Friday, September 24, 2010

Love me, but with care

If you love me,
Buy me gifts of jazz, indie and rock music;
Not roses and cards.
[Though chocolates are allowed]

If you love me,
Don't dare laugh at my thoughts, dreams, plans.
Just point out when I go stray,
You don't need to drag me away.

If you love me,
(for real)
Say you like me-
Don't add more than that.

If you love me,
Know that I hate when you try keeping tabs on me.

If you love me,
Be ok when I cut your call short
To be with friends.
They're like my own blood, skin, life.
You came along just now.

If you love me,
Know that silence says lots more;

If you love me,
You might take one step towards me,
But find that I took one step away from-

If you love me,
Treat me right.

Smile when I'm in a funk,
An understanding nod when you know I'm repenting,
Holding my hand and not my wrist,
Surprise me with that innate goodness only you have,
A single ticket for me to have my share of
cups of coffee,
and jazz-

If you love me,
Know that saying life without me is torment,
Is the best way
To make me try to cut loose.
When you insist it's true,
Know that I'm planning escape routes in my head already.

Know that to love me,
Means to let me be,
To let me breathe.

            And I'll love you the way I can,
            Without saying so,
            Like this-
            Through poetry,
            Or a good deed,
            Or a sudden hug,
            Or in the many other little things I do for you.
I'll love you as only I can,
I'll love you with a silent fire.

*image courtesy- Rockstar Diaries

PS- i know i've been away for ages. AGES! but was suffering from a multiple pronged case of pending assignments at college, procrastination + the notorious blogger's block. hoping to make a comeback with this post!