Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Taare Zameen Par-a star of a movie

To watch "Taare Zameen Par" and remain silent would be incredulous.
It's a one-in-a-lifetime movie mah dears!
You simply ought to watch it.

Its excellent cinematography,heart tugging music scores,beautiful story,believable dialogues,good casting..Oh the casting!

Darsheel Safary who played the protagonist boy Ishaan Awasthi slips into his character so easily,that you have no other choice but to believe him! The way he jolts scaredly as the car's engine comes to life;taking his family back home after dropping him at the boarding school; way too natural!

Ishaan is a 9 year old dyslexic.No one understands why the boy is so stubborn,makes spelling mistakes, is interested only in painting.His mom is very loving and tries to get him on track.
But to no avail.

Things begin to get out-of-hand, and he is put in a boarding school.
The song "Maa" is soo touching!At the new school too Ishaan faces the same scoldings,punishments. He begins to lose interest even in his beloved painting.

That's when the new art teacher arrives with a wave of newness,singing the energetic,happy song :bum bum bole".Amir Khan excels as the art teacher Ram Shankar Nikumbh.
It is Nikumbh who finds out Ishaan's problem,and gets him back on track.

A must watch.
I might have forgotten to put in some of the better points.
Sorry if I have left this post incomplete!

I discovered the "Library Thing"!

And it's good!

I can catalogue all my books online.Neat stuff.

I came across the Library Thing from someone's blog.The author had a library thing widget.

You can communicate with ppl who have the same(spookily enough same) interests as you.

There are groups for posting messages.You can make new friends,review books,plus do a lot of other things too!

I'm a beginner,so I'm still at the 'discovering phase'.

Try it oh,you book maniacs.You might like it!

And if you know better sites,let me know!
And if anyone's in "library thing",tell me;I'm with zero friends currently![Boo-hoo!]

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Missed a wedding, so I'm blogging instead

I'm not supposed to be here blogging now.
I was supposed to be at a wedding having fun.
Remember Sporty's sister's wedding?Its today.
But because of a strike;which included vehicles too;I couldn't move outside my home.Mph!
I'm burning with jealousy..
Oh, this place will never improve unless people become pro-active and take measures against these violent elements in the state.Some party people killed their rival party's member.As a sign of protest,the slain's party has called total strike.People don't seem too bothered either, that political murders are happening all the time in this country.They have just grown hard-hearted.
"Another person murdered?Then there won't be any vehicles out today,huh?Bother,I'd thought of doing some shopping today in town".

That's the way they think now.Not something like,
"Another murder?Where is humanity gone to?So sad for that family"

No way!
It's more in this way-
If a party stabs one person,
their rival makes sure to stab at least two.

Disgusting!So pathetic!

And once when my friends were discussing of a particularly brutal murder(the murdered was a school bus driver, a masked gang made all the kids in the bus run away and ran after the distraught driver and stabbed him to death.He is survived by a wife and two very young children.),one said that her acquaintance remarked "very good".

You ask why so?
Because this murder was in retaliation to another murder.And in the latter's case too a small child was left orphaned.

But still,that's no reason to react so coldly.

No wonder we have the highest record of crime committed,when compared to the rest of India.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Wedding season

It's the wedding season at college.
A lot of weddings coming one after the other.
This sunday is Sporty's sister's wedding.And she has invited half the college for it.So its sure that we'll have a ball this Sunday!!
On February 3rd,we'll be witnessing the wedding of a classmate.Yipes!
Atleast 4 girls are engaged, and getting married this year itself.
And amidst all this hullabaloo some of my friends are getting dreamy-eyed wondering what their wedding day will be like.
Don't dare ask me!
I'm not into weddings at all.If anything I'm the one who was shell shocked, when one classmate whom I didn't expect to get married so soon,online declared that she's engaged.
And I was like--NO WAY!
And such other thoughts buzzing in my head.

So what's my plan to do after college?
Study some more years,get a good job,save money,go globe trotting,then live single!!!!

That's it!

I know it mightn't work out the way I want it,but still..who's gonna stop me from dreaming?
That's the original post.Mom was troubled by my declaration to be a single.
Just for a peaceful life.I'd rather stay away from getting mommy tensed.;)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Of commuting and classes

Yet another mad day.
And in my world,there is no shortage of weird days.

So the beginning of the day..I'll track from reaching college onwards.
Commuting everyday back and forth has made me tough,yes.
But there are things I really hate.
Women with oily hair flying in the wind.-It's not at all romantic.Yuck!Sometimes the rush gets so much,and I'm jammed behind this woman-with-flying-hair.The hair is everywhere.My face gets oily as well(ugh),not to forget the whole sticky sit. itself.And I'm like,GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!
The conductor working his way along the aisle,squeezing past women-Mph,he acts like he is the Supreme Deity himself, rolling eyes at students just because they have their students' concession.Oh, the insults a student endures each and every day..And adults thought we were living carefree.NOT!
And several other things that I shall blog next time


Classes were going on,that's right.Me and friends were strolling outside in the green campus.
As Namitha puts it,"let the classes go their own way,we shall go our way!"
Didn't sit for even one class.
Me and mates are getting very arrogant,now that we have scored good marks along with pursuing bunking as a kind of hobby.
Makes sense actually.We were able to watch the M gang's boys playing school games like hide-and-seek, and many others.Probably show-off.But we had a good laugh.

I'm listening to radio on Namitha's cell-phone.Pals note there's no point.I must be suffering from Attention Deficit something-something, 'cos I don't feel like listening to anything more than one nano-second!
And they say this is major?
Grow up sweeties..

The second hour we had a hard time deciding where to sit.Wherever we turned,our department's faculty were there.Sheesh!It was kinda comic,us running away,only to clash into yet another professor!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Regrets and missing


The youth cultural fest is done with.I could have gone too.But-I voluntarily quit.Why?
I won for film review,first place.
Bodhana wanted me to do poetry,since she was damn too busy.
I end up swapping places with Vinaya.She takes up film reviewing,and I-poetry.
Or even better-Versification.
That's how we planned.But things don't turn out the way you plan,do they?
Not always,anyway.

I was gloomy @ the prospect of a youth festival without my sweet big bruv.
And when the day was declared,I backed out.So naturally,Vinaya too.
It somehow didn't seem fun without him.

And here I was,regretting the decision.Afterall,I could have had fun!
Vinaya had another trip connekted with the youth fest.So she didn't regret as much.
She along with Vaika,Nazar,Supri dear and[?] were participating in Western Music section.

I could have done that,but I skipped out on that too.Regret#2.

Well,they were supposed to have gone on sunday for the youth fest-on our classmate's wedding.

But here again,I show you the distance btw a person's decision and what actually happens in the end.

The whole thing got cancelled b'cos they didn't have a bass guitarist,I think.
Vinaya 'n' Vaika ended up attending the wedding with us!

P.S-Missing you terribly,bruv!!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Being me-self

What after slowly recovering from that sad death, I'm slipping back to my uncaring attitude.
It's not like I'm so nasty.Not at all.
The uncaring pose is just so fake.
I just put it on so as not to get hurt.And believe me, I'm too sensitive for my own good. Even the smallest remark can drown me down into a self-hating abyss...
I'm the worst of the whole lot..Everyone's just around me just because of some kind of formality..No one really loves me..It's all just pity..
Worser thoughts have happened.But they are best kept hidden within me.

If I seem cold,it's only because I imagine that everyone is just putting up with me.So in order to "release" them from the drama, I just slip into my uncaring attitude.

Hey, but I'm not like that always! This self-hating is only a phase that happens once in a while.Otherwise I'm pretty happy and crazy.A party animal(but I'm NOT an animal.I object to that description)

Spread the loooooooove everwhere!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Yet another death.Yet another acquaintance I know.
When mom hung up on the phone and told me what had happened and asked me who had died,well,what can I tell you?
I felt knocked out,breathless.
I knew her from college.Sometimes travelled together even.
Apparently her dupatta(shawl) got caught when trying to cross the rails.They somehow didn't notice the train that rushed past a second later,which left her dead.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon.

Mom was worried I might get too worried.But for me it was just another reminder that death is always sharp in front of you.
For me it was Shani's death all over again.
[My cousin,my dear brother, left us last year May6th.Praying to Allah,that we shall all meet again in happy circumstances in the Hereafter.Ameen]

Couldnt help crying.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 has arrived!!!! So what?

Hello everyone!

Long time since I blogg'd something,I think.

Well,I have crashed back to reality.After the 15 days of laziness and non-existence..its back2business.

(wondering what I mean by "non-existence"? I don't really like rules.I just make up words to air what I mean.So what I meant by 'non-existence' is---I ceased to be a person,the face I show in outer circles_I was at ease with myself.Not at all self-conscious.Usually when I'm around strangers,I'm guarded.Like Chloe in the book 'Sold Out'. Sorry,obviously you are wondering which Chloe.Anyway,coming to the point;what I meant was that I wasn't at all worried about the person called me.)

So the new year has arrived.

Am I not excited?

Not at all.I barely gave it a thought,except for wishing my friends and family the cliched 'HAPPY NEW YEAR!'

After all the new year bashes,what's left? Or does anyone care? Are the parties just for the sake of "fun"? To forget the tensions and worries for the time being?

2007 has gone.2008 has arrived.Does the changing of a year matter to me?Does it make any difference?

Once it used to.I used to make resolutions to be a good kid,stay out of trouble etc. etc..
I had end up breaking them the very next day itself.Its all just a kind of ritual.

Every year I hope,yes this year will be better.Lesser violence in India,no communal riots at all, no more wars, no more tensions, peace prevails...
And every year, I'm left bitter.
Hopes burst out---yet again.....

Still I keep on praying and trying to do my bit towards a better,secular India.

Love to all,bye!!!!!!

Anyway,I don't want to sound like a party-pooper.So happy new year to everyone!!!!