Monday, April 27, 2009

Let it rain on me!

It has been several posts since I posted a poem. This one given here was actually written during last year's summer rains. [Those were beautiful, by the way] The reason why I didn't post it all this time was because I thought it would make into the college mag. which is didn't.
Well, so what? I have you people!

This one's dedicated to all those rain-lovers out there. I love you all so much!
This was written for my long-term best friend and published for my best friends.The Offbeats and the Smash.

btw-Hey, set the mood first by listening to some good music. imagine that wet, nice, comfy feeling rain brings [since not everyone gets a good rain in the summer]

if it were me, I'd listen to some jazz, piano stuff, ARR in the lonely spot to bring on the mood.

When it rains
When it rains
I'm hoping you are thinking of me
--------------(more than anything else)
-out on the road, or
by the window side,
or wherever else.

You watch the rain

coloring up the world around you_

The coolness, freshness

And that aroma of damp earth

the sensation rain evokes in you
the mood it sets,

and the magic and intimacy...

Do you think of me then?

When it rains,

I hope the feelings it stirs up in you

Are the same feelings (i hope) I cause in you.

Is my fragrance in the moist breeze?

--------------(which whips up memories long forgotten)

Do the drizzles that softly kiss your cheek

--------------(remind you of our walks in the rain?)

Those drops slipping down your arms to your hands (your hands...)

---------------do you find me in them?

When a wind blew off your umbrella

---------------did you remember the times I dragged you into the downpour??
Does the soft music of the monsoons

---------------echo with my voice

Guess I should just let go of it all.


Instead of you thinking of me (when it rains)

It's me thinking of you.

-Not the other way round

Which is actually what I want.



In the lines of my poems.

And the distance between

filled by

the music we shared
those coffee cups.

Can you see me,
The way I see you
Standing there

Just beyond the shimmering veil

of falling rain drops.
With a small smile.
(Yes, even your smallest smile will do)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Moi very first blog-award!

This "My Choice Blogger Award" was awarded to me by e.t.
Pass this on to 3 bloggers whom I think deserve this award? now that's kinda difficult because there are more than 3 deserving bloggers I know out there.
And thi award goes tooooooooooooooooo...

Nishi!!!!!!!! just back from a major phase of life, facing it head-on with courage that shines through her blog. And her blogs always are radiant with wisdom, thoughtfulness and beauty of life.

J!!!- for his unique ideas and fantastic writings.

A.R Rahmaniac- because when it comes to music, I'm an AR Rahmaniac first, everything else comes next!

Hey everyone else, this list doesn't mean you people are not good enough according to me. No way! in fact, i had half an idea of squeezing all my favourite bloggers [mohua, thoughtful,blue, matangi,sally,jean,mag as different sets of my choice 3 bloggers along with the first list!] and given the way i am, i almost implemented that idea too!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bam! and my head hurt! :(

I think a better title for this post would be "my first REAL injury". Definitely. Yesterday would have been a perfectly normal, even boring day...hadn't it been for that head-wound.

You guys all know that cliche joke? The one that goes like this...
"How did you hurt your head?"
-"you saw that post?"
-"well, i didn't".

That kind of thing! Namitha walks straight in front of me, gets past the broken post that hung perpendicularly right above our heads just fine. I didn't. I was too busy watching the ground so that I didn't fall into one of those slab-broken pavements which are so much characteristic of TLY. I hit the post head-on and it's youch!

I was like, ok, that really hurt. I rub my head, blood oozes out.
"ok, Nami..check this out yaar.."

Some passer-by notices, he tells me to find some water and wash it off. But where the hell is water around that place?? Since I'm practically dripping with blood, I couldn't be particularly helpful. Nami was freaked out too.

I would really like to thank the Helpful-Crowd that formed immediately after they realized what was happening. Those strangers helped tie my scarf round the wound to stop the profuse bleeding, brought me water, helped us catch an auto to the nearest hospital.

And you thought Tellicherry people were narrow minded??!!

Once the first aid at the hospital was over, we were stepping out and some construction dude was throwing his materials down from the terrace.

Neither we, nor the nurse could stop laughing.

This whole situation was just so downright ridunculous!!! [yeah, sure, i knowingly mispelled it]

By the time my uncles came rushing all worried to the hospital, my only regret was that I had washed off most of the blood from my clothes,so i wasn't looking exactly tragic. Or like some survivor. Oh well, this is the problem with us. Both me and Nami were being completely weird. I'm supposed to feel shocked, hurt, scared and all.

None of the above feelings within me.

Remember I told you guys once that I was entirely shock-proof? Here's the evidence now!
And seeing all that blood gushing forth didn't daze me either. Good.

I realize that I am indeed really really good at keeping my cool, to the Point of Complete Detachment. Heck, this blood was mine, the wound was mine, all that pain was mine. Why am I being so emotionally cold? I was more like, "Nami, can you hold these specs? My hands are too bloody to hold em. So is my face."

I never was one for melodrama. But it did make me realize that I wasn't immune to injuries after all. I gotta be careful.
Earlier I was only accident-prone-but-safe. Now I'm accident-prone and unsafe!

Things that hit me after the incident:
Learn first-aid.
Be careful.
I'm emotionally cold. More like, I'm all about cold logic.
I know people do care about me after all! Friends all called up worried.
How unexpected life can be. I never thought I'd be bleeding like hell even when I got hit.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sache ko chune, acche ko chune. Vote for the right one

This is an extremely small post. I just wanted to express my liking for the Bolly celebs' deeds.

I like the fact that such popular actors like Aamir, John, plus a handful of the fresh Bolly talents like Asin, Abhishek, Imran all are campaigning actively on the necessity of exercising your power through voting for the right person.

So tomorrow when you go and make your decision,
make sure you've made the vote for a better and more united India. Make sure you didn't vote for goons.

PS- There was this suggestion made by a reader to the "Letters to the Editor" in "The Hindu".

Why not include a "none of the above" option along with the names of the candidates, so that if the number of "none of the above"s is very high, we can have a re-election with new candidates since none of the early candidates have any desired qualities.

Do you agree with me?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Why can't I choose my family!?

this one's my ALL-TIME favourite fridge magnet. totally expresses the way i feel. -almost!

That's the million-dollar question for me right now. Even though I know the answer already. Can't get the bugging thought outta my head.

We can choose who should be our friends. [though i personally believe my friends were not exactly chosen. they were meant to be my friends from the very beginning!]
Then WHY-OH-WHYYYY can't I choose who should be my family and who shouldn't be family? I could have done away with all the pathetic hypocrites infesting my family circle that way.
I wouldn't ever mind trading the whole lot of them for my friends instead. That way, my family would definitely qualify for an family. Yep. The weirdest and looniest and the funniest in one and the same family. Only if I could get rid of the unwanted elements and put in my friends instead.

But things never were meant to be that easy, were they?
God never wants life to be a drag. He adds just the right amount of drama, tension, happiness and surprises and the end result is-Life. That incongruous mix of Everything.

Life was NEVER meant to be perfect. It needs its balance. And balance doesn't mean perfection! Balance includes all those bad stuff [loss, unexpected unpleasant stuff, not having things your way, well, everything that's not nice], good stuff [unexpected simple joys, chocolate gifts, music, me-time, blah-blah] and the extraordinarily good stuff and really ugly stuff.

Life was never a straight line of moderate good news. It's all about ups and downs, bumps and shocks. Innit?

So, if I were allowed to choose my family as well, I had probably put in the nice people in and keep out the bad 'uns, THUS messing up the Balance of Life.

That means, I'm just stuck in here with the people I'm not exactly enjoying being around. While the people I lurve with my whole heart can't be my blood ties ad the undeserving ones are related to me. Ugh!

Then again, that's how the world works! And I don't think i had EVER be happy with PERFECT HAPPINESS in this life on earth!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

25 unexpected things about me

...which I don't think you will EVER comprehend. But still, you ought to know, since I was tagged to do this list long time back.
[See Jean? i keep promises, even if I do delay them by years at times!]

Shall we begin?

1. I believe in "15 till I die!"[doesn't make much sense since I'm no more even a teen]

2. I bought a cell phone only this January. It's weird that I have been phone-less for so long when everyone 13+ now seems to have a phone to boot.

3. I'm the mastermind who comes up with the zaniest and most impractical plans for my group. Never mind that we never try to actually work them out.

4. I'm insanely in love with, and proud of my pet name. You probably could only find people who are ashamed of their pet names. Not me!

5. And I love my real name just as much.

6. I like my blogger name too! [okay, that's it. I'm gonna stop gushing over my own names. makes me look like I have a totally inflated ego]

7. I STILL fantasize that I have this long-lost twin brother/elder brother whose name matches mine-Azhar! Now all I gotta do is find him,maybe he's in S.Korea? Or Spain? Papua New Guinea?

8. I'm sliiightly claustrophobic. I can bear closed spaces but they freak me out. Like, I could be sitting in the aircraft, and all that I can think of is that I'm stuck in here, can't simply walk out of this craft, what if it crashes, etc etc... Which is why I TOTALLY heart the desi autorickshaws. Yeah! completely desi girl!

9. I'm having a non-stop craving for pani-puris which aren't available anywhere within 1000 miles of where I live. Will anyone ship them to me??

10. I hate Roadies and Splitsvilla. Roadies used to be okay until the fourth season, then they lost it. Splitsvilla? you watch it, and I have a valid reason ow to hate you. Ugh!

11. I'm not exactly ur idea of healthy girl. in fact, i look positively anorexic. and i'm not interested enuf to eat a lot. but it ain't bcos I wanna stay skinny. it's just that i never was a foodie.

12. i enjoy cartoons much more than my kid sis. she likes hindi serials [OMG!] ...nah, just kidding!

13. I'm messy. And my mom's a cleanliness-freak.

14. I'm friggingly awesome at annoying people. My guru who kick started that passion in me is Alden Nusser whose book "French Fries Up your Nose" inspired me and has changed me into a "better" person forever. Hats off to you dude, you are the ultimate star!

15. have got wild, untameably curly hair. but i still love it sooo much!

16. I don't sweat much, even if i do, i don't turn on the fan. it's all about conserving energy bud.

17. my IDEAL PLAN FOR THE MOMENT is, save up money, hire an RV-trailer sort of bus/van[the kind rock stars travel in during tours], and go on the trip of a life-time across India with my Offbeat girlfriends,all the other People-I-Love. W.o.w! We'll have a video-cam and I'll keep on blogging to let you into the details.

18. I'm an obsessive kind of person. I get crushes and obsessions quickie.

19. I never had cable tv ever at my home. The first time came now, for this 2 month vaca. We are DD Direct DTH subscribers.

20. I smell my food before eating it. If it smells right, it tastes right!

21. I'm downright obsessed with the Korean channel on my DD DTH network. So much that I'm a complete die-hard fan of South Korean pop culture and now I know more about South Korean stars than I ever was interested in Bolly stars.

22. In fact, the reason WHY I'm a cable tv subscriber now is because DD DTH has removed my Korean channel from the network.

23. Even now I hound Korean entertainment blogs and websites for the latest info about what's going on there. I'm a major fan of South Korean music nowadays.

24. My choice of speaking vocab is plain weird and outta-this-world.

25. My former obsessions include F.R.I.E.N.D.S [sane enuf], Rajeev Khandelwal [bored now], Harry Potter [I even have HP game cards and a Marauder's map of my college i created myself], and there are obsessions that still prevail, like brothers, Keira Knightley etc. I'm guessing my craziest obsession to date must be This S.Korean one though.

My current celebrity crushes are two Korean stars, Lee Minho and Kang Ji Hwan. Two very wow personalities.

I tag anyone who is interested enough.