Monday, February 18, 2008

Compulsive Confessor triggers a talk and the debate chase

What a day!
Erm..not that excellent,I mean,well,you just read on!
Morning itself me,Namitha and Vinaya scoot off to computer lab.This time it was to read the Compulsive Confessor's blog.I already had,not these two though.Both had the look you get when you do something very naughty.But finally gave up the idea after reading some posts 'cos a rather conservative teacher was around.Me and Nami had read her interview and seen her photos in a magazine and that was what triggered off this visit to eM's blog and the conversation for the rest of the day.About morals,getting involved physically in a relationship,and the rest of the yakkity-yak that you probably know.

2.30pm-Me and Namitha set off to watch first year's debate.The B.B.A one.Went half mad and around the college searching for the venue.[groan] I asked someone I knew abt the place and off we went to the physics dept. Turned out it wasn't the debate we wanted to see.Slipped out and dragged out to the other end of the college wondering why we were simply going through so much "hardship" just to watch a debate. I mean of the 5 female guns in the debate team,only me and Namitha seem to have gotten hooked to debate stuff.Finally reached the right place and dragged our weary legs upstairs 3 floors above!
Only to realise to our frustration and much annoyance that the debate was going on at the ground floor itself! Sheesh!

P.S-my sister began a cute blog!

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