Wednesday, February 8, 2012

White, white lie


At first it was just a passing thought. Like a stray hair caught in the wind. Flimsy and with no weight of its own to mean anything huge.

She didn't linger on it. So there she was on the phone, talking about a million different things with Mira, and among them, they eventually ended up talking about her weight.

"Yeah sis, I've heard all this a million times over. You think I don't worry about this? Aren't I freaked about how it might wreck my health?

And J did know how scary things could get. The blackouts for one thing. She was never sure where and when she might fall apart, unconscious. Only to wake up elsewhere with no memory as such of the falling apart or anything.

She could hear her cousin's racked breathing from all the hyper-freaked rant about how J never cared enough about her own health. Mira took a moment to control her feelings; mostly fear and worry; she was close to tears by now. And completely frightened by what thoughts might be going through J's head. With good reason.

J in turn let out an almost ruthless laugh and chuckled the words out, "Hold on didi! I just want to know how much more I weigh these days- is all! God, you sound like mom these days".

Mira calmed down considerably, but she still couldn't tamp down her suspicions.
"It better be so. Or you and I will have words, with a shrink in tow. I'm not even joking anymore."

J dropped the cheery act and snapped back drily,
"Of course. Anyways, class is over for the day. I'm heading home now. Call you later when you're off work."

-"Had lunch?"
-"Yup Mira, with friends from canteen. Bye."
J cut the call with that.

She finally got off the phone and looked around. It was past lunch hour and most of the students were back in their classes. She gathered up her bag to say goodbyes to friends before leaving for home.

And as expected, everyone was lazing around in the computer lab.

"Oi, J! There you are! We already had lunch since you took so long. Wanna go to canteen together?"
"You didn't eat anything na?"
"Where were you anyway?"

Multiple voices yelled at her when she stepped into the lab.

"I'm off to home guys. Mom's expecting me for lunch. So bye!" J replied, collecting the remaining notes and stuff strewn over the place and stuffing them into her bag.

"Girl, you're totally missing out on the fun of eating with friends these days.. In fact, it's been months since we shared lunch together." Runi muttered annoyed.

J gave a taut smile at that and left after a couple more hugs and goodbyes.






D said...

Short but lively post, great way of narrating !
a typical college conversations..
Loved it :)
keep rocking

Elvirah said...

"Liar" is everywhere; sometimes we hid it inside us and some other times we watch it playing with us by being around us. You have narrated such a short and beautiful story with the sisterly emotions instilled in it.

Unknown said...

as D said, a typical college conversation.

liked it!

Poornima Seetharaman said...

Wow.. A beautiful short story that has so much intensity! I could so imagine it as a real episode :-)
Lovely post!

Poornima Seetharaman said...

Wow... A beautiful short story that has so much intensity! I could play it in my head as an episode!
Lovely post :-)

Purba said...

To many unanswered questions. By the time I finished reading, my mind was clouded with hows and whys.

But that's how you meant it to be - to keep the reader guessing.

Azra Raphael said...

@D,Elvirah, rahul and purnima- thank you!!

@purba- it's more about what J went thru. it's not about whether what she did was right or wrong. by the end of it all, even though she knows she's lying even to best friends, family everyone.. that's how she is. it was more about what readers read into the story rather than me dishing out answers.
more about darkness, less about what's right

Sujana said...

Great short story! I really enjoyed reading it :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

Very good, a taut story-telling with all the right elements.

I could almost feel the words 'liar' .

-keep on writing

R. Ramesh said...

need i add anymore??haha..lemme join others here in giving u a pat..keep the show going buddy:)

Aysh said...

Beautiful! I don't usually enjoy short stories but the way you write is captivating!

R. Ramesh said...

i struggle to decide which of your blogs to visit first!!!

Life Unordinary said...

So much that can be deciphered from 4 little letters

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

ha ha ! added the followers thingy

thanks for all the lavvvv:D

Sujana said...

I tagged you :)

BANTI said...

-Good piece of information.