Sunday, February 24, 2008

i Procrastinate

I don't know what's gone into me..I wanna do the tag,but since I'm meant to do the tag, I procrastinate! [Sigh] How much worse can I be than I already am?
Was it Shakespeare who said,"Laziness,thy name is Raphe...and Vinaya and Namitha and Zub and Aish and the rest of my cousins...
I'd better hide before he files a defamation case against me! ;)
Or will it be a copyright infringement case?
I definitely feel like singing Linkin Park's "Lying from you",where he screams
"the very worst part of you is me........" (or was it the other way round?)

I will be blogging again today before soon.
Love y'all!
Tomorrow is College Day.I'm getting an award or two!

1 comment:

The Wanderer said...

haha... arey do it aaram se.. no hurry.. tera hi blog hai.. lolz

and an award or TWO?.. girl u makin me proud..:)