Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rain-Bikes,Birthdays,Photo Sessions...and Aditi and Pappu

I'm talking about Wednesday first because that was the best day of the week. Hope you guys have the luck myself and Vrinda had!
good luck!

I realise I'm quite broke in the evening and so had to take a lift from Vrinda. Had to take? Not exactly, cos I love bikes,I love bikes and I love Vrinda! She turns on the engine and we are ON! In between before we'd made a quarter of the ride, Vrinda made the first halt to take out her driving glasses to stop the dust from getting in the eyes.
I'm riding full-saddled. Hey, comfort first, maintaing feminine illusions is only next!
By the time we reach the Court areas, the climate had progressed to a full-fledged downpour. We giggle down to our second halt. I take out my umbrella and by then the rain is down to a minimum of a drizzle. On the bike again and off we start, this time with the umbrella as well. We wouldn't have bothered about an umbrella if it hadn't been for the fact that you can't drive smooth with rain blinding your eyes. But the strong winds keep trying to blow the umbrella out of my hands. And the place we were driving along was very close to the sea. So really,really strong gales. The umbrella finally breaks off the hold and__flies awayyyy! We were like, "oh shit!" and laughing our heads off. Vrinda halts for the third time in the ride and I step off to pick up the umbrella. All the while with my face and hers split into smiles and drenched to the bones. The umbrella wasn't helping much and the rain had come down. So we drove with the umbrella folded and put aside and enjoyed the rain. We still had to make a fourth halt when it got too heavy to see straight.
You can guess the scenario. No frustration. 2 girls laughing like mad,pointing at a broken umbrella (yes, it got twisted) and pointing at each other's wet clothes. We couldn't even wipe our glasses as there was no part of us which wasn't wet! Both couldn't stop saying over and over again, "This is the best ride I've ever had!"
Finally reached our places.
Drenched, cold and happy as a 'nything.

KS's 11th birthday. Happy birthday dahling!! I still can't believe the Kid Sis is growing up, and that too in such a short time!
At college, my pals and meself wolf down the biriyanis me and Vrinda brought in a matter of nano-seconds.
Somehow by 2.30pm all our buddies have left college. That is,except me,Namitha and Vrinda. We take out my camera, and it's clickety-click,snappity-snap-snap-snap!! Climbed broken walls and trees for cool poses. And since our college has a history of more than 200 years, there were millions of places to discover! After snapping each other in every thinkable place and pose, we used the auto-timer and laughed and giggled for the camera. Plus we went into a mini-jungle and climbed trees (trying to be oblivious to the presence of biting ants and worse biting insects). Obviously by the time we stepped out of there, the 3 of us were scratching arms and feet.
Babes in the woods, but not at all lost!

*Tuesday- Vinaya is mighty jealous that we held a photo-session when she wasn't around. Mind you, she's the first camera-obsessed among us. (I became camera-obsessed only after I owned one.) Morning onwards I'm all pepped up. But by 10am, Namitha,Vinaya,Vaikhari and Nimisha leave to watch that very-hyped "Dashavataram" of Kamal Hasan. Seriously, I'd have been suffocated to watch the same man 10 times over in the span of 3 and a half hours. Ragitha,Prajisha and myself stay back and do a photo session. Cute photos turn up. Noon and we did a house-hunting. Futile search,I may add. By then, our movie-going pals have returned and are speechless. Yes,they loved it and were mind-blown. To tell you more, they mark the movie as an "experience" in itself. What do I know? I'll just don the garb of Scroogie for now.
Bah, Humbug!
Vinaya is all-consuming jealous by now when she learns that we conducted yet another photo-session without her. Hey! Nimisha swept me off my feet literally and had the moment immortalised by Prajisha who handles the cam. I couldn't stop giggling! By this time, a misunderstanding has begun and a spat over between Offbeats and a friend. No one's too sure what triggered him to talk so.
Was he on dope? drunk? or in love???
Anyways, we clicked more photos.

At college,Vrinda has already dished out our adventure to all and we can barely stop laughing when we so much as look at each other. *Sigh!
The best ride on wheels yet!
Vaikhari has finally fallen in love with "Aditi", so has Namitha. Which means everyone is singing "aditi" all the time. Then it's "Pappu Can't Dance".
Photo sessions. Jumping from fences. "strangling" Namitha and Vinaya. But i notice that volunteers for "strangling" Namitha were much higher than for Vinaya.
Say what you want!
Just as I expected Namitha is highly jealous of our very cool bike adventure.
A fight in which many of our friends get hurt. What was worse is that the whole "friction" began right from the place we were. Very ouch feeling for the rest of the day.
A movie star comes to college for some club inauguration.
On a happier note, Prajisha's birthday!!!!
Took videos of the whole thing. I'd taken along my pipe. nothing too excellent. in fact, it makes a very ugly noise when blown, which had everyone in splits!That's exactly why I bought it at the flea market. Plus it lengthens when you blow. Extra fun. The childishness of the whole thing had Prajisha and everyone else tiring themselves out laughing.

Amazing write up, Farzad! Kudos!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Der Musikal Tag

I'm gonna do some revival and cheer myself and y'all!
I'd thought of doing Nishi's musical tag, but got a bit dragged down. So, here is your Raphael, trying to get back in form!
First of all, put your MP3 player/media player on shuffle.
For each question, press the next button for your answer.
You should write the song down, NO MATTER WHAT.
and hey, NO CHEATING!

Take me away-Avril Lavigne Well, you should know if it's ok or not.Why should you ask me?

Sajni- Jal Sajni means "sweetheart/darling something, right? I'm not too sure.. Anyways, me thinks of myself as "sajni"? C'mon! I'm not that vain!

Umbrella-Rihanna "When the sun shines,we'll shine together,told you I'll be here forever,said I'll always be your friend,took an oath, I'mma stickin on till the end.."
That's ALL I want to hear!
But Umbrella ain't exactly what I'd like in someone else. Mebbe something cuter and mo' significant?

Reason-Hoobastank "I'm not a perfect person..but I continue learning"
Too true.

Tamiza,Tamiza-Roja. Tamil version of "Bharat mera,jaan se bhi pyara hain"
Is there any better purpose??? Than being of purpose to your country??? I love India, no matter what!

Udh jana- Jaan-e-mann Flyyyy awayyyy!! Vi always tells me that I've the most impractical dreams. I don't dream with my feet on the ground. I soar and fly. After all, dream dream dream, like our former cool prez APJ Abdul Kalam said!

Fall to pieces-Avril Lavigne They do feel that I'm too much fallen in love with my blog "Pieces of Me"! But on the song words- "I don't wanna fall to pieces, I just wanna sit and stare at you. I don't wanna conversation. cos I'm in love with you."
Really? My friends actually love me?? So sweet!

Hips don't lie-Shakira. Umm, can't really make much sense of that one.

Complicated-Avril Lavigne Ah! That's too right! Moi thoughts sure ARE complicated!

10.WHAT IS 2+2?
In the end-Linkin park Hey! Now I'm not even THAT bad at maths as to figure out this one simple problem. I mean, "In the end,it doesn't need to matter. I tried so hard and got so far."
2+2 isn't so hard to figure out! Insultingly simple! Me ain't singing 'In the end' for sure! Mph!

Let the music plae-Shamur Well, relationships with best friends are musical. They flow like melodies. so yes, ooh aah let tha muzic plae on!!

Ishq ada- Ada And do note that it was the female version too! excellent!
Vaniya on the other side got "Chasing Cars-Snow Patrol". funny!

Shadow of the day-Linkin Park And the shadow of the day will embrace the world in grey/And the sun will set for you... Take what meaning you may, cos I can't!

Kiya kiya-Welcome "kiya kiya kya kiya, kya kiya hain sanam.." What had I do??

Bandya(rock version)-Khuda Kayliye I'm not sure what the song means. but the music is terrific!

I knew I love you-Savage Garden I swear I didn't manipulate this tag! But how matchink the song is! Obviously they knew they'd love me even before they met me....
I love them too!

Pappu Can't Dance- JTYJN Why had I want to bitch about Pappu on MY wedding day? I've no idea..

The little things give you away-Linkin Park LP again on this tag. That's a nice song there. But seriously, I'm not yet sure if I want songs on my funeral. I'd rather choose prayers. Though that sounds boring. I'm theist!

Lose Control-Rang de Basanti Huh? of what?

Hotel California "such a lovely place..." I myself didn't realise till now that hotel california holds some skeletons in its closet about me. Doh!

Aicha-Outlandish So sweet,so beautiful. Everyday like queens and kings on their thrones. Sacrifice all the tears in my eyes..

Sure, thanks to God, it is one big Jashn bahaara!

Pehli Nazar Mein-Race

this next question is my own tweak-
but the answer was damned fun!
She's a rebel-Green Day
I am a rebel in my own style. I could barely stop laughing when my media player played this song!!!!!!

I tag anyone who loves MUSIC and BLOGGING!There you go!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm loving the wheels and the rain!

-No, there were no side cars and helmets. And no cats.
I'm in an extremely happy mood now. Guess what? Bike ride again! This time, courtesy sweetheart Vri aka Vrinda. Everybuddy was leaving college phataphat today. Since I wasn't in the mood to go shopping along with my pack, and Vrinda happened to be going along my route, she gives me a lift. She drives way so smooth and fast that I'm loving it!!! I totally lov'd it! So much that I want a bike of my own now. Anyways, great ride, cold chilling winds, rain clouds looming threateningly, me very happy and hoping a lot that this ride would not end. We were slightly on the illegal side cos Vri wasn't wearing a helmet.We reached the bus stop perfectly in sync with the rain drops. My feet had not even so much as touched the ground that it starts raining heavy. Of course Vri couldn't possibly go on in the rain. Apart from the getting-drenched-to-the-bones part, you're partly blinded when u try riding in a downpour. Not a good option when you want to reach home alive. We were to part ways from the town. I had leave for home on a bus. She homeward on her scooter. And since it was raining, I kept her company until the rain had abated. Bought a Nestle Classic and we munched through it, watching the falling drops. Excellent feeling, I swear!

And then, its goodbyes.

PS-On the gloomy side, Ragitha is having a bad time. We think her grandfather is no more. She did get a call from home telling her that her grandpa was grievously ill. Usually such calls come when the person is already dead. Hope its not the case here.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Zi baby comes home/ Z's day out;literally

Apologies for the long disappearance. Anyways I had a lovely week. Wednesday my favorite cousins came home,and Zi came in tow! I got so excited by their arrival that I absented myself from classes the next day. Hey,they stayed for a mere 24 hours man!And its not always that u get cousins to stay. I spent the most of it zooming my lens in on darling-darling Zi, my cutie-pie niece and snapping shots of her. AND talking with my dear brother Mac and sister Zub. Late night, us 3 ended up spending some hours on a Mensa test. Bheja fry sample or what? Phew! But we did scrape a decent 15 marks though.
Anyways, friday was pretty exciting for Z. She got to talk smooth and lots with her Crush. Still flushing post that chat, she steps in for an extremely boring class. You cannot blame Z and her pals for playing an innocent game of Filmy Hangman. Well, her teacher caught them and kicked them outta class. And the idiots still can't stop laughing over it. They actually recorded and shot their fotos together in memory of the day they got kicked out.

Wipe out all that.
I got hold of all my recent wished for songs!!! JTYJN, Ada, Khuda Kayliye and Jal the band.
I simply can't get enough of the ARR songs! Every single one of them is just gorgeous!
Especially Meherban-Ada and Kahi to hogi-JTYJN. And Sajni from Jal,the Pak band. AND Bandya from Khuda kayliye. AND....
oh well, you better stop me or I will continue gushing on about my favourite composers and artists and all.

Ciao for now.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Great Beginning to the Ending of everything =(

First week of final year has been mah-vellous!!
-Though I had just three days of college out of the five days. Tuesday fell sliiiightly sick, Thursday was hartal in protest against price rise. Yeah,I protest too!

Monday: Brimming with happiness, new clothes and I had taken the new chunky bag, everyone's hugging and soooooooo happy to get back home. Home for us anyways. No classes,so we do our usual thing. Loaf,sing, being happy, trying to spread the contagious happiness to others as well. And everyone's at their humorous best. It's not always that we click well and laugh at all that is being said. I mean,yes-we too have our share of boring days. But this week sure was fantastic!
Well, first day itself,and myself and Namitha reach late. Thankfully,no classes. Z's crush is down now,at least her feelings were not on them.
Anyways,after two naughty-wacky years as front benchers, we move to back bench. Yup,we are part of the elite Back Benchers Club now!!
Vrinda aka Vri has bought scooty. good on ya, pal!
But on the down side? None of my friends have noticed the cool "Aditi"! And I was like, "whaaaaaaaaaat? and you don't even feel embarrassed to admit that you're this ignorant???"
Cold lemonades might be the reason why I had to absent myself from college the very next day.

So on tuesday I'm at home while they are gift-shopping for Vaikhari,Vrinda,Nimisha and Sajla (belated birthday gift-shopping, I may add).

Wednesday, back to college! No Namitha as she had dental appointment. Today for the first time after a year, we actually sat down for all 5 hours!!!! Can you digest the fact that we sat in the same place for more than 10 minutes?????? Enlightening though. Some light chit chat sort of intro first hour followed by being terrorised by Prof Efthikar on Translation theory and practise (which is what he's taking for us) about how difficult it is yet wonderful. Doh! Department head is taking Conversational Skills. Yes! after missing him for a year,he's back in class for us taking, u guessed it ryt! Phonetics,accents,intonation,stress,timing and the whole package of it. Dr Prathibha and Prof Babu taking Broadcasting and Script Writing.
Wanna know what she says on taking up the correct subject for project?
" Doing a project is like getting married" *collective 'huh's from all around. "If u choose something based only on initial attraction, the relation will fail. Make sure you can hang out with the subject/partner for at least a whole year, otherwise the "wedding" will get annulled."
I hope I marry the right subject!
Lunch time we finally are freed and sing and go wild.

June 5th thursday is hartal,so we are at home watching rain and quite enjoying ourselves at home.
Friday it's back to college!!!!!! Felicitation day to honour (as usual) the rank holders. And I get my white top all coloured by my wet dupatta which seems to be the culprit. I had to change clothes from dad's place. okies, I snap pictures of the programme and they ACTUALLY repeat the prize-giving act for my camera!! Cool me and my cool camera. Oh yeah, I finally find a pal who has listened to and loved "Aditi". Well,compared to my cousins who all have excellent and similar music tastes, my friends lag behind. So its a relief to find someone with whom I can gush on about ARR. Post lunch, its photo session time and we record videos on my camera when singing and gifting Nimisha and Vaikhari their gifts. Happy times..
By the way, my poem is appreciated by the department's in-house magazine editor. I had mailed him my latest creation for the magazine this year.
I will post it here AFTER it is published at college!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The year after the Beginning, and before the Ending

This one's a look-back at my past academic year. The fun year! This might be rather long, you are warned!

June- Second year begins, on a rather sullen note for me since I was still melancholic with my cousin's death. But my friends helped me recover soon. Vaikhari moved into Vinaya's home. My favorite surrogate brother calls! Admitted that I have more surrogate relationships than anyone else around me. But he's my blue-eyed boy! The felicitation thingy. Doesn't help much that our dept always bags ranks as a habit. And we have to always do speeches and organise events. Sound of Music rules. I share my S.o.M cd with friends and we're singing High on a hill was a lonely goatherd, Maria, the Farewell Song etc.. Last year's crush still flickerin' from somewhere within. New lecturers, we get prejudices against some, but that changes soon. Begin- the Cognitions workshop. Kinda ok with that since my pack always happen to be together in everything, adventure/misadventure. Got new friends bcos of those Communicative Skills classes. Me and Vinaya get seriously bitching abt irresponsibility of our dept with....our teachers Prof Babu&Efthikar! Actually we bitch abt everything with our teachers, they're all more informal than any other dept. I have the best deptmental family in here!! Books,books and more of 'em. New ma'am for journalism, she roxx! By now we bgin bunking Cognition classes.They were gettin too bawring. Singing songs all over the place, "like the gypsies", Anil sir quips! Some teachers are taking 3month leaves. So thoughtful of them..
27 June- Prajisha's b'day. Gift her bag, bookmark and card.

July-Novel summary assignment. These classes when Leena ma'am make us summarise novels is fun. We get to ask the person questions and make 'em sweat, (obviously they havent read the whole thing yaar!)
Windsurfing on the buses to college and from college as always. Wimbledon matches. Federer equals Borg's record of 5 Wimbledon titles!!!!!Love ya Fed! Some Union workshop at college, since me and Vinaya are Joint Convenors we HAD to sit down for the revolutionary speeches(which were kind ok).Vaika joins in later, she too a joint convenor. We bgin talking thru paper chits and gestures.Starved thru the 3 hour long programme. The next week witnessed a fight at college. We watched it all! Rain hols declared. Interviews for admission begin. Lots of rain walks and runs!!! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.Me and Vaik deathly worried,"will JKR finish off Harry?" J class- me as Pratibha Patil,prez candidate in meet-the-press. Cool me fended off questions thrown esp by Nami and Vinaya.

August- Literary association of department inaugurated in style.And I'm chosen as Secretary!! Reaching college drenched is becoming a habit for us now.And in Kerala it's raining from June to December virtually! Lunch times are mostly turning into Mad-Hatter's tea-parties.Me and Nimisha arguing passionately(with witnesses-mostly threatened into saying so;)that Idiputtu and Idiyappam are 2 different food items. Others argue as heatedly that they 2 are one and the same.Onam. Welcome party for freshers. Soft-core ragging.Just silly kid stuff. Namitha's birthday-Aug15. Gift her watch and card. 18-Thanzeela's b'day. Riph sweet is back home!Both of us spend quality time together going for shopping and eating out.
Nimisha is all sweetness.For she's the only one who wants to listen me sing Avril,Linkin Park, and anything english.
I enacted Iago in Shakespeare hour!!

Nami n me verbal duel.Well,all of us do! Began Orkut account! Wild singing sessions continue.We were born-entertainers who force our vocal skills on others, *chuckle! Everyone else begin Orkutting as well. Bunkings continue. Strikes n fights. Footloose,settle down near green-house. Vrinda and I race down to Portico.I win! But my footwear wears out=( // Sporty's damn cool-dumps boyfriend and still happy-no heart breaks and tears. Sooraj n Fenrir Greyback distribute toffees to celebrate T20WC Indian win. Bad communications day.Written words hurt deep. Soothing balm from N.But everything's sorta changed.I can forgive,but can't forget. But all's fine now.

October-My big day!!Thanks to Orkut I get my long-lost neighbours and school pals. I invent a story out of Nokia ringtones, Bollywood style!Everyone loved it! Vinaya and Vaikhari get a TV break to dance for their college.EID. Busy times, overloaded with assignments. Jashn-e-Debates season begins.A new dimension of me comes out bcos of this.

November-Debate season begins. finally the impossible has happened.I fall out of luv with the Union's attitude with the rest of my pack.But I still idealise them sort-of.Sajla (popular singer of Kerala, plus our friend,she's my class mate.), Vrinda,Nimisha and me go bag shopping for Sajla after classes.Fun.//22nd is a remarkably awesome day.We all set off for wedding gift shopping for Prajisha's big sis.Vaik was in foul mood from ruck with Achayan.To cheer her we go to a tourist spot near Sports Academy local branch.Vri's friends live there.Me,Nimisha and Namitha ended up fighting over umbrella instead. Off shopping for gift.But all do shopping for themselves, and now we're late.Uff! I bought a cool black bead bracelet.Finally we resolve and buy a pretty dress for her.Vaik-Nimisha fight.Foul moods again.
25th- Prajisha's sister's wedding.What's even more special is that I'm attending my very first Hindu wedding and I'm gonna eat my very first "Sadya" all veg and rice.Fun at wedding,witnessed "thalikkettu" and I made a dumbass of me trying to drink the "rasam" with my hand. Impossible!! After cool wedding, we skip off to Namitha's home.Fun time there too.She's got a parrot couple[Chinnu-Minnu] and a single parrot[Rooney, ya reference to Wayne Rooney!] plus a late dog[Jimmi]. Back home late evening,I'm dead tired. 4th b'day of Harmony!

December- I began "Pieces of Me"-my bloggie pet!! 7th-Ragi's b'day. Sajla buys a Scooty Pep. I learnt "Stone-Paper-Scissor" from my young cousin. Association Inauguration and Film Screening. Can you believe it?Instead of watching TZP with my school buddies Baju&Shamnas( yay, the 3Smashers rollicked all over town that day!), we get sorta trapped in the theatre and hadta watch a stupid B grade Malayalam slapstick comedy cos
TZP was over there.=( Nonetheless, enjoyd the time spent togetha and did laff at some one liners.. I did get to watch TZP later on though.

January 2008-
. I can actually argue patiently and bring rivals down to their knees (as long as they aren't cheating, that is.) My first year's results came finally after 7 months. I met an Orkut friend. Attended class mate's wedding.A first!

February 2008- In semi-finals of debate, won against the odds, beat the Business dept! Are we dark-horse league or what?! GA fractures leg. Namitha and me are crazy abt debates as a whole now, actually hunted down the whole college for juniors' debate! Our winning streak didnt last long.Lost out in the finals, but we still feel something foul in the air.
College day-mega fun, but it ended with me getting a sore throat which later on developed into a full-fledged bad cold. Z is actually me. i crush'd.

March 2008-
Vinaya sprains leg. Bunking spree is very much fun! Friends ho to mere friends jaisa honi chahiye. They motivate crushes and once it is achieved, they will pull u back bfore hings get too complicated!Luv u darlings! Power-packed singing session today.Max fun and croaky throats at the end.Back to back Bolly and spriklings of regional stuff and English.Totally.Rocked.The.Place. Shopping in town,myself bought a cute,chunky bag.=D Tug wars,tributes, crushes-here me and Nami are totally hopeless cases!Happy Feet last edition. Dusk begins blog. Fling and Flirt donno what to do with themselves,can't even call quits, grf!
Official last day of second academic year-
Farewell party went smooth,no hitches and much fun. And on a happier note, smoke has died down!
Then the exams.
The End of a very happy year. happys ending!

Books I read in the second academic year:
English,August-Upamanyu Chatterjee/ Goddess Abides-Pearl S.Buck/Writer's Diary-Virginia Woolf/Villette-Charlotte Bronte/The Bridge Across Forever-Richard Bach/Secret Garden-Frances Hodgson Burnett/Wuthering Heights-Emily Bronte/To Kill A Mocking Bird-Harper Lee/French Lieutenant's Woman-John Fowles/Harry Potter&the Deathly Hallows-JKR/Nanny-Charlotte Bingham/Jonathan Livingston Seagull-Bach/Prophet-Kahlil Gibran/Poems-Matthew Arnold/Rubaiyat-Omar Khaiyyam>Fitzgerald/Disgrace-JM Coetzee/Journey to Ithaca-Anita Desai/Istanbul'Memories of a city-Orhan Pamuk/Unbearable Lightness of Being-Milan Kundera/Clandestine in Chile-Gabriel Garcia Marquez/Persuasion-Jane Austen/Inheritance of Loss-Kiran Desai/Chetan Bhagat/Othello-Shakespeare/Collected Stories-GGM/Hundred Years of Solitude-GGM(man,u need some kind of tough stomach for this book.Weir.D!)/Interpreter of Maladies and other stories-Jhumpa Lahiri/Queen's Confession-Victoria Holt(again and again)

Movies I watched:
Salaam-e-Ishq/Don/Omkara/Khosla ka Ghosla/Bheja Fry/Shrek3/Metro/TaRa RumPum/Chak De!! India/Taare Zameen Par/Dil Hain Ke Maanta Nahi/Music and Lyrics/Pride&Prejudice and In Her Shoes for the Nth time/Om Shanti Om/Race/