Thursday, December 25, 2008

The weirdest trailor review [possibly]

Merry Christmas and it is trailor review time!!!
Instead of one-by-one reviewing, I'm doing a list thing.

The-Way-Too-much-Awaited Trailor Award goes to....
Dilli 6- much awaited with good reason. I so wanna see more from this space!

The I-really-am-interested-in-this list
Luck by Chance- Reason is obvious. The Jawed Akhtar family has proved its versatility in the movie industry. Brother Farhan acts, sister Zoya Akhtar directs!
Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!- The makers of Khosla ka Ghosla, that's enuf reason to get interested.
President is Coming- Sounds like some serious fun coming with the Mr Prez's arrival. The frames look docu-fictional satire, and the sound track is dark and humorous too.
Chandni Chowk To China- The ubiquitous infectious charm of Akshay Kumar at work. Plus Ramesh Sippy as prducer and Nikhil Advani (whose style I like despite his disastrous Salaam-e-Ishq). Music -Though the title track by Shanker-Ehsaan-Loy failed to catch my attention, my attention is definitely caught by the other song by the alternative composer trio-Kailash-Naresh-Paresh: more specifically; S.I.D.H.U!!! Cool trailor, fun element in correct proportions.
Gajini- Yep- I'm not bothered that it's a copy, I'm totally in for this movie. Storyline is interesting&uniq, music is excellent, casting is perfect [Asin is from my state-Kerala!!!], cinematography is damn good [again a Keralite!].

The Attenshun-is-caught-for-uniq-reasons list
Dev D- Tauba tera jalwa, tauba tera pyaaaar...
Tera emotional atyachaaar!
My attenshun was initially caught on by this weird song. Count me in the interested ppl! Patna ke Presleys, I'm ur faaaaan!!!
[unfortunately, this is the only name in this list]

Gajini can be here too.
But, Raaz-The Mystery Continues gets the vote.Emraan Hashmi's phenomenal luck in music continues. how come even if his movies bomb, they've always got a memorable soundtrack??
Maahi is haunting.

The-I'm-Not-Bothered Trailor
Billu Barber- honestly, SRK isn't reason enuf for me to be interested in this movie.
Victory- Harman Baweja? No thanks. Cricket? I never was a fanatic.

Rab Ne Banadi Jodi- I can almost imagine the hordes of Indians and non Indian SRK fans coming for my neck. I wish I were interested in this movie, but somehow, i'm not. Maybe after watching it, I might change opinion. Haule Haule did interest me. But the promos after that didn't interest me AT ALL. Honest.

The-Trailor-That-Should-Be-Punished-For-Making-it-to-the-tv set
Desh Drohi- Indeed, a terrible trailor. I positively cringe whenever it comes on TV. Too bad the remote won't work

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Random scrawls from memory

Thanks to the bloggerhood for telling me that I'm not horrible at all! And if I still think I'm horrible, there are several others as horrible as me, as testified in the comments to my last post!
And Bobby, I've bushy eyebrows too! =(

Unlike usual Eids where I go wild with friends all day along, this time around I wasn't with them. Unlike earlier Eids, I spent the better part of Eid with cousins. And was it fun!
With luck, me or Vinaya will get first prize for film review in English, 'cos we 2 were the only participants!!
Fine Arts Day 1-
Ragitha's birthday!!!

Fine Arts Day 2-
I lost my poetry collections book. Strangely enough, I'm not too angry or depressed. I'm more worried that someone will read it and think, "this is poetry??? you call this poetry???"

Freakiest exams ever. Totally dumbstruck at the number of classmates involved in "group activity" [as Prof Prathiba call it!]. Me and Namitha were like, what were we working hard
and preparing for, then? if it's so easy to copy in exams, doesn't that make all our hard work go down the drain?
Almost all the exams were tough stuff, with the exception of Conversational Skills. It's a bit like the exam Prof RJ Lupin would have formatted had he been our professor. It wasn't all about throwing up what you mugged up from your notes earlier onto the papers. It was more about examining how good your communication skills were. We had an awesome time especially when sir made each of us to do a self intro. Me, Namitha and Vinaya especially went wild and imaginative. Me was the French famous blogger on her second trip to India which she thought was exotic. Namitha was the famous fashion designer who designed for Parvati Omanakkuttan and of course "you've probably seen my designs on TV and at the Lakme fashion week" she added quite haughtily. Vinaya was the supermodel who turned down an earnest Aamir Khan's acting offer in Gajini 'cos she was "just not interested" and oh yes, "I came here because my dear designer friend Namitha asked me to". and all that! Akhil posed as this famous singer and hoped for our prayers for him. Sir made him sing a song as well!
Uber cool examination hall, if anything, I say!

Last exam done with. A pervading sense of satisfaction affects me and Namitha since we got through with our hard work and didn't cheat. We couldn't ask the rest of the team how they felt to have completed the exams sans any cheating since everyone was enjoying the last day before Christmas vacation began. Nami and I watched this totally funny handmade videos the boys had made of an "action comedy enactment". Everyone was rolling all over the place laughing.

Oh yes! We went up the stairs for lunchtime to our classroom walking backwards. Nimisha totally cheated by blatantly looking backwards.

Then it was time for Vinaya&Vaikhari to leave. They're going to Kottayam, lucky people. I'll probably stuck in the same place I am for the whole vacation mostly. When I hugged our adorable Vaika, she's like crying! That made Nami ask, "hey, are you being wedded off or something? what's with the tears??" Lols.
But she made me sliiightly emo too. =(
They took such a long time in actually leaving that it made Vinaya quip, "guess we should say "get lost!" instead of "goodbyes" from now on!
N and I were having a small chat together when she got a msg from Vrinda&Nimisha, [it was in romanized malayalam, but for your sake I'm translating it]
" your boyfriend is in our custody, if you want him back come with a crore. don't try to act smart and call the cops. in that case, we will have to finish this guy off..."
Totally crazy! she happily texts back,
"I know you girls will never do a good thing even by accident. i'm sure you won't finish him off, even if that'd make me happy."
Went back to the department where Vri&Nimisha were holding him hostage. He had probably reached the department searching for N. Thankfully N didn't have to fight to get her hostage boyfriend back. Vri had probably gotten bored by him!

Thursday was the final episode of "Hong Gildong". heartbreaking ending. =(

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Horrible realisations of self

1. Cousin probably had a difficult time thinking of how to describe me in the nicest manner to a friend of hers. Well, she settles to say how I have fine eyebrows. Guess that means eyebrows are the only part of me worth ANY kind of praise??

2. Remember how I told you guys once of how I had a clean mouth and I never really spewed toxic jargon? wipe out that memory. 'Cos when Vaikhari was kinda shocked when I said ****, and Vinaya was like no-big-deal,-it-happens-ALL-the-time. I realise that I actually do say quite a lot of words and phrases that ought to be censored, when I'm like so totally annoyed and angry and worked up.

3. I'm mega wicked, mean and nasty when it comes to sharing chocolate. I might even have been lying when I told you that there were NO chocolates left. Ahah!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First Bloggiversary!

Kinda weird that I have made it along to a year!
Dear Pieces of Me, you have been a cool companion through all these 365 days I shared with you. I'm happy to note that the "bad day" label wasn't used much by me. Good!
I made a lot of really wonderful blogger friends (and some non-blogger friends too!) on this blog.
Wanna hear a really weird fact?
My grandmum had been pretty sick and hospitalised around the time I began this blog. She got well in a week and had been back home.
Yesterday was my first bloggiversary and she's sick at the same time of year and in hospital again! :(
Not a fun coincidence. I agree.

Not much to say right now. Take care y'all!
I'm already 3 days late in publishing this post, sorry!