Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trains one day. Stranded the other day.Bollywood Hero saves me!

Considering that I had a 5 minute train journey on Thursday (duh!) and got stranded with a broken slipper in town on Friday, this week wasn't uneventful,right?

Thursday and my whining on not being able to get a train journey in ages has gotten so intolerable that Nimisha decides to board one from the stop near our college to the town. I'm as happy as a kid! Wasn't much,since I was more engrossed in filming the whole thing onto my cam and it was over too soon. We stood by the door and I was ooh-aah-ing the picturesque vignettes of greens and rivers.
Loves it! Loves Nimisha even mo' for taking the initiative. She's probably relieved that I won't be nagging her about trains anymore. But I'm still hankering for a full-fledged train trip to somewhere Far Beyond. Guess the craving for trains grew stronger post-Jab We Met!

Friday was a completely mad-mad day.
But first off- Vrinda,Nilla,Vinaya and Vaikhari get selected for university competition in gymnastics!! Congratulations girls!!!
Torrid rains which had us freezing and brrrrr-ing AND walking in hug-mode. It WAS so cold that I felt like I had stepped into a huge freezer that looked like a college. We are already half-frozen when a mega-cold wind blows by, and the 6 of us (rest were absent) go "brrrrrr..." together.
It's cold,wet and quite a happy day.
How was I to know I'd be wrapping up the day with a sorta-adventure??
Nimisha and I are the only ones who have to go to town for our next destination. The others travel the opposite route. BIG TRAFFIC JAM. we two walk miles, making pit stops to let me mend my slipper which keeps breakin' and have to walk carefully on top of a fence through a demolished site, then jump off 'cos the number of people walking by the fence is toooo much too. We take the difficult path [read-mucky path], and by the end of it, we know we have probably waddled our way through all sorts of dirt on our way. I can't muster up courage to even mend my slipper again. So I kind of swagger through the place in broken slippers.
NOT the end of the Sorta Adventure!
Just about to heave a relief that we have finally made it to the town, we are in for a worse shock. No mode of conveyance AT ALL to any place. Nimisha has better luck. One Bus for her place. Me? None.
Totally stranded in town. No one I know. No phone. No vehicle. And it's getting freaking late and daaaark.
It's already dark and my fertile imagination is thinking of all scary possibilities and hoping for the hero to "come and save me!"
The hero does come. Though pretty much a lot late. My brother finally came to pick me up on his motorbike. Just like the typical Bollywood Hero.
God bless the two wheelers! The only vehicle that can evade most traffic jams.
So my Bollywood Hero arrives late on his motorbike and saves me. Phew! Thanks bruv, you are a life-saver!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A "waah-some"/awesome week

Waah! Kya Birthday Thi!, Waah! Kya Birthday Thi!!
October 1- Dozens of text messages, even more phone calls,cards, tearful- "I miss you" letter from a friend, hugs in person, one mom-made chocolate cake, add an almost surprise landing from Daddy, meet-up with old school friends.. Everything about the day was fantastic! In fact it was birthday celebratory mood for 3 days straight!
Thank y'all!

Waah! Kya Eid Thi!, Waah! Kya Eid Thi!!
I'd an extra speshul day 'cos Eid was on the same day as my Birthday. Mehndi on hands, family and friends all day, I loved it!
The hand with blue bracelet is mine. The one to my right is Barjis'. Below that is Shamnas'. AND the hand remaining is Thanzeela's!

Waah! Kya post-Eid/Birthday meet up thi!
Waah Kya post-Eid/Birthday meet up thi!!
Ah yes, high school best friends get together for some ice creams and catching up on each others' lives. We got to talk on phone to the love interests of 2 friends as well. Yup, except for me,MC and BS, everyone's been thru relationships.

And a 'not-so-waah Union Day' and a "Waah-Kya-Belated-Birthday-Celebration-Thi!"
Union Day was pretty boring. Thanks to DJ, we had fun grooving to good music. BUT there were dumbass pseudo-singers who spoilt the mood with stupid songs. AND Gymnast is having separation agonies. BF going away for a year.
Who cares? Definitely not me!
BUT, on the other side, we celebrated my birthday and I got 10 cute dolls, representing us 10 girls. Sothatslikecementinghefactthatwearenolongerlessthaneight. Anyways, I had a lovely gift to show off. That's fun!

Waah Kya Niqah Thi! Waah Kya Niqah Thi!!
My cousin gets married. And his wife is a perfect darling! I was part of the official Cousins-Photographers crew. Me, plus four or five or more cousins were like taking shots of celebs at the Cannes or something of the sort. So, we were confident that we hadn't missed out a single moment of the special day.

Almost forgot!!
Waah Kya Movie Thi! Waah Kya Movie Thi!!
Rock On rocks to the core. A really good movie sans the usual rona dhona and melodrama and item numbers and yet superb. The kind of movie Farhan himself makes. I wanted to write more on this movie, but that'd make this post longer than it already is.

Ciao for now!