week. And I'm literally crawling the web for more on them. And Nishi, i don't know Korean language except for a "yes", "what" and "why" in Korean. The dramas have English subtitles. That's how!
*We trudged up our college's own Forbidden Forest. Yeah!
*Namitha's birthday was celebrated on the college election day. Clinking glasses of water and raising toast for the girl and kissing her till she got tired. Phew!
*Got shortlisted in our very first campus recruitment interview.
*AND memory games where I lost out after Namitha,Vrinda and Vinaya. Vaikhari,Sajla and Ragitha survived.

Have I forgotten to write out anything? My girls had better tell me.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Comeback with a tag

Been weeks since I blogged anything. Urk.
First off, it's a tag which I have kept pending for quite a long time. So my misadventures' post will follow only after this one.
I have been tagged by the very elusive Pirate Phoenix!!
Without further fussing, off we go!

1.What have you realised recently?
That I'm completely,totally, overwhelmingly crushed on a Korean drama, "Sassy Girl". So much, that I'm crawling the web for all sorts of info on it. Yes,you read right, no need to rub eyes. Korean serials now. The Pehli Nazar Mein was actually lifted from this drama's BGM!
2.Have you given your first kiss away?
To babies, teddy bears and the like. And friends. Nothing of the sort you intended when asking this qweshun.
3. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the 11 blog buddies you would take?
For one thing,I don't think I have 11 blog buddies either (just like you PP).
The ones I will take however would be;
The Nishi, AJ &Mohu---My 3 North blog buddies
Jean & PP- my South blog buddies
Blue Butterfly- though she ain't ecjactly a friend-friend,and our communication is strictly only thru comments on each others' blogs, I sure would like to have her around.
I feel like I've grown up with all of you guys! Thanks to your blogs.
AR Rahmaniac- Hope he brings his music system too so that the whole blogger circus that are-going-to-be-on-the-island don't get bored.
I had like Aamir Khan too!Though he's not a buddy, he's got a cool blog nah?
But on the other hand,I have always wanted to be stranded with my friends. Too bad they don't have blogs. Dusk does. But she hasn't blogged for 3 months.
4.Where is the place you want to go the most?
The Shire and Hogsmeade-fictionwise/
A lot of places-non fictionwise/
Like Kashmir,Coorg,Nainital, Agra, Delhi, England(because of the downpours they get), Austria(because of all the one million odd romantic Bollywood songs picturised there), Seychelles....
Why,why,WHY this qwestun??? I s.i.m.p.l.y don't know which place I want to go most!
5.If you have one dream to come true,what would it be?
Freeze time. Keep it frozen so that I don't have to leave college and my friends ever. So that I'm not required to grow up.
6.Do you believe in seeing the rainbow after the rain?
I get too busy enjoying the rain to notice any rainbows unless someone points it out. What's this about believing? It's not as if I believe in leprechauns and flabby devils!
7.What are you afraid of losing the most now?
Faith in God and confidence in myself. [I know it sounds like pre-rehearsed lines pouted by some empty-headed celeb]
But when I think more, actually I'm more afraid of losing weight now. I'm already skinny, if I lose anymore weight I'd be looking practically anorexic! Gak!
8.If you win $1 million, what would you do?
Shell a quarter of it on a week-long all-girls dream trip to... well, that's a secret!
Buy a swanky apartment so I get to live with my friends for.Ever, spend the rest on chocolates. Come to think of it, I will rent out the swanky apartment so that I can keep getting money for the chocolates. And no. I'm not sharing the chocolates with AnyOne.
But can I do all this with one million dollars???
9.If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
I'm not very expressive, so I'm not sure if that will ever happen.
10.List out 3 good points about the person who tagged you
Whoever came up with this tag is sure cunning!
Well, 3 good points on PP?
* She's sweet
*She's got a pretty thoughtful blog out there.
*And she's erm,sweet again. Sorry PP, I'm pretty bad on this!
11.What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
Good one! He must be tolerant of my singing. I sing all time though I know I suck at it. Should be intelligent, witty, and at least sliiightly insane and bizarre. AND we should have similar taste in music. Is ok if he hates my tastes, but should bite his tongue and bear it. Should be protective of me. =)
So my Romeo, where fore art thou?
12.What type of people do you hate the most?
Liars, hypocrites and naggy old aunts and naggy-old-aunt types.
13.What is the one thing you can't live without?
Right now, I can't live without the Korean channel KBS. Good soaps and better reality shows. I have even given up watching Hindi channels altogether for this one! Weird!
14. If you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
Depends on who's telling me. Its ok if my mad pals are pointing out my mistakes. I might get venomous and vicious if anyone else criticised me.
15. PP's tag shows that this qwestun is missing. What do I do?

16.Are you a shopaholic or not?
I can control myself. Since I don't earn. If I were earning,I'm afraid I'd go broke by day 2 itself.
17.Find a word to describe the person who tagged you
18.If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
My inferiority complex.
19.What’s the last shocking thing you've seen or heard?
I am shock-proof. No,I'm not a Fastrack watch. Nothing shocks me, is all.
20.Would you rather have love but no money or money but no love?
It's like the name of that dismal movie "Money hain to Honey hain".

Lastly, I tag:
Nishi, AJ, Mohua, Dusk, Amrita, Matangi and Blue Butterfly. Jean's been already tagged.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Celebrate the Day!!!

Finally India has achieved the seemingly impossible feat of winning a GOLD in Olympics!!
The hero of the day(but the euphoria of his win will remain for 4 years,I guess!) Abhinav Bhindra beat even the invincible Chinese! Way to go!!

We couldn't stop cheering and whooping in delight,when we got the news from college.
After all, we were praying for at least a bronze, and India gets a G.O.L.D!!!!!
And it has been ages since India got gold, nah?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Where we draw funny dumb faces on each others' hands. I think Vinaya began. Then everyone was going freakin' mad and ended up with silly cartoon faces on the wrists. I ended up with two faces, one on each wrist. One by Vinaya, and the other by Namitha. Pictures given. So you can pronounce your verdict.
The topmost hand is Ragitha's;done by me. And the dud is wearing a cap, in case you didn't understand!
Second one is my hand. This one was done by Namitha. Face with a stitched mouth. Dunno what she intended. But I named it 'Stitcheroo'. My left hand(not in the scene) had a more respectable face drawn by Vinaya. Which I named Tom Cruise,only to have a PG senior scream, "whaaaaaaaat??????"
Third one is Namitha's arm. Done by Vinaya. With horns and a sprout of hair in the middle of its pate. *chuckle!
The hand lying beneath all the other three is Vinaya's. Done by me. She hated it and wiped it out after this shot was taken. =(

So, as to console her I drew a haughty-hottee guy on her left hand. She's still not impressed. hmph! What does she want? Ranbir Kapoor? The girl on her right hand was done by Sanjoop. Hidden talents on the surface! Though he's a bit of shy around girls, that day he was really on roll, what with all of us girls hounding him for pretty pictures for our arms!

That's the cool one Sanjoop did for Vrinda.
Finally he got bored and drew a pathetic devil on Nimisha's hand!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jaane tu...Ya Jaane Na for Z, Vi, Vai and N /WARNING:SPOILERS INCLUDED

Yup. Finally. After having to take refuge with a pirated online version. Z gets to go for the movie as on the Big Screen. She was just so damned obsessed with the movie that she actually didn't care that she had watched the movie already at home! Well, and Vi,Vai and Nare like,the sweetest friends in the whole world. They wouldn't have gone for "Jaane Tu..." if it hadn't been for Z talking about JTYJN from the moment the first promo was out. And Z has never gone for a movie from college. So,why not begin with a cute movie she's so hung up on?

For this reason, Vi and Vai are discussing the idea of calling Z a petty bourgeousie(hope i got the spelling right.) since Z came along for the movie only because of her selfish interest in the movie and not for sport sake.

So off the foursome leave today, freezing from the whipping winds and just begun monsoon that's out-and-about with a vengeance. It was cold! Teeth chattering cold!So cold that Z was hugging Vi for warmth. Bunked classes and a half-reluctant, conscience-pricked Vai was coaxed and it was chalo chalo!!

*Over to Z:
" Just 17 spectators man! This place has never had much taste. Anyway, we occupied the last seats, back-benchers attitude still on! One young couple, one retired-from-military looking dad and his two daughters, one family with a cute baby whom Vai tried to woo, three
vagrant kind of men who made us doubtful if we had reached the correct movie. And some more typical looking people. Well, who's complaining the lack of spectatorship? This meant we could stretch our legs and place them on the seats in front of us. AND we were the most responsive. Well, the ONLY who made any kind of response. The rest of them were sooooooo dead! We cheered, ooooooh-ed, laughed, muttered at the right places.
Too bad none of us knew wolf-whistling. =(
It would have come in handy.
The 2 daughters-duo DID respond too,now I remember. But we drowned out their dignified laughter I guess. And no one turned left,right or backwards. On this N and Vai later remarked, 'they must have said, "don't look behind you. There are some rowdy kind of people sitting there.'" ' (about us)
Some kind of behaviour we are putting up,huh?

The sad parts from the otherwise delightful movie(according to me):
* Vi,Vai and N were not AT ALL impressed by JTYJN. They think it is only a one-time watch. Not much standards either. Just an ok movie. Seeeeee?????? I need to team up with JTYJN fans and defend the movie!
*They don't find Imran Khan cute or even impressive! They didn't think his acting prowess (they don't even think he has a prowess) was much of a big deal.
*They didn't like Genelia much either. Her face ain't much,they say. They also say that no boy would go back for a second watch. Farzad, Nezer,Shabas, and all theguys I know who liked the movie, help me out! I need evidence and witnesses!
*All in all they don't think it's anything as wonderful as I'm making it seem. And that a hit campus movie of Kerala of ages ago ("Niram") was way much awesome.
Excuuuuuuse meh? That movie was just soo materialistic and shallow! Ugh!

The happy parts
*They loved the music. Obvious.
*We all loved and are still singing the old "jaane tu" song. Gala phaad ke. Like we naturally do.
*Everyone loved Shaleen best.
*And Jiggy.
*And the whole group.
*And liked the fact that it was a group movie. Everyone gets equal importance. Not just Jai (sigh!!) and Aditi.
*Vi was just as touched and felt-it-in-her-skin-too in the Kahin to scene where Jai gets shocked and gets the jolt of his life when Sushant kisses Aditi. Youch! Same same here!
*Jai's singing in the climax. W.O.W! So naturally disgustingly bad and shrill and tired out he sounds. Perfect for the scene!
*Vi and I agree that they could have elaborated on the Aditi-Amit relatioship. It had a lot more to it.
*Plus a zillion other cute things.

I personally think this movie is so cute-overload and so polished. But i admit that the movie looks as if it were made for 15 year olds. Where kisses are covered up by the girls' hair. To which Vai wondered out loud, "wonder what they had do if they were bald!"

I lurved the movie. totalllllllllyyyyyyy. completelyyyyy. every bit of it. every scene of it. so much that i know every dialogue by now.
Over and Out.
Over to Raphael who will probably publish an out and out gushing review on the movie. "

Back to me.
That's all for this post. Z has done almost a lot of gushings herself, so I'm not sure if I need to put in a review.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kabhi Kabhi Phon.E... & Trailor Review II & yak-yak

First off, I want to sing and cheer up my very heart-broken friend Phone.E who's having a rough time,thanks to her oppressive,suspicious boyfriend. All we have to do is to look at her,and we find ALL the reasons as to why-one-should-NOT-fall-in-love.
"Kabhi kabhi Phon.E, zindagi mein yunhi koi apna lagta hain.
Kabhi kabhi Phon.E woh bichad jaye to ek sapna lagta hain.
aise mein koi kaise apna aansuon ko behna se roke,
aur kaise koi sochde, everything's gonna be ok?"
-And the rest of the wondehful song.

Break-up threatenings apart, everyone of our gang wants to really punch the senses out of her guy. He just blackmails her so much emotionally that it's God's Mercy she hasn't not fallen to pieces. Very strong gurl over there, people. For one thing,none of us would have even let a relationship with that idiot, if we could.
Maybe God knows we would have made messy situations even messier,
maybe that's why things are not in our control. Hm.

I'm having a bad time trying to convince Vaikhari that I'm actually very grown-up. Like,
Me:"Hey, I am mature and serious!"
Vaikhari:"Says who?"
Me:"Says me!"
Vaikhari: "Say that again with your green parrot pipe and teddy bears in hand."
Me: (inward groaning,since I know she's right there. changes tactics.) "At least I look serious!!"
Vaikhari: "Not a bit".
Me: "An atom?"
Vaik: "No"
Me: "A nano?"
Vaik: "Not even that much seriousness, you ARE too childish!!!!!!!"
Me: (gives up on pleading with small quantities. changes tactics again) "Says you? You are not childish??"
Vaik: (stumped. cos she didn't expect that.) "Huh?"
She's either worse than me or equal to me or a bit lesser than me when it comes to being immature. We give up on the stoopid fight.
*The olive greenish brownish text is fiction. I made that up. The rest of the conversation happened though.
Trailer review time!!
And the best trailer award goes to........
ROCK ON!!!!!!-
Obviously the best of the whole lot. Awesome rock music from Shanker-Ehsaan-Loy. The guys are looking very chilled and born rockstars. And Farhan actually sings quite well! "Socha Hain" and title track "Rock On" plus some other tracks were sung by himself.
The sepia tones give the movie a very stylish look. I'm soooooo looking forward to this one movie!
Ugly aur Pagli- The second trailor I'm really impressed by. And whatte catchy tagline;
"99 slaps, 1 kiss"
Ha ha!
Though Mallika Sherawat is far from what I like,but I love watching her do comedy. And her wardrobe for this movie is pretty cool. The fringe and casual clothes were stuff you find girls wear,unlike her otherwise gravity defying skimpy clothes. And Ranvir Shorey looks exactly like a frustrated,oppressed boyfriend. Music is extreme party genred. "Talli" is so much w.o.w!
And the funky-romantic "Ye nazar,aur ye adayein" is feet-tapping.
The way she keeps slapping him, had me wishing Phon.E had half the wits around her to slap her boyfriend when he asks for one.
Bachna Ae Haseeno- Good music from Vishal-Shekhar. The 3 chicks and the hunk( the wow hunk) look beautiful, great locales, and designer clothes. The movie has EVERYTHING. But does it have a story? plot?Guess that's not very important nowadays,huh?

Well, the other trailer I noticed but HATED was-God,Tussi Great Ho. If you didn't realise it was the Indian version of Bruce Almighty, buzz off! You've NO brains in you!
I didn't feel that any of the rest of the trailers were worth reviewing.

Ah yes,another movie I noticed was "Hijack". not much.Wannabe Hollywood if anything. Terrorists and all, the hero running,jumping and saving lives. Obviously the terrorists had to be with Muslim names who probably keep on saying Arabi once in a while in between their conversations. Pathetic,really. The fact that the movie industry thinks that all goons, terrorists, extremists and bad people are Muslims. Whereas the truth is violence knows no religion.
That's it. I'm taking off.
Bye for now, and keep coming back and responding. You don't know how much I love you people!
*Post script- Just returned from a friend's wedding. Good food, but no excitement. ie-no wedding songs or anything of the sort.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


*Namitha, Vrinda and myself are the new "gang within gang". In respect of being "amazingly slothy", and um, amazingly slothy again. Not just that though, we three are the ones always ready to be deliberately late for lectures, bunk as well,and the first ones to volunteer in anything "ulti-seedhi".

*Eight girls together on an impromptu hike to a beach is mega fun. Even more so when the beach is kinda like an "undiscovered bit of nature."We could hear the roar of the sea miles before we were anywhere near the woods through which we stepped into the beach. And, the sight blew my mind, took my breath away and... made me cuss[I have this problem I see or sense happiness]. The long strip of sands with the water lapping on the edges... I forgot all my initial protests. I had been a bit too lazy and had wanted to opt out of the plan. Good I didn't! The fun was hindered a bit by the stoopid-stoopid male numbers. But still, it was all-out fun. By the end, when Vinaya asked," who all are ready for such a trip 3/4 years later??" All hands went up. I wished we had a couple of scooters or a Hummer (I know it's macho. So?) Vinaya wanted a Gypsy. Whichever way, we want to go there again.

*After that I hopped on with Vrinda and we zoomed on her scooter at....50s and a bit mo'!!!
Reached home with sandy feet and windswept face.

* We wondered how it would be if we made a film. Or a serial. Vaikhari, Prajisha and Ragitha will act. I will be the script-writer, and everything that need be penned down. Vinaya will be the camera-girl(obviously!). Sajla will sing all the background stuff and tracks. Vrinda will handle the transport section. Nimisha will handle the finance department (she's good at numbers. I know!)
Namitha will be the costume designer. And Nilla will be the stunt-woman! Vinaya suggested.
It fits! So who's all ready for Project Movie Making??
All hands shot up.
But i guess Project Mega Serial will be more beneficial since we all can be together for,like eternity!

*Vrinda wonders how it would be if we all end up at the same work-place?
If it's a call center, in Namitha's opinion, no one would call for a second time.
She thinks a bit more and adds, the office would go out of business within a month!!
Considering the kind of behaviour we all put up together, it's possible.

*Vaikhari has found out a sure-fire way on how-to-shut-Raphe's-mouth. Not that I'm such an irritating chatter box though. She's trying to find love-symptoms in my every action,gesture and everything! Like, I told her I can't sleep well nowadays. She declares that I'm in love.I say I'm not hungry, same respponse from her. The girl is yet to notice that you fall in love when there is someone to be called the "love interest". There are none in my life. Silly lovable goose!

*I have taken 500 odd pictures with my friends already!

*It's difficult to have an online life when your Professor is in the same orbit as well. Especially if you're spending a lot of time online when you could be working on your project.

*"Hell is empty, all the devils are here"-Shakespeare. Too true.

*Phone.E's heart broken again by her MCP of a boyfriend.

*Me and my pals are supposed to be contributing stuff to the regional webportal. Nothing has churned out so far.

*I have learnt how to ride on a scooter without having to hold onto the shoulders of Vrinda. Just sit with your hands on your laps. Easy! Namitha on the other side isn't too interested in scooter rides anymo'. She gets back aches!! whoa!

*I'm yet to watch JTYJN. And that makes me feel all grouchy.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

To my sweet Gryff Vaika, from me-the Ravenclaw

It's too early to get nostalgic.
But what I'm about to post is a fictitious letter I wrote to Vaikhari last summer or so. Based in the wizarding world (oh yes, again) and comment and tell me!

Mount Pleasant June 1,2007

Dear Vaikhari,
How are you? It's been a long vacation, right? Got your Hogwarts letter yet? I got mine. And guess what- Iam the new Hogwarts Head Girl!!! Yippee!!! Such joy! I got to know that you've been made the Gryffindor Quidditch Captain. Congrats!
Remember the last time we met each other on the Hogwarts Quidditch Ground? You were Seeker, and I was Chaser for Ravenclaw. It feels great to be on Roger Davies' team. He's a super captain.

The usual at home. Right now I'm at Hartfordshire at my uncle's place. The Weasleys are neighbours. We play Quidditch in the evenings. Its not the same without the twins. Them pranksters sent me a banging telescope last week. Idiots! Hermione and Harry hang out at the Burrow more often now. Bill and Fleur's wedding coming up. Expect the twins to be back by then. Harry seems more serious now and spends most of his time with Ginny.

Missing you darlings! When are you moving in to Vinaya's?

Know the hottest news around the place right now? Our Prajisha is dating the very dashing Mr Darcy! How lucky can you get?
As for Namitha, she's looking for Mr right in Captain Jack Sparrow. Wild choice Nami!
And know what Ragitha is currently busy with? No, not wizards. But a research paper in Muggle Studies on the use of the word "sorry". Very apt,I say!
Silly girl Nimisha won't take my advice. I told her to zap over to WWN(Wizarding Wireless Network) and dump her flimsy muggle fone. (God knows if the spelling is right!) But no, she won't listen. Mph! What's so cool about muggles? No wands,no fun!

But I won't be too hard on muggles. My dad bought me a cute gadget last week. It's called iPod and it can load a lot of songs. It is muggle,but its mighty cool!

Day before yday, I was strolling down Shire square just to spend some time alone. But the walk wasn't as lonely as I had expected. Most of the HU [Hogwarts Union] was present there. And all of 'em, my Ravenclaw mates!
We made a sudden plan to hike to the falls. Tiring out, but what a view! After a splash, we just dozed off. Mind you, all this happened in the morning. Noon-we went for lunch to the food-joint nearby; a very funky one, "The Opa Court", whatever that means. I sent an owl home telling them my plans for the day. Then everyone swung onto their brooms, since I'd walked to the Shire, I sat behind Anshi's broom. Flew straight to the multiplex, watched "Pirates of Carribean 3". Then Sanil bhaiya dropped me home.

Almost forgot. Got to know from them that Vinaya is at St. Mungo's. We visited her there. She's in the 3rd floor-Potion and Plant Poisoning-ward is Healer Stinko. Nothing too serious. You know what kind of girl she is. She and her Science Forum (I forgot you're a member too!) were poking around some plants. Their professor forgot to mention that the place was full of Mandrakes. They pulled out a young mandrake (as a memento of the trip,I guess) and all of 'em get knocked out of their consciousness by its screams. Now all at St. Mungo's. Not to worry, she's almost fine by now. Her healer is a really cute guy, so she doesn't seem to be in any hurry to leave...

Anyway, what news in your place? As it's your birthday, I'm sending you some gifts. Surprise!Some of them mayn't work because of the non-magical atmosphere you live in.
In that case,wait till you reach Hogwarts!

And that last fight we had as regards which is the better House. I hear that Filch is a Gryffindor too! It fits!!
And us? The whole of HU, Head Girl, Head Boy. Avril Lavigne, Keira Knightley, too were Ravens. All my cousins are Ravenclaw. The entire Philosophy, BBA, all the Science streams, one English student(me) are Ravenclaws too. Anyways, enough fighting. We're still friends, no matter which House you're in.

Won't you come for Quidditch World Cup. Everyone else has agreed.
And then we could meet at the Ministry for our license in Apparition.
We'll celebrate yours and Nimisha's birthdays at Hogsmeade.

Happy birthday again!!!
a) The Invisible Book of Invisibility, Madcap Magic for Wacky Warlocks
b)Wit Sharpening Potion (Gryffindors need that!)
c)Bouncing Bulbs (for your garden; hold on tight!)
d)2 way mirror so you can talk to me
e)A deluxe box of Honeydukes Toffees: Cockroach Clusters, Bloody Lollipops, Acid Pops, Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans.
f)A cute Hungarian Horntail
g)As a pet I'm sending you, Niffler,Cornish Pixie and a Zombie.
h)A 2 year subscription of the Quibbler
i)Patented Day Dream Charms from Weasley's.

Aaaaaah....The best gift box ANY friend could ever give. Right?
I forgot to tell you,
The Banshee will bring the gifts.
And IF you get angry and try to send naughty things to me, the Banshee is there to scream your head out.
You may keep her.
She's as adorable as Kreacher.
*I deliberately cut out a whole paragraph where I insult Gryffindors. I don't want all Gryff enthusiasts attacking me, do i?
*AND I wiped out the How-to-make a Pepper-Up Potion. Too long I thought.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rain-Bikes,Birthdays,Photo Sessions...and Aditi and Pappu

I'm talking about Wednesday first because that was the best day of the week. Hope you guys have the luck myself and Vrinda had!
good luck!

I realise I'm quite broke in the evening and so had to take a lift from Vrinda. Had to take? Not exactly, cos I love bikes,I love bikes and I love Vrinda! She turns on the engine and we are ON! In between before we'd made a quarter of the ride, Vrinda made the first halt to take out her driving glasses to stop the dust from getting in the eyes.
I'm riding full-saddled. Hey, comfort first, maintaing feminine illusions is only next!
By the time we reach the Court areas, the climate had progressed to a full-fledged downpour. We giggle down to our second halt. I take out my umbrella and by then the rain is down to a minimum of a drizzle. On the bike again and off we start, this time with the umbrella as well. We wouldn't have bothered about an umbrella if it hadn't been for the fact that you can't drive smooth with rain blinding your eyes. But the strong winds keep trying to blow the umbrella out of my hands. And the place we were driving along was very close to the sea. So really,really strong gales. The umbrella finally breaks off the hold and__flies awayyyy! We were like, "oh shit!" and laughing our heads off. Vrinda halts for the third time in the ride and I step off to pick up the umbrella. All the while with my face and hers split into smiles and drenched to the bones. The umbrella wasn't helping much and the rain had come down. So we drove with the umbrella folded and put aside and enjoyed the rain. We still had to make a fourth halt when it got too heavy to see straight.
You can guess the scenario. No frustration. 2 girls laughing like mad,pointing at a broken umbrella (yes, it got twisted) and pointing at each other's wet clothes. We couldn't even wipe our glasses as there was no part of us which wasn't wet! Both couldn't stop saying over and over again, "This is the best ride I've ever had!"
Finally reached our places.
Drenched, cold and happy as a 'nything.

KS's 11th birthday. Happy birthday dahling!! I still can't believe the Kid Sis is growing up, and that too in such a short time!
At college, my pals and meself wolf down the biriyanis me and Vrinda brought in a matter of nano-seconds.
Somehow by 2.30pm all our buddies have left college. That is,except me,Namitha and Vrinda. We take out my camera, and it's clickety-click,snappity-snap-snap-snap!! Climbed broken walls and trees for cool poses. And since our college has a history of more than 200 years, there were millions of places to discover! After snapping each other in every thinkable place and pose, we used the auto-timer and laughed and giggled for the camera. Plus we went into a mini-jungle and climbed trees (trying to be oblivious to the presence of biting ants and worse biting insects). Obviously by the time we stepped out of there, the 3 of us were scratching arms and feet.
Babes in the woods, but not at all lost!

*Tuesday- Vinaya is mighty jealous that we held a photo-session when she wasn't around. Mind you, she's the first camera-obsessed among us. (I became camera-obsessed only after I owned one.) Morning onwards I'm all pepped up. But by 10am, Namitha,Vinaya,Vaikhari and Nimisha leave to watch that very-hyped "Dashavataram" of Kamal Hasan. Seriously, I'd have been suffocated to watch the same man 10 times over in the span of 3 and a half hours. Ragitha,Prajisha and myself stay back and do a photo session. Cute photos turn up. Noon and we did a house-hunting. Futile search,I may add. By then, our movie-going pals have returned and are speechless. Yes,they loved it and were mind-blown. To tell you more, they mark the movie as an "experience" in itself. What do I know? I'll just don the garb of Scroogie for now.
Bah, Humbug!
Vinaya is all-consuming jealous by now when she learns that we conducted yet another photo-session without her. Hey! Nimisha swept me off my feet literally and had the moment immortalised by Prajisha who handles the cam. I couldn't stop giggling! By this time, a misunderstanding has begun and a spat over between Offbeats and a friend. No one's too sure what triggered him to talk so.
Was he on dope? drunk? or in love???
Anyways, we clicked more photos.

At college,Vrinda has already dished out our adventure to all and we can barely stop laughing when we so much as look at each other. *Sigh!
The best ride on wheels yet!
Vaikhari has finally fallen in love with "Aditi", so has Namitha. Which means everyone is singing "aditi" all the time. Then it's "Pappu Can't Dance".
Photo sessions. Jumping from fences. "strangling" Namitha and Vinaya. But i notice that volunteers for "strangling" Namitha were much higher than for Vinaya.
Say what you want!
Just as I expected Namitha is highly jealous of our very cool bike adventure.
A fight in which many of our friends get hurt. What was worse is that the whole "friction" began right from the place we were. Very ouch feeling for the rest of the day.
A movie star comes to college for some club inauguration.
On a happier note, Prajisha's birthday!!!!
Took videos of the whole thing. I'd taken along my pipe. nothing too excellent. in fact, it makes a very ugly noise when blown, which had everyone in splits!That's exactly why I bought it at the flea market. Plus it lengthens when you blow. Extra fun. The childishness of the whole thing had Prajisha and everyone else tiring themselves out laughing.

Amazing write up, Farzad! Kudos!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Der Musikal Tag

I'm gonna do some revival and cheer myself and y'all!
I'd thought of doing Nishi's musical tag, but got a bit dragged down. So, here is your Raphael, trying to get back in form!
First of all, put your MP3 player/media player on shuffle.
For each question, press the next button for your answer.
You should write the song down, NO MATTER WHAT.
and hey, NO CHEATING!

Take me away-Avril Lavigne Well, you should know if it's ok or not.Why should you ask me?

Sajni- Jal Sajni means "sweetheart/darling something, right? I'm not too sure.. Anyways, me thinks of myself as "sajni"? C'mon! I'm not that vain!

Umbrella-Rihanna "When the sun shines,we'll shine together,told you I'll be here forever,said I'll always be your friend,took an oath, I'mma stickin on till the end.."
That's ALL I want to hear!
But Umbrella ain't exactly what I'd like in someone else. Mebbe something cuter and mo' significant?

Reason-Hoobastank "I'm not a perfect person..but I continue learning"
Too true.

Tamiza,Tamiza-Roja. Tamil version of "Bharat mera,jaan se bhi pyara hain"
Is there any better purpose??? Than being of purpose to your country??? I love India, no matter what!

Udh jana- Jaan-e-mann Flyyyy awayyyy!! Vi always tells me that I've the most impractical dreams. I don't dream with my feet on the ground. I soar and fly. After all, dream dream dream, like our former cool prez APJ Abdul Kalam said!

Fall to pieces-Avril Lavigne They do feel that I'm too much fallen in love with my blog "Pieces of Me"! But on the song words- "I don't wanna fall to pieces, I just wanna sit and stare at you. I don't wanna conversation. cos I'm in love with you."
Really? My friends actually love me?? So sweet!

Hips don't lie-Shakira. Umm, can't really make much sense of that one.

Complicated-Avril Lavigne Ah! That's too right! Moi thoughts sure ARE complicated!

10.WHAT IS 2+2?
In the end-Linkin park Hey! Now I'm not even THAT bad at maths as to figure out this one simple problem. I mean, "In the end,it doesn't need to matter. I tried so hard and got so far."
2+2 isn't so hard to figure out! Insultingly simple! Me ain't singing 'In the end' for sure! Mph!

Let the music plae-Shamur Well, relationships with best friends are musical. They flow like melodies. so yes, ooh aah let tha muzic plae on!!

Ishq ada- Ada And do note that it was the female version too! excellent!
Vaniya on the other side got "Chasing Cars-Snow Patrol". funny!

Shadow of the day-Linkin Park And the shadow of the day will embrace the world in grey/And the sun will set for you... Take what meaning you may, cos I can't!

Kiya kiya-Welcome "kiya kiya kya kiya, kya kiya hain sanam.." What had I do??

Bandya(rock version)-Khuda Kayliye I'm not sure what the song means. but the music is terrific!

I knew I love you-Savage Garden I swear I didn't manipulate this tag! But how matchink the song is! Obviously they knew they'd love me even before they met me....
I love them too!

Pappu Can't Dance- JTYJN Why had I want to bitch about Pappu on MY wedding day? I've no idea..

The little things give you away-Linkin Park LP again on this tag. That's a nice song there. But seriously, I'm not yet sure if I want songs on my funeral. I'd rather choose prayers. Though that sounds boring. I'm theist!

Lose Control-Rang de Basanti Huh? of what?

Hotel California "such a lovely place..." I myself didn't realise till now that hotel california holds some skeletons in its closet about me. Doh!

Aicha-Outlandish So sweet,so beautiful. Everyday like queens and kings on their thrones. Sacrifice all the tears in my eyes..

Sure, thanks to God, it is one big Jashn bahaara!

Pehli Nazar Mein-Race

this next question is my own tweak-
but the answer was damned fun!
She's a rebel-Green Day
I am a rebel in my own style. I could barely stop laughing when my media player played this song!!!!!!

I tag anyone who loves MUSIC and BLOGGING!There you go!