Thursday, February 28, 2008

One sad poem

I wrote this piece for my college level versification. Topic was "That rainy night".
Though me and Vinaya goofed and played around,at the end, I wrote about my cousin who left too soon after getting seriously injured in a bike accident. So you could understand that this poem is rather personal. I felt satisfied at having written it. Though I couldn't bag the first prize, I felt so much at peace. I mean, I had meant to do it all along, yet something held me the feeling that I wouldn't be able to do justice to his memory,his adventurous life and everything about him. Anyway..This is kind of my way of paying tribute to my brother-
a good friend, helpful, caring, naughty and loving. I regret the fact that I warmed up to him rather late. He used to be soooo irritating when I was younger!
But I really miss you bruv,now that you're gone..I really really miss you.

Here's the poem-
And tonight I relive
Every moment of that day.
That fatal news,
That tear-streaked night
That dug up earth where you were to lie.

After all these months,
I can still remember
Those drawn up faces
The hushed up cries
The talking in whispers.

In this rain-
All those tear stained memories
Have come back to life
Wrapped in this pitch black night.
And it feels like it was all just yeasterday.

I walked through that melancholic rain
Drenched, with a burdened heart.
In that loneliness that only death could bring;
I screamed my agony to an inky black night..
But the night was crying too.

I realised then that,
After you, nothing remains.
One crash was all it took
To bring about a world of sadness.
"Were you really gone?"

My tear are wasted
They just bring back sadness.
And my prayers are wasted.
You left all too suddenly-
Never to return.

I cry not because you left
But because you left too soon.
And in the silence that prevails
Everything is finished
All that remains is that one rainy night...
The final parting was on May 6th,2007.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

College day

Finally! I was getting majorly annoyed when my broadband connection was dead for two days. Didn't even realise that I was this addicted to blogging,until the connection was dead. I simply have to tell you about my College Day which was 2 days ago. Right?

I reach college for the day in a new white dress. Namitha is majorly pissed off, 'cos its white! I can't help it,love! Somehow the clothes I buy HAPPEN to be white,not my fault! It just happens like that! Accidental baby,accidental!

Vaikhari was in a grey sari. Looked rather grand and royal in the sari and loose locks. Drove us all mad with her fuss about,"is my hair looking oily? am I looking bad? huh? huh?"

So..we get the runners-up award.The five female guns got onto the dais, received our shiny shields,posed for the camera flash..EEEEEEEEE! So after all these months of hard work, neither the winners nor us get the earlier proposed prize money. Instead the winners get shields and we get shields a bit smaller than the winners'. Not money as we were told earlier!
Which leads me and Namitha to have wicked thoughts and contentment!
--you decide for yourself what selfish thought we had--[;)]

Had lunch and talked a lot. Just finished the food,and we hear the song "Jashn E Bahaara". The music fest had begun while we were eating. First I thought it was not being sung,rather the original one. Turns out it was Nazar! Perfect Hindi,correct lyrics. He sang probably the best of all. Just the middle part went a bit awry.

More songs follow. In between some anon caller disturbs Namitha. She wants us to insult him for his bad behaviour. Oh! In the end,what happens is that, we give him an earful of our really bad singing. He finally learns the lesson not to try flirting, and stops calling after a few more calls.
देखा लड़कियों का कमाल !

Now I have got a sore throat and a bad cold. Good job,Raphe! [sigh] Some days are so mad.

What else? Spent the whole day and night and the whole of the next day singing Jashn E Bahaara. Call it soul-connection or whateva. But Namitha and Vinaya too were unable to sing anything else!


Sunday, February 24, 2008

i Procrastinate

I don't know what's gone into me..I wanna do the tag,but since I'm meant to do the tag, I procrastinate! [Sigh] How much worse can I be than I already am?
Was it Shakespeare who said,"Laziness,thy name is Raphe...and Vinaya and Namitha and Zub and Aish and the rest of my cousins...
I'd better hide before he files a defamation case against me! ;)
Or will it be a copyright infringement case?
I definitely feel like singing Linkin Park's "Lying from you",where he screams
"the very worst part of you is me........" (or was it the other way round?)

I will be blogging again today before soon.
Love y'all!
Tomorrow is College Day.I'm getting an award or two!

Friday, February 22, 2008

free at last!

But think about it,on the positive side we are finally freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Now I can do all the things I kept in pending waiting for this crappy affair to get over with.
That's the happiest part! Free at last! I feel so air borne and carefree after all these weeks of bother.

Lost; but I feel like a winner!

The worst has happened.
We've slaved over this thing for months,finally THE DAY comes.We're ready for even that,worked damn hard, gave our all..[correct that,gave more than our all]...and the result?
We lose! Yes all my friends who've helped me-we lost!
They twisted the topic from"Is reading dying?" to "Are reading habits dying?" Grrrrrr....

We wouldn't have been that bothered if the other team deserved the win.But no!
We were all gentlemanly( OK,admitted that we were all girls), listening to them patiently and only THEN airing our views. We countered all their arguments,our only negative side was that we spoke about the deteriorating quality of reading as a whole, as far as we can see; that's all that we went wrong on.

For one thing, it wasn't us who faltered in our presentations. It was THEM.
For another thing, we weren't the ones who kinda barged in and went hollering in the counter-parts' faces. That was THEM!
And for yet another thing, we weren't the ones soooooo impatient as to not be able to listen to what the other team had to say. That was THEM again.
And it was their stupid supporters who were making noise so that judges couldn't hear us.

But I wanna say something on their behalf. Awesome team spirit guys! Good going!

But I hated the part where they were reportedly laughing when Namitha was speaking. And I hated the fact that we had to fight inside their fort,where they are so much comfy.Aaaaaargh!
But the worst part of 'em all is that we lost only because of the inside politics and bias.
Thank you Ismail and all,we now realise that etiquette is out dated.Barbarianism and totalitarianism works for today.

But you know what? We didn't feel like losers.On the contrary;I know this sounds weird;but me and Vinaya are feeling like winners-despite the fact that technically we lost. Because
inside all of us we know that we are the winners. But when the result were out-we felt emotionally dead. This wasn't what we desired to hear,but we knew that it would happen.
Felt weirder when our teachers(darling,darling teachers) told us they knew it was going to
be a pre-planned affair. Like what happens in those scripted reality shows. They had decided the judgement even before the whole damned thing even began.

On the other side of the matter,we so wanna strangle that idiot who asked baseless questions just because we defeated him in the semi.Well,atleast me and Vi wanna do that.

And as I already said-I feel so much as if I won. Which is the truth by the way!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

To you

This to you-I'm not specifying,sorry.
You'd better know that I love my faith, and truly stand to my principles. So when I realise that someone is having misconceptions about my religion,I try to straighten the misunderstanding, make them see the light.
But you?
You come to sudden conclusions,exclaiming that "I never expected you to be like this..blah-blah".Even your eyes show your disillusionment. Do you know how much irritating it is to know that a friend isn't understanding enough even to listen to what you have to say?
I know this post seems a bit harsh.
But I say it here, 'cos I can't say it to your face. You are too immature to accept things.
Signing off bitterly,Raphael.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Compulsive Confessor triggers a talk and the debate chase

What a day!
Erm..not that excellent,I mean,well,you just read on!
Morning itself me,Namitha and Vinaya scoot off to computer lab.This time it was to read the Compulsive Confessor's blog.I already had,not these two though.Both had the look you get when you do something very naughty.But finally gave up the idea after reading some posts 'cos a rather conservative teacher was around.Me and Nami had read her interview and seen her photos in a magazine and that was what triggered off this visit to eM's blog and the conversation for the rest of the day.About morals,getting involved physically in a relationship,and the rest of the yakkity-yak that you probably know.

2.30pm-Me and Namitha set off to watch first year's debate.The B.B.A one.Went half mad and around the college searching for the venue.[groan] I asked someone I knew abt the place and off we went to the physics dept. Turned out it wasn't the debate we wanted to see.Slipped out and dragged out to the other end of the college wondering why we were simply going through so much "hardship" just to watch a debate. I mean of the 5 female guns in the debate team,only me and Namitha seem to have gotten hooked to debate stuff.Finally reached the right place and dragged our weary legs upstairs 3 floors above!
Only to realise to our frustration and much annoyance that the debate was going on at the ground floor itself! Sheesh!

P.S-my sister began a cute blog!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam[ I have already given away my heart dear] Whateverrr!

I finally actually watched THE movie-Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, yesterday. After all these years of "What????You seriously haven't watched that movie??????" (And all those eye goggling) As if am from some other part of the universe and not from Earth.Just because I haven't watched some so-called classic movie! How stupid can one get!

ok-for my part, I liked it in some sense. The Sameer-Nandini angle was digestable. The Balraj(was that his name?Bleargh!)-Nandini angle IS beautiful,but why had you do all that?

All that sounds pretty heroic and ooh-inspiring.But...oh just forget it!
The story was fine.Cinematography impressive.You can easily see that Sanjay Leela Bhansali planned everything so that all the colours that had appear on-screen would blend in to create
Ze Ultimate Bollywood Mega Waga Magical Movieee Experience..

Ahah,but Mister..hold on, I really liked Sameer!
And the song "Thadap thadap".My heart goes out to you love lorns!

All in all the movie was soooooo dramatised.Yuck!Puke!Bleargh!
I wouldn't want to watch it a next time.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Bad day yesterday.
Grand aunt fell and broke her hip bone(I think it was her hip). Hope she gets well soon and comes back home.Mom's staying with her at the hospital.There might be an op for grand aunt soon to get her mended.Praying that she will have a speedy recovery.

Monday, February 11, 2008

How Raphael came to become me!

Mmmmm....What for today?

Legs are aching,twinge of pain remains in my left shoulder..Wicked!
It hurts.Still I can go on!
That's enough!

I thought I'd tell you what's this thing about "Raphael" is.
My name on my blog profile reads Raphael.
So who's that?
Some guy?
Some prrrrrecioussssss memory?
Or can't you see it's actually plain me!


My real name ain't Raphael. Obviously.
But its such a neat name!Cool,special,!

Well,it happened the year that passed.(Or was it 2006?) Whatever..
Me and dear ol' Vi were having fun doodling on the black board,graffiti,writing back and forth..Wicked!
Just got totally engrossed in doodling so much that finally someone-can't remember,if the person can remember,tell me!-anyway,she says,"What do you two exactly think of yourself?
Raphael and Picasso???"

It was like a bulb just lit.
So off we scribble-"Raphael and Picasso at work."
I was named Raphael and she was Picasso.And as if that wasn't enough,we made one more alias,
me was Da Vinci and she Michalangelo.
The joke remained there for a long time,appearing in text messages and blackboards and the desks.

The charm wore off her after some months.But not for me.No way!
Raphael meant a lot.It began with the same letter as rain,ravenclaw..much more.

Thats how Raphael stuck on and became my blog name!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008



I'm soooooo victory-drunk at the moment,I can't tell you how good it feels!

We have made it through!!
You can't believe it?
The topic was "Commercialisation of Cultural Arts"
And we were in favour.
Which means we are in the finals pitted against Physics.
Us ( the Arts ) Vs. Them ( the Science ).

We won against all odds.
First of all, not much support from the department.
Just 2 of our tutors, excellent ladies, were helping us with moral courage.
And the Business Administration department had the whole of their dept backing them.
The audience comprised 98% of their supporters.
And our supporters?
Some of our class mates,some of the staff.That was all.
And them?
Their teachers and friends were helping them in all manners.
I repeat, in all manners.
I really feel like bitching about that to the whole world.
But then,what would be the difference btw them and us??

We were completely on our own.
Which makes a world of difference.
We stood alone,fended all arguments,and here we stand-winners! (Until the finals)

I mean, we couldn't believe we won!
we won!
Vinaya had scribbled out the words as the debate dragged on.."we have lost the debate"
And passed it to all of us.She was that much sure we had lost it all.

But the other team, were hanging on to just one point,about how values are lost and only that.
We,on the other hand,had lots of points.

So when the judge panel declared us the clear winners( sans any kind of suspense.Thank you,sir for that.)
We still weren't sure.We thought,ok-now he will say_"but......"



Everything got so emotional.
We were hugging.
And I was blubbing.
Tears of happiness.
Sheesh,I embarrass myself!



Ok,party was low-key, in big-style!
We order teas.
Clink the glasses together,shout cheers,and drink!
( If it hadn't been for the victory,I really really hate tea. But for now,anything will do!)

Next debate?
Bring it on!

Music for the moment-
We are the champions,my friends.
And we'll keep on fighting till the end.
We are the champions,
We are the champions,
No time for losers,
"Cos we are the champions
For the moment!!!!!!!!
-forgive me if the lyrics are wrong,
but frankly my dear,I don't give a damn!

The other song is hindi.I'll give the english translation too!
आज मैं ऊपर
today I'm above
आसमान नीचे
the sky is beneath.
आज मैं आगे
today I'm in front.
ज़माना हैं पीछे!
the world is behind me!!!!!!!

The Truly Unbearable Lightness Of Being Me!!

Very lightweight,I say.
This is a teeny-weeny post about my lightness. I guess!
Vaikhari,the naughty girl..she actually carried me in her arms!
Soooooo embarassing!
Now who had believe that I'm not anorexic?
But I really am NOT anorexic!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tere bin nahi lagta dil mera..


I have a lot to blog on,but too busy.
For now I'm just sharing a beautiful video clip.
Its Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's "Tere Bin Nahi Lagta".
Ouch ouch!!
Its soooo beautiful,agonisingly beautiful!

I first came across this song in the movie "Bend it like Beckham".
Listen 'n' enjoy!

I really,truly,sincerely wish I had someone to sing this to.
Or think about and sing this to.
Mind you, I get that feeling only once-in-a-while, especially when I listen to such songs,
or when I'm feeling blue,
or when I'm jus' getting drenched and feeling oh-so romantic in the rain!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Post wedding hangover,and I'm tired. AND I have a debate to work on!

Aah, what I need now is to sleep. Wrapped very cozily in a blankie.Fan full on.Windows open. Let the night breeze in!
Or even better, sleep under the dark blue sky,all those cute stars shining down.Can't help but remember the movie "Taare Zameen Par"[ Stars on Earth].
Oh,this dream won't work out. I know!
What with the thieves lurking around,and mosquitos. Oh the mosquitoes!

Mom has a huge suspicion that the watch man who makes the rounds around our place is a thief.
The days when he's on sick leave,are the days when our neighbours' cars' music systems got robbed.8 houses robbed in that one night! Gasp!! ( C'mon,you gasp too! )


The reason why I really wanna go and sleep is because I'm that tired.
Went for my classmate's wedding.
The first classmate-wedding.Makes it special!
My friends didn't really like it.They were like" nothing's going on!!"
When we finally left the wedding pla
Thats bcos bebe, in my community,weddings aren't simply rituals.They tend to become a mega 7-day celebration!!
Thats why I'm tired.
Where's mah coffee?

Woops! Almost forgot that I'm on a diet!! No caffeine allowed.But tea is ok.
But-I hate tea!!!!!!

And now I'm simply wasting my time!!!
I have to practice for the debate that's on tuesday!
Against the Bachelor of Business Administration department.
Of all the topics to choose from, we end up with "Commercialisation of Cultural Arts"
And I'm left with a face that clearly speaks out "Are you guys seriously mad?"
Anyways we are in favour of this commercialising thing.

If you all have any good ideas,suggestions that could help me,
do drop in and tell me!!
Remember,its on tuesday!
This tuesday!!

Catch you all later.
Wish me all the best!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Met an Orkut friend

Hey there everyone!
I'm here with a pack of crispies to give me company.(If you're particular,I'm chomping on Lay's India's Magic Masala.....mmmmmm! Yummy!!)
Lay's is much better than Kurkure. My sister's favourite.Even the name(kurkure) turns me off.
The only thing I liked about it,was their ad. It featured a crazyy family,including the very cute Bollywood celeb Juhi Chawla.I love her!

Afternoon,mom 'n' me set off to my sister's school for the P.T.A meeting.All the more interested b'cos I was going to come face-2-face with an Orkut friend whom I befriended via my sis.
This girl's my sister's friend's sister.
That's ok!
Anyone who meets me,leaves confused!
Again confused? Just forget it!

Anyway,this girl was great fun.We hit it off soon enough.So while mom and others were getting bored, we blabbed our way through 2 and1/2 hours.

I liked the chips.
Flavour-tingly spice!

Switching tracks,
I'm going to attend my classmate's wedding tomorrow.
I hope I can go for this one at least!
Remeber what happened to the last one?

Friday, February 1, 2008

Results finally come-after 7 months of writing the exams!!

I'll begin by giving a quick replay of my life in the last 2/3 days.

Yep ppl,I got my last year's annual results this week.After a pseudo-torturing wait(it was meant to be torturing,I wasn't too bothered!),they are out and definitely about.Aaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!
I'm class topper!
But the marks aren't so hot as to publish 'em here!Waaaah!

And today was Parents-Teachers meeting.Not many turned up.Probably my classmates were behind that.
In the Department Head's own words,"We are very very special!Yeah!"Well,he said something of the sort.Hope he doesnt sue me for using words he didn't use!
And our class tutor( actually tutor is a woman,d'you call a woman-tutor a "tutoress?" ) is of the opinion that though us Offbeats are very good kids, our batch has never ever occured before in the whole history of our department( "excellent functional dept").
We are one of a kind!
Never happened before,never will happen again!

I'm wondering,isn't this all fate,that,wherever I study,MY BATCH is always a historical first,certified by all teachers alike!

Signing out,

Take care y'all!