Saturday, May 31, 2008

Problem or Inconvenience?

I found this gem of a problem-solver in an old issue of Reader's Digest. I mean, how many times have we all gone through moments of insecurity and felt like we had the worst luck in the whole wide world?

"Problem or Inconvenience?"
For me this phrase was a mind-eye opener. I was like, I just actually, froze to the place when I read the words!
How many times have I myself confused a simple inconvenience for a problem?
I liked it soooo much that its got a prominent place in my 'problem-solver sheet.'

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Trailer reviewing (for a change)

Guess I will begin my Trailer-Review section from this post. I'll do one every fortnight, what say?

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na- Apart from the soft-satire in the first promo and the second song "Pappu", the movie seems like a very cute college romance. And the song "Aditi"? I'm head over heels in love with it! After all A.R.R is behind it nah? And when I heard the whole of it, its just so damn cute and the lyrics are so touching and consoling. Aditi will definitely be smiling by the end of it too! Debutant Imran Khan, or more famous as nephew of Amir Khan is very much a next-door-boy. And Genelia looks just cute, though I hated her prom dress and hair in the song "Pappu". This is one movie I'm hoping will do good in the box office.

Kismet Connection- Looks cute. But whenever I see this promo, na jaane kyon, I'm unconsciously thinking of Lindsay Lohan's "Just my Luck". Is it just me or is this movie related to that one?

Haal-e-Dil- Who gave all of them 3 the chance to work in movies?? Most probably star kids or something. Amrita Pathak, the debutant actress needs a lot of toning down. Fatty!
Music seems nice. But that doesn't stop me from switching channels. I prefer "Aditi" to the whole of Haal-e-Dil.

Love Story 2050- Yet another new face. But Harman Baweja looks and dances like Hrithik. Too bad. The first song out, Milo na milo? Catchy music, though something tells me I've heard something of the kind before. Futuristic, set in 2050, it could either be superb or fail disastrously. We'll see!

Mere Baap Pehle Aap- It's beyond even high time that someone banned Priyadarshan from copying stories from other people. This one already came out in Malayalam years ago. Son tries to get single dad married, blah blah. Genelia as the love interest (don't ask me whose, the film makers don't seem too sure either), apart from that the usual Priyadarshan favourites.

Hastey Hastey- Sick, plain sick. The girl (whoever she is) is looking her like some weird cat woman. This is 100% flop. Bleargh. I just hated the music as well.

Woodstock Villa- ahem- Can I say, "pass, next question?" Music ain't that bad. I actually kinda liked the "Kyon" song by Aryans. And another romantic song. The debutant is a star kid. And he looks wild, in the sense that he looks beastly.

Summer 2007- I think its about a bunch of young medical students. And the Woodstock Villa guy looks sudhra hua and nicer in this.

Aamir- starring debutant Rajeev Khandelwal. He definitely doesn't need an intro. Just ask any girl. He he! He's cute. And is running all through the promo. There's this nice, sufi sort of song called "Mehfuz". Hmmm.
[I heard he gave Aamna Sharrif a special screening. Just her. AND they still say they're just good friends? Whatever.]

Sarkar Raj- Since I haven't watched the first one, I can't really say much. Bacchan Senior, Bacchan Junior and Bacchan daughter-in-law. You figure out if it's nice or not. Like any other RGV movie, lots of darkness and silence. You will be stumbling across the theatre. Hah!

Khushboo- It's raining new faces cats and dogs. The 2 new ones in this movie are lookin so boringly um, boring! Boring music by Adnan Sami to complement the movie. Adnan? What's goin' on? Music is ur strong point. Not here though.
I especially hated the violet lipstick the heroine wears in one song. Urgh

Zindagi tere naam- Sorry, but I couldn't really make out if the actor and actress are newbies or not, 'cos they were all over each other all the time. The songs are pretty okay.

De Taali- Hi5 for this one. Hip, happy movie from the looks of it. All abt friendship I think. Vishal-Sekhar duo gives some good music. And hey! remember Raja the finalist from SaReGaMaPa 2007? He's singing a folk song in the movie!! Cheers!! But I liked Vishal-Sekhar's Tashan music tremendously over this one. Love you Ayesha, no matter how much Vinaya hates you. For one reason, you still have stood by your principle of not to shed clothes, which is very difficult in Bolly, where you see more skin than clothes.

Thoda pyaar, thoda magic- OBviously, it has a happy ending. Hm. Passably good music.

At third spot is Mission Istanbul. I hated the trailer. Stupid. Actors with women draping them in a stupid song. Thumbs down for this one.
Mehbooba- Outdated, old actors, boring music. Good combo for bad movie.
JIMMY- The director probably had lost a bet and had agreed to make this movie. I can't see any other reason how this waste of celluloid came into being. Outdated, with an actor whose face is enough to make people wanna go home. Naff. Why do they make movies which are sure not to have a chance to survive even the first hour of the first day first show????

My choice from the pop albums:
Strings any day. They are just making so cool music everytime. Rock like the Strings do. And I can never have enough of their earlier song, "Duur". Beautiful and striking.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Mere cousin ki shaadi hain, so we're partying!

Weddings are always fun in my family. More so for me because this time it was a favourite cousin. Unlike the way it is in most cultures, in mine,[ or I guess more correct, in my joint family,] weddings are not just a ritual. Its more of a fun time and never get over with the "tying of the knot". Nah. Here, its more like a week-long party-time extravaganza. More of strengthening of family ties. Don't think that I'm this family lover. In fact,I hate having to attend any wedding that's not my immediate family or friend.

It's more like you see in Ekta Kapoor serials. Not much drama, but lots of masti, many pranks, "ragging the bride/groom", wedding songs, and many many tiring rituals. Bringing the groom home, then going to bride's home. Going to groom's home. Groom's ppl come home. Blah blah.

This time around, I was in the role of photographer too. I can't sing well. the only wedding where I sang was Zubeen's. Then my cousin tells me how weird I sounded. So I stopped and began cheering instead. Clapping and all. Aisha and me are like the cheer-leaders. Kind of. But we are in very decent clothes and we don't shake bon-bons and don't dance. Doh! So this time around I was cheering AND snapping pictures.
Night times are lively and we all end up talking till morning and then barely have energy for the wedding.
More happiness this time because my ex-dietitian cousin gets engaged!! He makes more of a fun brother than a dietician, [I'm not sure what's the real spelling]I say. I mean, yeah, he gives all the perfect tips to fatten up, but failed in his job, 'cos I was too lazy and used to my eating habits to change 'em. His fiance's name triggers a lot of jokes 'cos the her pet name sounds like "fuzzy". *chuckle!
And everyone tries pushing their luck in getting Chronic Bachelor married off. But to no avail. I just hope he brings some change and marries some Lebanon (they're supposedly the most beautiful looking women)

In between all this hulchul, I get an opportunity to work for the local govtal web portal. Me and my pals have been to a meeting. Let's hope it all comes out positive. I really want some experience in the writing fore. After the meeting, we 3 do some tiny shopping and eat out. Tasty, but messy.

p.s- I really really hate the way brides are made to wear heavy jewellery and supposed to grin and bear it throughout the day.

I can see more parties in my life coming up!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happiness and some sadness too

Cool times, this.
Not just the weather, the whole sit. is quite fun!
Watching a suspense-thriller late-night stretching into early morning with my favourite cousin and then gabbing with her literally into the morning. My! I thought it was time to check the time and what do you guess? We had talked 4hours straight to 4am! Way too good! But the one bad thing was that we were looking like a pair of zombies just landed hereabouts, by the time it was morning.

That day was packed with mixed feelings.
For starters, my cousin gets a 93% for his xii-th! So obviously I was on cloud number 9 with pride and joy.
On the other side, another cousin flunked the same exam. Felt too sorry for that.

I finished the latest of Chetan Bhagat- The 3 mistake of my life. Nice one. The religious tensions, small town scenario.. I'm not saying much. Youjust read and tell me. Stars? 4 on 5? Mayyybeee.
But One night @ the Call Center? C'mon now! D'you think anything's left to say? Damn good!
I felt so blown away by the last page!

Apart from books and cousin's exam results, I was watching the cartoons in the evening.
Winni the Pooh! Sheesh, they are so nice and happy. This episode was on how everyone tries to "pin down" Tigger [my favourite-favourite!! I swear am half madly in love with the bouncy creature!], and tries to glue him to places or something. Then I had to leave for a while, by then which things had moved on. The animals were huddled together in the woods scared of a something. Well, they saw a white something; which was actually a scared Piglet in white pillow cover. It was just so funny and hilarious that in five minutes I was laughing, no, I was guffawing !!Mom was irritated at my undignified response to a cartoon. Who's bothered? I was having a happy time!
And in between more happy news. My cousin has got a cool rank in the entrance exams as well!

I have a wedding coming up this weekend. So, meet ya after that!

Plus, it's raining half the days of the week which staightaway corresponds to an increase in power cuts in my place. *I'm feeling soo grouchy about that.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chetan Bhagat/and the cousin parade

Y'day happened to be mighty nice. I ended up with a haul of chocolates, chocolate cookies and 2 books!
I already mentioned once that I haven't read anything this year. So thought, "why not begin?"
I bought Chetan Bhagat's "One night at the Call Center" and his latest offering "The 3 mistakes of my life". I already began the latter. Mmm,what I've read, I liked. Bhagat has a way of blurring the line that sets the autobiographical from the fiction. Like Bach does. But Bach is more complicated in that sense.

And the cookies are so damn yummyyyyyy! Coated with mocha and encrusted with chocolates. Smack!

And hey! My male cousins are wearing bangles now. One already has an ear ring. Actually the over all effect of black bangles resting on their wrists is pretty cool, if you don't examine the bangles in particular. And as long as the bangles aren't tinkling like they do on girls, what's the problem? The women were all staring critically at the bangles. Like offended. For them probably it was bad enough that the boys were wearing chains with lockets, piercing their ears, without moving on to new frontiers. Funny thing is, I'm a girl and I have never really got the hook of wearing bangles. I feel way too silly then. Talk about metro sexuality. One brother lifted a cute plastic bangle from our aunt, before she could protest!

I must say, I have a wide variety of cousins. And more cousins than I could ever count on my own. [I had need all the hands and feet to finish counting them! ;) ]
*Of which two have confessed to reading my blog. No one else bothers to! :(
And I am the first blogger of my family!! Feeling so proud.. And probably first from my college too. Dusk would be second. No one else can see the point of a blog. Waste of time according to them.
*Cousins with fair complexions and grey shades to their character.
*Cousins with dark skin and nice characters.
*And only one cousin who is wonderfully pretty and has an unblemished, flawless character. Pure and innocent, and successful in maintaining that even at the age of 17. She looks like Deepika Padukone!
*And there are DIY mechanic experts and the not-so mechanic experts.
* The best hugger cousin, and she's the Deepika Padukone clone's sister!
*The brand conscious cousins
*And the best play mate cousins with whom I shared some of my best football games and indoor games and treasure hunt games from our old ancestral home.
*And the best surrogate brother comes from this same list of mad cousins.
*The worst surrogate sister too.
*The left handed cousins. Who take away the privileges and attention I used to get as the only leftie of the family! But they are wonderful cousins.
*Then there are the best-for-sleepovers cousins. I have records of talking throughout the night and morning and then hitting the bed when the rest of the family is waking up.
*The Harry Potter freaks and the game freaks. The Orkut freaks and the cricket freaks.
*Ah yeah, the F.R.I.E.N.D.S loving sister-brother duo cousins. Great times I've had with them watching Friends.
*The gossipy ones and the non-gossipy ones. i belong to the latter one. Bcos the others gossip to the extend of slandering.
*And me- the observer/narrator of the whole wide circus of my family, prominently my cousins.

There are more species which I might have forgotten.
*Like the C.B.C Chronic Bachelor Cousin. The name says it all! He's also a globe trotter and amateur sky-diver.
*And when it comes to innocence too there are sub divisions.
--The pure, childlike innocent- that would be D.P look alike.
--The dumb and the innocent-She's innocent alright, but too innocent than one could afford! You could place a knife at her neck and scare her, she will still speak as silently and a night breeze. Once in a while we feel like shaking her voice outta her. But the poor darling has more accidents than anyone else has. Right now, broken leg.
--The silly and the innocent- So innocent that she makes an ass out of herself,unwittingly.
--The shrewd and the innocent- That will have to be me. I give off the aura of a bookish person paired with innocence. But idiots are those who think I'm innocent. My friends had tell you. Whaaaaaaaat? Ashu and innocent? Are you off your rocker?? Most of the time I pretend to be innocent so as to make fools of others. And it always works.

I'm thinking of beginning a trailer review section.
What say you?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Freed from the exam ordeals!!

Finally the day has come! Just when I thought it never would. Phew! Freeeeeeeeeee!!!
So the exam ordeal is over. And I still can't make out why they want us to take second language system in college..? I mean, half or more the things I'm studying in my second language thingy is pure trash.
Can't believe?
Try deciphering this doha by some dude of the 14th century. (sorry, there were absolutely NO dudes in the 14th century!) Anyways, check this mahaan's couplet.
It goes like this:
कहत, नटत, रीझत, खिजत ,मिलत ,खिलत, लाजियात
भरे भौन में करत हैं ,नैनन ही सब बात

Now you understand what I mean???
I'm not telling you what the f*** it means.
And there are these mad poems about a heart broken lover (why should we learn stuff that we don't believe in? Are there any broken hearts around anymo'?) ,
and a depressing poem about a sad woman who finds similarities with a rain cloud.[I can get the expression you're going thru, sigh],and many other poems to.
Oh yeah,and there's a poem about an iron smith. Huh?
What's he doing in the whole lot?
What are the whole lot of these poets doing in this test book and my qwestun paper?
What is this text book doing in my life??
What good changes are they going to bring in my life??????????

Nothing. And the only change these crappy second language text books have brought in my life is a sincerely cynical approach to our edu system and deepening the already deep-rooted belief that "yahaan kabhi kuch badalnewala nahi".

And just last year, one second lang txtbk was of an Arya king. But the worst part was that the whole story seemed to have found its way down to my book from Hitler's library. Shit about how grand and great and broad minded Aryans are and how nasty and niggerly black people are.
Some Indian story.

And this year's txtbk "Draupadi" had us all pitying Karna's fate. So what if he's illegitimate? That's not at all his fault!

Y'know all this love for Karna,Ravana and Duryodhan from my gang's part..
Vinaya chipped in,"it's all about generation gap. The earlier generation respected the Yudhishtir team. We love the rival team."
Blae! I don't care.

Let me see if you can decipher that doha!

Apart from this hated post-exam discussion sort of thing I have put here, we had some fun with my camera at college. Then it was lemonades and orange juices..and mangoes!

Won't be seeing any of my darlings till June comes. Then I will be a bigg girl!! I will be in my final yearr!
That hurt.
I don't want to grow up and leave college.
But I realise that I don't want to flunk tests and stay back either.


p.s-I will miss the language classes though. they were sooo bunkable classes! I had the best times when those hours were going on and we were outside enjoying the view and the *ahem, non-views. So that means lesser bunks next year. Ah me! :(

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Eight pointed by the Moon

So here I am, after a slothy week.
To do a tag. Tagged by Nishi again!
So without making you read deviations from the topic, we shall begin.

Eight things I'm passionate about:
1. Chocolates& Coffee- I'm usually a nice person. Chocolates bring out the mean me. If I get chocolate, I'm not sharing with anyone. Not with the cutest baby(ok, my niece maybe. I'm ready to sacrifice the best chocolate for her), not my darling friends, just NO ONE.
2. Good company. Friends. I like keeping myself surrounded by friends. If not in the physical sense, then in any other sense. Gah!
3. Music and books and poetry- I needn't say anything!
4.Sports. Just so that I get messy
5.Simplicity- the one mantra(among the many) that rules my life.
6.BLoGginG! PLus diary writing-How can I forget that? My newly found Zahir. (didn't catch that? read some Paulo Coelho)
7. Travelling. Ah the green meadows and vales are a'calling me... Not all like that. But I love travelling.
8.Graffiti, doodling, blowing bubbles, blah blah

Eight things I wanna do before I die:
1. Do a lot of charity work. I need to pay back, nah?
2.Pilgrimage. Sounds too saintly for a teen girl to say. But I really want to do that before I die. Mom did. I was scared she might come back all holier-than-thou. No. She just came back nicer and straighter.
3. Learn guitar, violin and the piano. (I think I can handle drums, practice from school and college benches)
4.Learn French and Spanish. ( I really want to flaunt my C'est la vie and voullez vous when I finally get a chance to go to Pondicherry or the Real France)
5. Travel. But globetrotting can wait. I want to travel India first. I want to know the India apart from the commercialised version you see on telly. Taj Mahal gets top priority though!
Then I wanna go everywhere else. and Disney Land.
6.Bungee Jump. Very much on my list. But I donno if I will have this same enthusiasm and courage when THE MOMENT comes.
7. Live in an apartment. Me and my girlfriends. Just us and our adventures. Anyway most of our parents are totally frustrated with us and mutter things like, "just run away from here, I don't know how anyone can handle you!" To which we religiously answer back, "I will run away with my gang." Everyone's ready in the virtual sense. God know where we shall be next year. Sab ke sab apne apne raaste jayenge. =(
8. Write a best seller. ok, at least have a famous blog.

Eight things I say often:
1. Blae! My personal expression of disgust. Mine own. No one can lay hold, or say they made it. ok, my friends use it too. plus many others in my college too now.
2. "Poor me!" , that's mostly said soon after doing something especially naughty. I put on a very innocent demeanour. ;)
3.What say?
4. Smoky!
5.What the ----? I actually leave a gap there. I leave that to listener's imagination. Fill it as you please.
6. Naff off !
7. Whatever
8. *beep* Ummm..And I cuss a lot nowadays. A bit too much than is ok. When I speak, I'm becoming more and more qualified for the beep sounds! I'm trying to come down on that.

Eight books I've read recently:
*interfering-" How much recent does recent mean? B'cos I haven't read anything more recent than last year!
1. Orhan Pamuk-Memories of a City. By the end of it, Turkey seemed all black and white to me 2.Milan Kundera- Unbearable Lightness of Being Nothing more cool than the title. I regret having taken that book. I really regret that. So...I don't even know what to call it!
3.Gabriel Garcia Marquez- Clandestine in Chile Now this is a book I will recommend to everyone who had ask me about his works. It's taken from real life where an exile comes back in disguise with much risk to himself to expose the realities of dictatorship in Chile. Awesome. Great book this one.
4. J.M Coetzee-Disgrace Booker winner. Worth a read. About the disgrace a man goes through. Beautiful. I could feel the character's conflicted emotions in my skin! Creepy!
5. Anita Desai- Journey to Ithaca I didn't like it. That's it. That's all.
6. Kiran Desai-Inheritance of Loss Whatever you do, please don't make the mistake of reading
this book. Seriously. You will come back with lots of hair in your hands (from pulling them in frustration as the story unravels). It is vaguely reminiscent of God of Small Things style. But nothing wonderful to expect here. So DON'T read this one. Oh crap. I should have known that advices always backfire. Someone says don't look, and you are certain to look. Mph!
7.Richard Bach- Jonathan Livingston Seagull and The Bridge Across Forever Worth a read and more. I loved both his works. Wanting to check his rest works as well.
8.Paulo Coelho- Alchemist and Zahir Wonderful. Bach and Coelho are cool at philo-stuff. Way too cool.
Plus many,many other books. But you asked only 8! I squeezed in 10, nah? Am I allowed to squeeze more?

Eight songs I listen to over and over again:
1.Kuch is Tarah-Atif Aslam I'm wiping away the tears all over again. Atif!!!!! Whatte soulful voice, man!
2.Leave Out All The Rest-L.P Ubercool song
3.My Happy Ending-Avril Lavigne I almost wished I had been cheated! God forbid!
4.Abhi Nahi Aana-Sona Warm and mopey melody. Luvved it
5.My Immortal-Evanescence Over and over again
5.You're beautiful-James Blunt too many memories attached
6.Several A.R Rahman compositions. I'd be like,forever at my desk if i were to put them down in here!
7.Tere mere sapne oldie song
7.Abhi na jao chodkar,ke dil abhi bhara nahi oldie song this one too
8. Tere bin nahi lagta dil mera-Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan thanks to "bend it like beckham" for introducing me to this track.
8.Eternal Flame-Bangles
I cheated so many times! I'll be thwacked by all who read this! =0
But right now I'm listening to Enrique's "Somebody's Me".

Eight things that attract me to my friends:
1.Truthfulness- even though it becomes pretty harsh,blunt and painful at times.
2.You're weird? Then you're definitely one of my friends!
3.Be able to speak my thoughts, HAVE my thoughts.
4.Ability to beat the melancholy and depresion out of me
5. Not bothered about trivial stuff like "what will others say?"
6.Ready to execute any hare brained plan.
7. Must fight once in a while at the least.
8.Must understand me. But it's ok if you can't. Only one has achieved that feat. Now I'm used to not being understood. It's become part of my life. ie-not being understood.

Eight persons I'm tagging:
I really don't have too many blogger friends. So this list might be shortened.
1.Dusk- darling,it's high time you updated.
3. Jean-the bean who's blog is dying. But she insisits it can come back to life whenever she wants it to!
4. Maggie
5. J-if he hasn't already done it.
6. Champak-if he has a blog. If not, well-begin one!
7. And K.S
8. And anyone who's intersted in doing the tag.

I can't believe that I made this simple tag seem Herculean. Sheesh!
P.S- How does the picture look? Shot by me! ME-ME-ME!!!

Maybe we could have an eight on celeb crushes too. I could have done it.
Bas, this is more than enuff!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

One whole year

One whole year.
One big hole where you used to be.
One whole year of searching for you in vain in...
places you sat,
things you held,
songs you liked,
memories of trivial fights,your shoulder shrugging, laughters and ever-smiling face,
pages of my diary where you were mentioned,
your photos in family events.

One whole year of missing a cousin whose wonderfulness striked me
earlier than departure time.
Of missing a brother.

One whole year
of sudden remembrances and crying long and hard alone in my room
in realisation of what a great loss it is.

One whole year
in which you figured first in my prayers.

One whole year since I changed.
And one whole year-
of knowing how much important expressing love and caring your loved ones.
of not taking time and life and every precious moment gifted for granted.
of realising never to expect the next moment to happen.

One whole year of missing a wonderful person.
My cousin.
My brother.

You are still very much with us.

And I can't believe my sadness has slowly turned into painful poetry.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Hindi ordeal Part I over. Bike rides. Yeah!!!!!

Gee, I've been away for a while,thanks to my great exams. Today's exam could have spelt disaster, but I was lucky. We had a hartal around this place (as always), my exam wasn't about to be postponed, and I live far way from my college. Great. Just so great. I move to my dad's place,which is much more near to my college, cousin drops me and picks me up from my exam... on his bike! Yeah!! After all these months of whining, (mebbe even years), that I never get a bike ride, today is THE DAY! And he's being nice enough to speed up and it's an almost deserted road. Wondehful!

As for the exam? Um.. can we talk about something else?

Not that it was that bad, but I really really very very much hate post-exam discussions. To h*** with discussions that don't help me at all, on the sad side actually make me feel worser than i felt after handing over the paper. After the exam, everyon was bitching about the examiner who snatched a.wayyy our papers when we could still spot mistakes which we could undo.

I snap pictures on the phone. KS has set the shutter sound to something pretty weird. Instead of that usual snap, we all hear a kind of gurgle. Ma-a-a-a-d!

Lemme talk about the bike ride! Wow---- I had actually forgotten the thrill of bike rides. Wind rushing at you, flying against the wind, that furious speed, that open feeling. You don't get that feeling in cars. ok, I exclude hummers and convertibles. Forget it, just let me be! lurved te ride yaar. Guess I need to get one soon.

A lot of good music.

Can't believe I'm yet to check my main! Tomorrow's my main paper. Gak!

I loved the A.R Rahman's new album, Aamir Khan's debutant nephew's movie "Jaane tu ya jaane na". Plus "Tashan" by my next favourite composers-yup! Vishal-Shekhar! Plus Jal's song featuring Amrita Rao. Very hep.

Priyadarshan on the roll again. Malayalam movie "Ishtam" ,where son wants to get his dad --um,I forget the name of the Hindi-yet-to-be-released. But you will understand once you see the trailer. The malayalam version was very feel-good.

Doncha think I'm overdoing this post?

Doncha think I should go and check my notes?

I think so too.

---------Oh I almost forgot to tell you of the Friends episode I watched today. Me and Aisha. She had already watched this episode. Can't believe Im missed it! This is just so damn funny!

Charlie gets back with her ex-boyfriend,ditching Ross. Phobe gives a very reluctant Monica Gladys, which is actually an ugly doll poking face out of a painting. Magnificent! And Joey gets Chandler to wear blue lipstick and say," I'm a pretty girl". I had tear in my eyes with laughing. Wonderful, this whole day was so nice.

I'll leave you to find that episode or whatever you might wanna do (apart from waiting for my next update. Tee-hee! [I'm sounding like a humungous big head, which I'm NOT,positively NOT.]

Nishi, I'm doing your tag first thing day after tomorrow.
-Till then, wish me luck for my tomorrow's exam.

ps-watched "Teen Diva" on mtv. This one too, with Aisha. Watching tv with friends or cousins is million times better than watching tv alone. To which undoubtedly,all people will agree.