Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dance in the rain

"Those who say sunshine brings happiness,
have not danced in the rain
"- Anonymous.

Guess that's enough for a thought for now. Because I can't stop myself once I'm talking about rain! You know that!
Rain's my first love. And nowadays I'm having the luck of lonely nightly walks in the rain.
What can I say?
Rain's my refuge when things go out of control, when I'm depressed, when I'm happy,when I'm feeling all jazzed and whatever my mood is!
Makes me feel poetic,romantic, beautiful from within, secure emotional wise,spiritual,gives me my share of solitude...Wow!
The season when I wash away my burdens, my insecurities, emotional baggage-s, my tears(if there are any). And if it ain't raining, my other refuge is the shower. The closest I can get to rain!
I'm listening to My Immortal-Evanescence. I don't know if you consider it fit for listening when it's raining. But it's my favourite song. Intense. Painful. Bewitching. Beautiful. Magical.
I sort of get swept away into a wholly different planet whenever I'm listening to this track. It never fails to blow my mind out every time I play it. Enchanting.'s raining. And I'm in love!
Don't misunderstand what I said. I'm a happy single. It's just-in love with rain!
As to my singledom, some other time on that.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just being random

I was terribly mean y'day. For a moment, I just lose myself to the wicked selfish demon in me. Sorry sweetie! I really didn't mean to hurt you, it happened on an impulse.
Apart from that I was being myself. Morning Vinaya,Vaikhari and myself go to a video rental shop (which is one whole lollipop far away{waise, the lollipop was yummy!}), and rent a lot of cd's to last for the 4 days at home. Yes sirreee, it holiday time again, sigh! Now you'll have to put up with my whining. From the lot I rented, I've already finished watching one cd. Its an 80's Malayalam slapstick movie and had me rolling all over my chair clutching my sides laughing!

Oh, by the way, I really got blown away by this song of Linkin Park "Leave out all the rest", I'd heard it a couple of times before. But yesterday, somehow I felt like I was listening to it for the first time.. Powerful words, about the same insecurity most of us have. "Will I be missed when I'm gone?" That kind of thing.. I'm giving the lyrics below, couldn't resist myself!
I dreamed I was missing/You were so scared
But no one would listen/'Cause no one else cared.

After my dreaming/I woke with this fear
What am I leaving/When I'm done here

So if you're asking/Then I want you to know-

When my time comes/Forget the wrongs that I've done
Help me leave behind some/Reasons to be missed

And don't resent me/When you're feeling empty
Keep me in your memory/ Leave out all the rest..Leave out all the rest

Thats just the beginning, but doncha agree it's beautiful? Sadow of thee day is another soothing song, I loved.

Lets change topics. I had a class test this monday. And for the first time this year, I see every of my classmates together in the classroom! Happy time! Nah, mates aren't so nerdy to sit together just bcos of a test. This one was the internal assessment stuff. Good paper, but answer paper proved to be sliiiiiiightly tough, hehe! But it was more about creative writing, so that was fun. And I was acting pretty weird. I'd finish writing the answer to something,and I'd whistle.
Loud and clear.
Which irritated Vinaya, who kept kicking me whenever I whistled. I was pretty much whistling throughout the test paper! Which reminds me, Namitha doesn't know how to aankh-maarna (wink), or to whistle! The rest of the buddies know the one-eyed saucy wink, but whistling is yet to mastered. I know how to whistle! I know!
And that reminds me, I believe we have a telepathic bond; us girls. 'Cos, whener one suggested something or remarked something, the rest would look up in amazement and say,"I was thinking the same damn thing!" And if you're still skeptic, get lost! This telepathy just seems to get stronger day by day!

Global warming is DEFINITELY around. I know I must be worried at changed climate patterns, but how can I ever be worried when its raining?! Rain makes me fall in love with e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g ! Simply everything. Even the baddest situation is only manageable if it happens when it raining. My only grievances are the constant power cuts and the sticky wet mud.

I came across this website called guitarshredshow. You can learn all about how to play guitars from this website,according to them. I checked it, and a virtual guru comes up and asks me to breathe in and out,in and out,in and out...until finally I lose patience and say,"buzz off!" So if you check this website and understand whats it all about, do tell me!

And I really wanna the bike rides. Truly,madly,deeply wishing for some long rides in the rain. Namitha and yours truly are at college, and whenever some friend zooms past on a bike, we're like, "mera number kab aayega,jaan?" Some hard hitting, thriller ride anyone?

Drew a lot of flak from Vinaya and Vaikhari for the candid contempt I have for the regional movies. I say things like "blae", and make faces when they discuss Malayalam and Tamil movies. They really hate that. And for them its almost patriotism! As if I'm some anti national! Vaikhari gives me a speech that wherever I go across the world, these are the things I willl be identified with. Now that I think of it, maybe she thought I hate the whole culture. No. I love my place, the colourful culture, the ironical dry humour, the many festivals.. If anything, I'm proud of it all. But please don't ask me to watch 'em movies. Except for a very rare few, I think the industry hasn't much to offer.

By the way, I'm thinking of doing a DIY pedicure. Any tips?

J asked for the compilation that made it rain. Here goes!
Creamer-Limp Bizkit
My sacrifice-Creed
In my place-Coldplay
Remember the name-Fort Minor
My Immortal/ Bring me to life/ Imaginary- Evanescence
Wake me up when September ends-Green Day
Cold hard bitch-Jet
Twisted Transisitor-Korn
Wake/Hands held high/The little things give you away/Shadow of the Day/Leave out all the rest/ What I've done/ My december/Its going down/One step closer- Linkin Park
Sweet Home Alabama-Lynyrd Skynyrd
Figured you out/If everyone cared/Far away-Nickel Black
This I promise you- N'Sync
Californication/Dani California- RHCP
I knew I loved you/Affirmation/ Animal Song-Savage Garden
Addicted-Simple Plan
Wherever you will go-The Calling
Sail away/No fear-Rasmus

So? If you can pick out which my rain-feel songs are, 10 points to you! And if you can make out which my personal favourites are, bonus points and a yellow star too! Here's a clue, I simply lurve hard rock and jazz. Plus punk,funk, slow, blah blah. Sorry. that was a pretty tough clue. But what can I say? I love every genre. Reggae, electronic, metal, strings whatevah. I love music.
Have a rainy day,I hope! I'm having rain here.
J, I dunno if the charm of the rain wears off when passing the compilation along. Good luck anyway.

P.S- I'm watching "Music and Lyrics", good movie, as far as I saw. Can anybuddy get me the lyrics of "way back into love"?Please, please? Pretty please?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Loving the rain/ Loving the season

This is supposed to be March,but it's raining for 3days like monsoon! Mom suspects the global warming phenomenon. But I think it's the music my friend compiled for me (most of the songs have a rain feel). The first time I play the songs, the climate was hot, and by night it's actually raining! Call me weird, but I listen to every song in the folder, and it rains a lot! really a lot! So just to make sure, I'm not listening to 'em today. Just to see if it will rain even then!
Hey,that doesn't mean I hate rain! Quite the opposite!! Y'day evening it rained pretty much, so I stepped out and got drenched. Beautiful feeling, just to stay outside,letting the rain wash your face, forgetting that there are nosy neighbours who might be thinking am mad.. Let them! Friends think it's a gloomy season, but me? Beautiful! Not intended that I'm not interested in summers. Happy season,all golden and mellow in January and February.

Anyways, weekends tend to be boring nowadays, so I thought I'd just post another poem of mine. This one was published in last year's college magazine. I dunno if it's worth even trash, but I'll wait for feedback! Here goes!

The Last Burning
How come I can smile,
When my heart breaks?
How come I am laughing,
Even as I listen to my hopes shattering?
How is it I am brave enough
To keep my tears hidden and unshed?
Why is it, that though I can barely breathe
I am trying to move on?
What keeps me going
Even as my dreams fall apart?
How come I'm still alive
When you and your words have killed me?
Why do I pretend nothing has happened,
When there's nothing left anymore in me?
Why did I behave like doing fine,
When I was actually spending sleepless nights?
Why am I still addicted to you,
Though I know you don't care for me?
Why do I want you more than ever,
When you bring pain sharper than before?
Why do I dream of you as mine,
When the truth is more or less contrary?
Why did I love you till my heart broke?
Why did I let myself stray into this?
Why do I still love you this way?
When all you did was make me lost.
I began to fade and retreat.
Now just a dead soul in a living shell.
I knew when I bade you goodbye
I wanted you to remain/stay.
Why am I trying to live,
When you are trying to leave?
Why did I stay back and go through all this
When it had been easier to run?
Why am I asking all these questions,
Why so,
When the last breath of my life is going out...
Hey, I'm not at all heart broken,ok? I'm telling you this right now, 'cos once this poem got published I'd the whole college asking me who my affair gone bad was?
No one! This piece is only a figment of fertile imagination. Cheers!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Music rules the day

One helluva of a day!The whole day was ruled by music. Which means, I'm in excellent spirit! The ear-worm( you never heard of it? Not a real worm, you just keep hearing music ;in your mind]
Heart breaker! I'm addicted to you!
Only bad part was, my travel-sore legs! And no wonder, me and Namitha were all over the college today.[Everywhere except the classroom!] Just one hour class main. The rest four hours straight ****** !! Which made Namitha and me look at each other and question,"Is this why we come to college?" But we already know the answer too. Yep! Which also means that along with playing around we had to do the ostrich quite a number of times, since we can't halt at one place for more than 15 minutes.
I knew I loved you before I met you, I think I dreamed you into life
Ha ha! Funny part was when we were all lounging around the sugar junction, windy spot. Bam! The 2 teachers of our morning classes pop up! Whoops!!!! Everyone runs for cover, I end up taking shelter beneath my umbrella. Umbrella-ay-ay-ay[It's a sunny day, so makes sense] I turned away and came face to face with a very amused Nezer. Ended up talking about music,music, music and social online networking, blah-blah.He had loaded my pen drive keeping in mind that I'm craaaazy about rain.So most of the music has a rain feel to 'em. Which explains Rihanna's "Umbrella".
How can you see into my eyes, like open doors
By which time, danger is past. The commerce students have the toughest time at my college. All their subjects are non-bunkables. Of course, according to me and my gal-pals there's no class that is a no-bunkable.[Wink!] But if these people bunk, its major sin. We really pity their case. So they run outside for fresh air, whenever they get even a nano-second breather! We were like that last year. Actually, we were the ones who began the running-away when-you-get-a-breather-thing in our class.
Talked about whether I actually study with the music playing. Definitely! As long as what I'm learning is English,though. Hindi is way too tough to handle. Anyway, I need to read the text books first, requires all of my concentration. But if its English, I can sing and work at the same time. When I'm studying I need lots of music and lots of food. Dunno how exam season turns me into a foodie. I pig like anything, when exams are around. Makes everyone happy, since I'm anorexic-looking thin.
Sweet escape
Vaikhari and I had a li'l chat on bonding. But that gets me thinking.Between me and each of my friend, what colours the bond? Music plays a big role. Which is why, even the generation gap exists. How many times have I had arguments with my parents on the topic of music? I know there are many others with the same problem. Even my friends don't seem to understand why I'm so into hard rock. For example, once Vinaya was having a chat with her friend on the phone. He was probably listening to some rock, 'cos I hear her asking," what's all that noise? what? it's music? You call that music???" See? That's how it is around here.

The whole day, I'm teaching Vaikhari Gwen Stefani's "Sweet Escape". It's fast to take in, but sweet! I know she will make faces when she sees that I'm blogging of how I taught her the song. She will have her day out when she's tries teaching me Tamil songs! It's even, y'see!

Problems brewing between Flirt and Fling. Flirt wants to call quits from the relationship. But Fling is giving her a bad time. Seems like she will have a difficult time trying to get rid of him!

Evening and am in town. Had to do some shopping for moi mom. Thankfully, I had company. Thanzeela was very interested in knowing about our bunk adventures. At the end of the story, she's like," We commerce students have heard about bunk. But it's like something, we'll never get to experience!" Gee, were things that bad?
----In the middle of this sweltering midnight,{I wrote this post March 12 late night} it R.A.I.N.S!!!! Beautiful!---------- So, I stopped everything, listened to the rain for a long-long time, then its bed-time.
I don't mind spending everyday out on your corner in the pouring rain....

**The italics are the songs I basically sang all through the day.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Feet Part 2

Some people think I'm missing college because I'm missing my books(or something of the sort). Wrong!Firstly because I don't read anything when I'm at college. I wished to be back at college because of my friends. And immobility because of recurrent hartals wasn't helping things either. So when I finally set foot outside my home, I was taking in a fresh breath of liberty. Wonder why people like being cooped up at home, when they can have a riot at college or school..
Everyone pities the burn on my hand, but pitied more the fact that I burnt five yummy mussels!
At college, just one hour class. Rest we loaf. First two hours withVinaya and Vaikhari in the computer lab. Vinaya meddled with Bigadda ("too colorful and confusing,yaar"), then she read my blog. I got hit for writing that her feet sucks. Awkay.... I take that back. Instead, I'll say this," Vinaya's feet aren't actually that bad. They just looked un-good in the snaps..

Dusk began a blog. "Girl with chocolate complexion". Yet to read.

After lunch, Vinaya,Namitha,Ragitha and myself are sitting under the big trees. Singing and then we became ummm..serious. Yup. You heard right. For those who know us, this comes as a shock. But, anyways..we talked about death,suicide, being practical in romantic issues..blah blah. And of course, the current volatile situation around here.

Out and about. I'm hoping for some good music tomorrow. We'll see. Dunno what went into me, but I was shelling a lot of money today evening. Lent money to a buddy, knowing that I wouldn't be seeing it back. Then bought smoothies for myself,Namitha and Ragitha. Got too late, so we run. Down the same path I wrote about light years ago [Happy Feet]. We three take off our footwear, run ,run,run! That was fun and silly. Mainly because we 3 had inferiority complex about the way we run. We feel oh so awkard dearies! Namitha quipped," wonder how we'll get through a 100 mtr race?"

Then it's back home, in front of my blog.
P.S- Vinaya, you'd better know; plus the others. I'm not gonna write about you again if you go on reading without commenting! Now that's a threat!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Escaping the gloom

Things are getting very depressing down here. Political revenge murders seem unending. Hartals have been going on for 4 days. So,I can't go to college!!! That's the worst part of it. What do these political parties think by declaring hartals at the drop of a hat as protest? It's becoming so anti-people! Instead of standing united and fighting back at the anti-social elements, we find parties declaring hartals which are more or less just as much anti-social.

So to cheer myself and the readers, I have put in a zany photo I snapped of my friend Vinaya. The writings are mine too. Though I didn't write the "babe" part. I wrote "baby" for fun. She wipes that out and made it "babe". Uh, whatever! I went even madder and wrote "The rock" on her one foot, and in malayalam the direct translation of it on the other foot. (It's just as if I'd written "patthar"!) I took snaps of all that in our classroom; teacher was still in the class while we were busy with our graffiti(if you please) ; camera was EG's. She was nice to mail the madness to me so that I could blog it, much to Vinaya's joy. I'm not posting my graffiti on her feet, 'cos her feet sucks in the photos!

Vinaya wants me to tell you that her feet ain't sucking! They are just un-good!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Messing in the kitchen and garden

Grounded for 4 days now,along with a sunday. Makes it 5 days straight at home. Lousy week! Mother's trying to make the most out of it by (trying) to teach me cooking dishes. That went on smoothly with some spats and all. Trouble is,once I have prepared a curry or whateva, mom will shoot questions about how it was made and blah blah. Wacky time I'm having! But I hadn't burnt anything until last night. Yesternight I burnt the special sea food dinner and my left wrist. Hey! You're not supposed to sit mum now. You're supposed to say,"Oh my darling, poor you. Does it hurt?" That's much better! I love being pampered and spoilt! Anyway,just a black scar left now.

Apart from messing in the kitchen, I water mom's beloved plants and trees. See? I'm very caring and mature! But I'll leave that to you to decide. I'm not at all patient and thus not at all a garden person. But being a day dreamer helps! It means I spend quality time with the plants! Oh, and music is very important. Raphael functions on music!
In between, I so hate the summer locusts. They make me jump outta my skin. Creepy! And once this chamaleon darts at me at an alarming speed. I almost screamed. Phew! Think its funny? ITS NOT!!!
But I love the cute black butterfly that persisted flitting near me when I was out and about in the garden.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tug wars, tributes, Z's crush

Y'day was the death anniversary of a comrade who got killed at our college 34 years ago. So as tribute to the martyr, the Union organised tug-war games and a quiz competition. So instead of a sombre event in remembrance of the guy, we had fun cheering on the tug warriors! O.k, so just in case everyone got carried away, they had a very sombre lengthy speech( of which you can guess we heard nothing) and they lowered the Union flag, had a procession blah blah.

The tug war was damn fun. We supported our 2nd years in the 2nd years Vs. hostelites match. 2nd years won easy peasy! Then there was the 1st years Vs hostelites or some other team. ist years lost! Losers were having as much fun too. though!

Anyway, all this fun made us wonder;"what will it be like if we die when still studying here?"
"What had the tribute be like?" If it was N, everyone would have an all-out flirting throughout that day in her memory! If it was Vaikhari, people would run around speaking like wizards from Harry Potter's world! If it were Ni, the mobile phone company would sponsor the programme in her memory,they'd say;" without her, now who will buy recharge coupons?"
And if it's me---;You shoulda seen my friends getting excited as they thought of that; "All the chocolate companies will sponsor the tribute for you saying,'oh, Raphe is gone! Now we won't have any business at all! Alas!'

In between all this, there were some problems too. Vinaya sprained her foot. Though intially we made fun of her calling her 'langda',later when she cried in pain,um..we felt real bad.
Crow shits in N's hair! Yuck..

Beyond all this, my day had a different feel. After so many months, Z calls me up. It isn't like we forgot the other one. Rather Z is always with me all the time,on my mind. She's in a mess. She's gotten this immensely huge (unbearable,she tells me) crush on a guy in her college. Doesn't help much that he's got all the girls mad abt him and Z's friends give her a harder time. They tease her and sing mushy songs whenever he passes by and now-her crush is getting all-consuming addiction for her! And the worst part for her was that....
"you blushed????" I gasped! Because for one thing, Z isn't the kind of girl who blushes even when the going gets embarrasing. Now she tells me she can't concentrate on anything either! My poor darling Z. She added ruefully that if it hadn't been for her friends she hadn't have done so badly. Sigh....Guess she's burning herself up in this addiction.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tagged;My first TAG!

Finally. Now I'm really gonna get done with this thing.
But tags are so cute that I never feel like finishing them! ;)
Anyways,here goes_Get ready for some madness. I tweaked the original tag,added some more stuff.
Four schools/colleges I studied:
1.Indian School Al Wadi Al Kabir-the beginning of education.So many memories and friends left behind..
2.Indian School Darsait-same goes for this place.
3.Jawaharlal Nehru Higher Secondary School-The place where I found my true rebel nature. I had give anything,ANYTHING to go back there,sit with my batch,be there for eternity. 4.Government Brennen College-this saga will end only next year.But its a beautiful world.A planet by its own right.

Four T.V shows I love:
1.F.R.I.E.N.D.S-Obviously the best show I ever watched.THE BEST AND FUNNIEST!
2.Malcolm in the Middle- Crazy
3.That 70's Show- Damn goofy!
4.Roadies 4.0- The best roadies yet.They had Bani! 5.0 doesn't seem so exciting as rather pretending.

Four movies I would watch on till end of time:(Indian)
1.Rang De Basanti- Awestruck. No words for this fabulous piece of work. I can still feel it in me;the patriotism,the friendship,sacrifice. Wow.
2.Chak de! India- Probably the ONLY Bolly movie that's REALLY about women empowerment. Real good stuff.
3.Taare Zameen Par- Awww..I cried all of me out, felt all the emotions Ishaan felt. Beautiful work Aamir Khan.
4.Iqbal & Monsoon Wedding- Sorry for squeezing in two movies.But kya karti? I just loved 'em all!AND Khosla ka Ghosla.
P.S-There are these two Malayalam movies of great quality that I'd recommend to all:
Kazhcha and Achuvinde Amma.The former one is of a Gujarat earthquake victim who ends up in Kerala. The latter is the beautiful relationship btw a single mom and her daughter.Lovely!

Four foreign movies I loved:
1.Children of Heaven(Irani)- Directed by Majid Majidi, I watched it at my college film fest. A must watch for all. If you don't go watch it,then...Mph!
2.Bend it like Beckham- How come Gurinder Chaddha of the critically acclaimed "Bend it.." went on to make the dismal "Bride and Prejudice", is a riddle that still amazes me! Great movie. I really felt like going out to conquer the world after watching it!
3.Pride and Prejudice- Honest, I have watched this movie(2005 version,directed by Joe Wright,starring my darling Keira Knightley) more than hundred times. Still, I'm never bored of it! The romance just grows! I have the dvd with me!
4.In Her Shoes- All about two sisters' relationship. From hate to deep love. I'm especially moved by the "I carry your heart" part.

Four books I can't get outta my head:
1.Pride and Prejudice- really,really changed my romantic ideas.
2.Queen's Confession- I could remember a lot of it even long after the actual read. Totally changed my perceptions of the French revolution.Mind you, I'm crazy about history, the grand civilisations, the revolutions that changed the world.
3.God of Small Things- Haunting,chilling..Me and my girlfriends couldn't talk about anything else than that for weeks on end.
4.Wuthering Heights- Passionate. I loved Heathcliff. Mindblowing.

Four non-fiction books:
1.Freedom at Midnight- Must read for every Indian.
2.Clandestine in Chile- Wow, the things one will do for their nation's freedom!
3.(malayalam-forgot the book's name;memoirs of a Regional Cancer Center's oncologist)- Stories of cancer victims. Survivors and the not-so-lucky's. Hurts a lot. you realise how lucky you are.
4.Emotional Intelligence-Changed the way I think for ever

Four places I've been to:
1.Muscat- .The place where my heart is.Where modern blends gracefully with tradition.Not so western and busy as Dubai;not yet. serene,green and urban.
2.Tirupur- In Tamil Nadu, some hours away from Ooty. I've been there a couple of times.
3.Bombay- Once in my childhood.
4.Places my head dreamt up!-

Four places I'd rather be right now:
1.At my college!

Four of my favourite dishes:
1.Parathas and Butter Chicken
2.Chole Bathoore
3.The very yummy Aloo Gobi

Four things I can cook:
1.Every kind of veggie salad;I can cook 'em to perfection!
2.Charred chapathis!(but sometimes I can really make 'em tasty!)

Four websites I frequent:
3.orkut and minglebox and librarything and blogger

Four people I'm tagging:(for not commenting to my posts!)
1.Dad- I know he loves what I do here,but daddykins never comments in here!
2.My offbeat pack-They laugh their heads off after reading my intepretation of our doings,but never puts in comments!
3.Ishamel-Our rival in the debates,but first of all,a good buddy.Not commenting to my scathing report on our debate final!
4.Anyone else who somehow liked my posts but doesn't comment!

Four crushes currently:
1.One-Too brilliant for lesser mortals like me.
2.Sirius Black-Ouch! I cried so much when he died in the book!
3.Johnny Depp-Just one word, W.O.W
4-Atif Aslam-Need I say anything?

Four gifts I'd love to recieve:(sorry that I sound so shallow!)
1.An i Pod
2.Digital camera
3.The books in my personal wish list.
4.A trip around the world!

About my brand new hag-voice & Chilling out with tutors

I really wanna scream everyone's ears off! Like-

Oh, you wouldn't understand. I've got throat infection or whatever the docs call it.. Thing is now I have a voice thats S.T.U.P.I.D! Totally! Day-before-yesterday, the voice was all husky and manly. I was actually feeling happy and adapting myself with my "cool" voice. Why, a buddy even told me this voice sounds better than your original one. So I take it that my real voice is boring.

As I was telling you, just when I was beginning to feel happy that finally I sounded something like my celebrity crush Atif Aslam, yesterday morn everything changes. Now I sound like a hag.
A lot natural too. Hacking all the time as if I had just begun smoking..
Vaikhari wasn't sure how nicely to make out of my bad (bad? worst!) voice. She looks at me, and says, "you know what you sound like now?" I queried,"wicked?"(rather hopefully)
She:"No, you sound like what-they-call-it, a hoarse whisper."

Yesterday afternoon, me,Vinaya,Namitha and Ragitha went to our department staff room. Ended up chilling out with the most unlikely people, our tutors. They are so warm and nice, contrary to our ideas! Especially Saritha ma'am,lots of effervescence, and she has played all the pranks we play now! And turns out she is my brother's friend's mom!