Monday, November 2, 2009


Last year, when I was livin' it up as an Under-Grad, Life Was Beautiful, amazing, and most importantly; IRRESPONSIBLE.

not anymore. I don't think I'm being able to get away with any of my normal goofy-ness or lousy behavior thanks to the in-house dictator at my new place. Yep everyone, I'm doing my Masters currently, as y'all might have already noticed. And unfortunately for me, I spend my time under an uber-strict disciplinarian. Ouch. That hurts essentially. Even more when you remember that I'm too much a bohemian to put up with demands for perfection. Anyways, enuf!
Let's talk about nicer stuff.

*Previous years' regulars on my blog; my beautiful girlfriends are all scattered around the state, away from me. [*one long sigh, and then getting back my act together] Missing them all!
The coolest thing though? NONE of us chose our direct Master's course. As in, apart from Vaika[who's an Economics grad], everyone of my gang is a Functional English grad [DYSfunctional if you please].
  1. I chose Master in Library and Information Science [doesn't sound posh or swanky, but is quite a good choice] {MLISc}
  2. Namitha chose Masters in Journalism. {MCJ}
  3. Vinaya chose PG in Social Work.{MSW}
  4. Vaikhari dahling is doing Master in International Relations. [DEFINITELY swanky!]
  5. Ragitha is doing her MBA
  6. Oh! Prajisha got married! Might take up Bachelor in Edu next year,hopefully.
  7. Nimisha is in her Master of Hospital Administration, and loving it. [actually, everyone's loving what they chose!]
  8. And our very sporty Vrindha is ready for some literal jet-settin' with her IATA studies.
See? I absolutely LOVE how different we are from the normal lot. =)

*Next bit of randomness is something quite big.

*I'm soooo proud of the people I love!
Another of the people I really really adore and love is gearing up for her UGC NET exam in English Literature. Aw, I love her sooo much! =)

*I've officially fallen in love with my all-new,shorter hair. I don't exactly flaunt it at college, but I do at home, much to mom dear's chagrin. ;)

*Waiting for December to come save me, 'cos by end of first week of December my semester exams will be O.V.E.R. Then I can go and kill myself over the amazing books at my University library, plus watch the tonnes of good movies in my system.

*Again waiting for the time of December, to have a real, looooooong chat with my wonderful online neighbours. Plus do some quality blogging.

*I would soooooo love to drive up and down to college on my own. But then, I would miss out on the daily chaos I get from public transport!

*I'm working on this imaginary script where I'm settled in Delhi as a librarian with a BIG salary. Single, and friends strewn all over the metro. Niiiiice. I grab an occassional pani-puri once in a while during the story [somethin I don't get here in South India much]

*Probably forgotten the better bits of randomness. But hell, I'm late for college! Byyyyye!!


Matangi Mawley said...

one thing i must say.. all those ppl u ve mentioned over there.. really ammmmmazing choice of study!all of them!

nicely put..

Bluebutterfly said...

Wow... congrats to your sista... !!!
Its great when everybody finds what they have been working towards you know...

Why go for imaginary ??
come down to Delhi, we'd go crazy eating pani puri... plenty of that around here :))))

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

hehe do work on the script and turn it into a reality :)

and short hair eh? planning get me hair something too
all paraku hai yaar :) all the best .

Anonymous said...

It is removed

Unknown said...

@ matangi- thanks! i know!

@ blue- my sista? what'd she do? u mean my sis-in-law? yep, she's amazing! thanks for the invitation to dilli- will contact u if i ever land there!

@ truth- hope so!

@ anonymous- i'm sorry, what is removed?