Thursday, February 26, 2009

Paper Planes in the time of Intonation

This is a li'l post about ''Pen Planes''[not to be confused with the "Paper Planes" track from the SDM soundtrack, which, btw, was a really nice piece] that got transfigured into Fighter Planes when things got unbearably monotonous and dragging in the class. 5 straight hours of accent classes. Come on now! Human mind cannot concentrate for more than 45 minutes at a length, how are we poor souls supposed to keep our minds on intonation, rhythm, stress, supra segmental features and all that jazz for FIVE STRAIGHT HOURS???

Namitha and Vrinda had opted to stay away from class all morning, while me [usually superbly lazy to get my ass off the Main Entrance stone benches and walk up for classes] donned on the "studious" attitude for a change and stepped into class, along with the always-in-class darlings Vinaya, Ragitha and Prajisha.

One hour went along with Vinaya sneakily taking pictures of the class without the sir knowing. And by the third hour our back bench was behaving like a bunch of elementary brats.
Y'know that noise kids make while driving an imaginary car? With the lips they go all
Well, apart from me the other 3 could make the noise puhfectly well. I couldn't admit that I wasn't good at stuff, could I?
So, here I was saying, yeah, you people drive cars and all, but I'm used to flying planes, which is why I made the noise "BWWWWW-WW-WWW!!!"

What followed later was put into a short "war report" by me in the next hour of mundane accenting.
Here it is! Along with the pictures we sneakily snapped when the sir wasn't watching.
Lieutenant Raphael's missile

that's my missile (Vinaya argued logically that a refill was a missile, it couldn't be a fighter plane)
Lieutenant Raphael's missile has been hijacked by Flight Commander Vinaya. Captain Prajisha has provided Lt. Raphael with a passenger plane to take revenge on Ft Comm Vinaya. The fighter plane pilot Raphael is using the passenger plane at supersonic speed to bombard Ft Commando Ragitha's unsuspecting jet. I had forgotten that my original motive was to attack Vinaya's pen, oooops- fighter plane! All the while Flight Commander Vinaya is texting to Trainee pilot Namitha not to enter war zone III year Functional English. Namitha probably had second thoughts and wanted to attend class. but me and Vinaya felt that it was better to stay away from this mundane and advised her so thru text messages. span class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_28">M>Trainee pilot Vrindha is accompanying her.
Content of the message; "Terrorist English attacking us. Do not approach".

But Trainee Pilot Namitha seems eager to approach despite warnings.
The war seems near an end, but the enemy was holding us hostage. Ft Lt Raphael grew impatient and, as Ft Commander Vinaya reports,
"there is lack of ammunition and the enemy is holding us prisoners."
We pleaded and begged with sir to let us go with all sorts of reasons and excuses, but our teacher is way
smarter than us, sigh!

After an hour more of weary fighting, the soldiers got a brief respite. After consuming their rations [read, food] the attack resumes. After an initial "rat-a-tat-a-tat!!" soldiers settled into routine fighting. The trainee pilots who hadn't been at the war zone all morning, along with a relative newcomer Faheem have also entered the fight. Though our army is stronger in number, the enemy has the final authority. Which makes a potential rebellion near at hand.

my passenger plane-cum-fighter plane.
or was it Vinaya's?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Was it worth all that hype?

first off,

I'm in high spirits since ARR won the Oscar and I'm a long time self-confessed ARRahmaniac. Plus the Oscar for Resul Pookutty was the icing on the cake. As he's just as much a Malayali as me.

But was Slumdog worth all that hype and Oscars?
I didn't think so. Not because they showed a poor India, but the story is just another typical bollywood trash. All that lost-and-found-and-lost again love story, rags-to-riches element... and there were glaring flaws too. i can't believe a quiz master could be so rude to a chai-walla on a TV show. That's sort of impossible.
like Vinaya said, "Bollywood story made by Hollywood".
Well put!

And music?
ARR has made music million times better than this soundtrack for sure.

Why didn't Rang De basanti get the oscars?story-wise, music-wise, directionwise and in every other sense that was such a perfect movie.

It deserved the golden statuette but doesn't get it 'cos it was not made by a Western guy?
But I gotta say that technically it was fantastic, even though there wasn't much logic in the whole movie, the cinematography was perfect.
Best Motion Picture Award?
But like my friends said, the movie is not to be blamed, it's the jury that needs a spanking.



i had a hell lot more to say but i'm darned busy with exam preparations. catcha later!

and has anyone heard from Nishi? she seems to have disappeared-

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Meet The Pets

This one was meant to be posted ages,ages ago. Sorry for the delay--
Hope you enjoy meeting my family!

Meet my pets for today.
I had them all set for a photo session, and by the end of it, a story "happened" quite accidentally!
That's The Family.
The snow white one is my eldest. Snuffles. ain't he like smouldering???

And this would be Darcy, the cutest and my darling! 5 years old, and this will probably be my last one I thought, because dad was growing tired of my obsession with soft toys. And I wasn't showing too many signs of stopping my liking for them.

Then three years ago, this gorgeous strut down all the way from China-via-Muscat down to India!! Lacking a better choice in names, I finally named her "Harajuku". Obviously inspired from Gwen Stefani's single "Rich Girl". Don't remember? Then I shouldn't have reminded you!

Yes! Harajuku and Darcy are very much together and happy too, as you can see. Don't they look adorable?

But look at who is approaching this friendly gathering, will you.

That's Padfoot, Harajuku's jealous ex.

The confrontation scene.
Darcy: Leave my girl aloooooooneeeeee!
Padfoot:(ever the bad boy) She's miiiiiine.......
[lots of tension going on with Harajuku clinging on to Darcy.]
{doubt- she doesn't seem to have any hands, how is she to cling onto him??}

That'd be little Yellow [the youngest member. my kid sis gifted it to me when I wouldn't stop whining] watching the whole drama from his house.

I got bored and left. by the time I returned only Snuffles was there being goofy and rolling on the sofa. Turns out Padfoot made Harajuku cry and stormed out.

p.s- you noticed that I'm a Sirius obsessed person, huh?
Ah well, I'm the person who still cries her eyes out every time she reads about Sirius and his death scene especially.

Not meant to be read, not meant to be seen

This one is just about giving vent. Otherwise I might just suffocate.
And since I'm entirely sure that the people concerned with this issue are NEVER going to read my blog, I don't have to worry about what they will think either. This is better this way.

About that debate thing. And how I spoilt it all up. What was the reason?
Supri insists that I was on empty stomach and that was why.
Nay, I disagree. I could go and ace a test on an empty stomach [if i wanted to, that is].
I was entirely stressed and I wasn't prepared well enough. and we had been waiting hours at a stretch. But that reason seems unreasonable as my debate partner had been waiting just as much.
Whatever the reason, one week or more after that and I'm still feeling bad, ashamed, depressed and most of all--guilty.
I let down a lot of expectations. We could have actually won that competition. As easy as anything. If I hadn't muddled it all up. Well, my friend was quite perfect. But I fumbled and didn't fire back properly and forgot how much good I'd been at this and even reached the finals last year........before THAT controversy and we couldn't make it as the winners.

Anyways, what's most important is that I haven't gotten over it, even though my team mate was so generous and forgiving. Crap! I can't help feeling ashamed for that fiasco.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wannabe do-gooder

Everyone wants to do good. Most remain dreamers hoping to do something right, but never really doing anything.
And some take that courageous step ahead and shout out their protest,
"No! What's happening in my country just isn't right. I love my country and I just won't let anyone abuse my land. I just can't bear seeing all the wrong and remain silent."

And what happens?
Impediments all the way through.
Everyone's out and about to stop you from doing any sort of honest service to the country.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


[continuing on the last post]
...And what happens when none of your hard work shows?
You end up not being your usual best,
Disappoint everyone who had lots of expectations pinned on you,
[either the long wait took a toll on you,
you were just too confident and didn't bother to be better prepared]/

And all that's left are broken expectations, hopes, mortification.
None of that bombarding with rhetoric you'd hoped to cash in on.
* * * * * *

Neither do you win for the film review which you wrote so well.