Saturday, December 12, 2009


Back! And it feels real good too, [even though no one seems to have noticed that I haven't blogged in a while. =( ]

So what's going on in my life now?
  • Aunt gives birth to the prettiest tiny baby girl. Mom, myself and a lot of people are really cooing around it, but there were a couple of weirdos who think baby boy would have been better. I don't get it! Baby girls are prettier any day!
  • Exams over. I officially am a second semester student this coming Monday onwards.
  • This blog of mine just became 2 years old on November 30th, and I didn't even have time to notice. Heartfelt apologies baby! Love you!
  • I'm in crush. Again.
And the link is judging-book-by-cover
Hey, if anyone is interested in the venture, put in a comment. I'd love the company. :)
  • I'm pretty hyped about it, since it's been a long time plan and I got time just now.
  • Reading Twilight and some other books simultaneously.
  • I realize I'm a pretty good Music-Suggester. Literally everyone who has got a taste of my recommendations, have loved it so far. Yay to me!
  • Started going for a Qur'an study class today. Weekly once thing. And no. They don't teach ANYTHING even remotely related to bombs or anything violence.Funny how such a peaceful religion got misconstrued as something so scary. I had like to learn about Islam, then jump on to understand more about Hinduism, Christianity, Zen Buddhism and on and on if possible.
  • Wish I had time and money to take piano classes. :(
  • Rahul has awarded me some awards and tags. Yippee!! Apparently he's doing a wholesale thingy of awards. I got three so.

So as per rules, I have to award deserving bloggers that I know.
Here we go:
"Ladies and gentlemen, and the "I love your blog" award goes tooooooooo.........
Nishi and Mohua!!"

applause all around

And the Kreative blog award goes to:
Blue Butterfly and Truth!!!!
bigger applause

And the One Lovely blog award goes to
[though i should admit the more appropriate award would be "Best Resurrection of the year award"]

  • And Rahul, will do your tag next post, or the post after that, or the one after that, or after that..... :P
Some time!


I'll try 2 be truthful said...

i did, i did wonder what happened to you :)

and thanx for the award * flying kiss* ;)

book blog eh ? would love to visit it sometime but later ,exams about 2 start :(.

thanx for rechristening me truth, sounds cool.

new crushhh??????? tell tell :D :P

oh and congrats on the new neice :) boy/ girl all babies have the softy nicey feeling :)

Matangi Mawley said...

hey... book blog is a gr8 idea!!! i already love it! :) realli nice entry there.. n congrats on u'r blog running for two yrs nw! :) n u r right.. i d completely ignored my blog anniversary too.. oct 2006! 3 yrs n running- n no acknowledgement yet! bad me!! :)

good one!

The Wanderer said...

"[even though no one seems to have noticed that I haven't blogged in a while. =( ]"... well hello!!!

btw thanks for the award re.. shared love.. but

i love the book review wala idea...i wud luv to read and post to it...

AND.. I too started a new blog.. ... about music i like :)... was thinking of asking you to be a contributor .. coincedence re :)

Kk said...

Learing Islam, even I wanted to so so much! I wish I had that much time to accommodate all those into my life.
He the new blog's theme looks good! I am readin ur first blog there!

Bluebutterfly said...

YAY !!
first blog award for me !!
thank you very much...
back at ya too actually !!

and congratulations on the birthday of the blog...

and spill details about the crush please !