Thursday, December 27, 2007

I distance everybody

I thought I would share some lines from Richard Bach's "The Bridge Across Forever".
What is related in those lines are my ideas voiced by Bach. The reason as to why I never give my all to anyone,why the moment I feel I'm getting attached to anyone..I just walk away..not even an explanation given.
Anyway,here are the lines..You tell me what you feel about it.

" I distance everybody.
I don't let anyone get too close to me.
I never want to get attached to anybody."
(Then someone asks): "What's wrong with getting attached to anybody
"Because I might make a huge investment of hope to one human being and then lose it all."

So what's your take?

Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy feet!


Allez everyone!

I thought I would share with you one really crazy thing that me n my friends did. o.k,this happened last month or so.

In the morning,we were practicing for the debate.Topic was a bit cliche. "Mass media's influence on youth". My team was in favour of the influence.Which meant we were supporting every stupid thing on telly too.Anyway,we had a helluva lot of fun practicing.Our otherwise strict ma'am was real cool and having fun with us too.

After lunch,we had THE FIGHT.Nothing so big.We won through and through!!!!!!!Yeah babe, we won!Then it was praise for our hard work and blah blah.

Now comes the fun part.After college,we walked towards the bus-stop.The stroll is always leisurely.Shady trees all the way.And there isn't much hustle-bustle either.Very romantic actually.So we people get to see many couples walking slowly.

So when we began walking, Ragi's slipper broke.Vinaya advised her to walk bare foot up to the place the road ended.It's a clean road,so no worries.In the end,what happened was that all of us-the 6 of us took off our slippers to give her company!!When the other students came by, they sort of rolled their eyes at the sight of 7 girls walking with their footwear in their hands;as if we were not walking down a road,but some beach! As if all this was as normal as anything else!

It went even madder when our English professors saw us in this manner.We told him the reason-that we were giving our friend a bit of moral support! So when they saw Ragitha too holding her slippers(they didnt realise that it was her slipper that had broken):"I thought at least you had some sense my dear!Why are you walking like this?" Ha ha ha!!!!!!

But naughty girl Namitha didn't co-operate with our madness.She just walked on as always.To which Vaikhari called her "pinthirippan murachi"!!!!!!!!ok,only Mallus can understand that! Don't you wanna know what happened to Namitha? A crow shitted on her!And guess what,she was the only one carrying an umbrella!!!!!!!

That was one incident when we all got truly jazzed up!

Oh yeah, I finished the Inheritence of Loss.


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Scared of loneliness

I know its been a long time since the last post.And it's not bcos of any post-Eid fuzziness!The vacation is getting on me.Really beginning to feel restless.I almost feel like going and doing a bungee jump!!!!!!But obviously,I'm not upto something of that level.Why,even a plane trip drives me half mad! ;) Though the reason's more of my being a slight claustrophobic.
Elevators,cars with closed windows,planes,auto-rickshaws(when they put down the side-flaps during rains) etc.Just some of the things that make me feel wrapped up.Scary!
Nothing special.I'm sort of getting bored in Orkut.Thinkin' of moving on to "Perfspot",that Doc. sweety suggested.It's pretty cool!
Been 5 days since met my college friends.Suddenly nothing makes much difference.I'm almost prepared for betrayal or cheating or anything of the sort from any of my friends.Maybe I'm just being dramatic.Like Ekta Kapur serials.But ever sice that fatal scrawl nothing's ever the same.Do I want them to read this?
Maybe I do.
Maybe I don't.
They are;all of them;such darling friends.
Be it Sleepy,Quiet,Fat,Phony,Sporty,Smily or Dusk..everyone's lovable.

But I just want to be 'armed',just in case-y'know.I don't want to be in for a shock.Better be prepared.I know they won't do anything of that sort.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Eid Mubarak!

Greetings to all for Eid-ul-Adha!!!!!!!

That's all for today.I've to celebrate too,nah?
Well,actually no.Today only Middle East celebrates Eid.Indians have their Eid tomorrow. So that will be my excuse for not blogging tomorrow.

Lots of plans..
I will be footloose tomorrow with my feetloose buddies.It's a kind of get together ritual for us friends.That's the time when everyone comes back home to unwind.

Day after tomorrow there's a post-Eid party for family members.Mmmmm...thinking about the 'mazaa' I'll have.A-hah!

Y'day I had the chance to watch some good movies,but ended up just gabbing with friends,doing nothing..

Vacation's begun,as I must have already told you.Took 2 books from the college library..
1.Inheritance of Loss-Kiran Desai-Man Booker2006
------The first three chapters are not much..Not interesting enough..There's a robbery,but it didn't excite..Let's see what is to come ahead..
2.The other book is Clockwork Orange-Anthony Burgess.Not begun.

The best bookers I read were probably Life of Pi& God of Small Things.Beautiful is all I can feel when I think abt those two.

Cheers to all.I'm leaving,bye!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Festive season!

It's party time!
Lot of festivals comin' up!
There's Eid,then Christmas,and don't forget new year!
I really can't believe that 2007 is coming to an end!
Time to make 'n' break resolutions!

And even more reason to rejoice 'cos one especially dear friend of mine is back home.Not that the rest aren't any less special.It's just that she's the one who's truly my soul mate.Real close to my heart.So close that I can't seperate her from the blood coursing through me.That close!

She has been there for me for years by now.The pair of us have been through the whole circle of friendship.We can say with emphasis:"Yes everyone,we 2 have been through a lot."

The spectrum of those experiences we've been through are varied.As different as we both are in natures.She's gentler,and much nicer than me.

And me?I'm rather more harsh and unconventional.

I never knew that one day I had be crying my eyes out we parted ways to pursue our own seperate streams of studies.

It's not like distance matters.
But it was the first time we had been apart.
But time moves on,and we have adjusted to our new lives.
One in a while the other rings up to chat.All that kind of things.
But even if we don't call each other,or stay out of contact for months,it barely hurts our friendship. The next time we talk,its like no time had passed since our last call!

She's my secret-keeper/Fidus Achates/The very best part of me..and a lot more!

Without her, I'm sort of incomplete.(Not really,but in a sense!)

We can talk non-stop about everything under the sun,above the sun and beyond.
Philosophy?O yes!
Movies? You betcha!
All those weird facts of our lives,tiniest secrets,literally evreything!!!

A beautiful aspect of my life!
It's really important that everyone should have atleast one good friend to pour out on!

LOve you all,thanqs for dropping by!

Friday, December 14, 2007

3 pieces of my "today"

Strange day;not that i saw anything mighty weird like ghosts or anything. It's just that my day seemed parted into 3 straight pieces!
The first part was spent in campus. No classes,so we just hung on till noon. Got to know that there's film screening of some Iranian movie in our dep.t this coming tuesday. Good! Singer&Sporty came on scooter today.Grand entry, I say!

Anyways,moving on to second part-spent that at dad's place.Chilled out with cousins,talking abt friends,celeb doings,new songs blah blah..

Third part?
Back home!Have to complete reading Othello. It's actually really interesting!
And also have to take math tuition for my kid sis.

That's all for now.
Keep watching this space for more from me!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Done with the exams!

I know it's been a long time since my first post. Thing is, I had my exams so was cut away from rest of the world for some time.
What do I say for today? It was last exam today. The antics of my classmates was making our examiner have a hard time controlling her laughter..
The I.F.F.K (Int'l Film Fest Kerala) is going on. I wish I could watch those movies. I wish I could watch all those movies that's in my wish list.Like?
1.Sofia Coppola's 'Marie Antoniette' is one biggie on the list.
2.Dor by Nagesh Kukkunoor-i loved his Iqbal!that was sooooooo brilliant and simple! Likethose Iranian movies!classic!
3.Would be Parzania. On the horrifying Gujarat riots.Election going on there.Wonder if justice will ever come to that place? o.k,I'm losing track.Bye for now!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

My first blog post!

My own blog!!!
o.k,today is the first of December,2007.And my exams begin on the 10th!
So much to work on,and I'm too lazy for anything right now.

My grandmum is feeling a bit off-colour,so I'm thinking of visiting her.Hope the dear thing gets well soon!

Mom liked my poem that was published in our college magazine!
Since I'm so hard and critical about my verses,praise for my work always
feels good!

Gotta go now.
Spread the love,ciao!