Sunday, February 8, 2009

Meet The Pets

This one was meant to be posted ages,ages ago. Sorry for the delay--
Hope you enjoy meeting my family!

Meet my pets for today.
I had them all set for a photo session, and by the end of it, a story "happened" quite accidentally!
That's The Family.
The snow white one is my eldest. Snuffles. ain't he like smouldering???

And this would be Darcy, the cutest and my darling! 5 years old, and this will probably be my last one I thought, because dad was growing tired of my obsession with soft toys. And I wasn't showing too many signs of stopping my liking for them.

Then three years ago, this gorgeous strut down all the way from China-via-Muscat down to India!! Lacking a better choice in names, I finally named her "Harajuku". Obviously inspired from Gwen Stefani's single "Rich Girl". Don't remember? Then I shouldn't have reminded you!

Yes! Harajuku and Darcy are very much together and happy too, as you can see. Don't they look adorable?

But look at who is approaching this friendly gathering, will you.

That's Padfoot, Harajuku's jealous ex.

The confrontation scene.
Darcy: Leave my girl aloooooooneeeeee!
Padfoot:(ever the bad boy) She's miiiiiine.......
[lots of tension going on with Harajuku clinging on to Darcy.]
{doubt- she doesn't seem to have any hands, how is she to cling onto him??}

That'd be little Yellow [the youngest member. my kid sis gifted it to me when I wouldn't stop whining] watching the whole drama from his house.

I got bored and left. by the time I returned only Snuffles was there being goofy and rolling on the sofa. Turns out Padfoot made Harajuku cry and stormed out.

p.s- you noticed that I'm a Sirius obsessed person, huh?
Ah well, I'm the person who still cries her eyes out every time she reads about Sirius and his death scene especially.