Friday, February 1, 2008

Results finally come-after 7 months of writing the exams!!

I'll begin by giving a quick replay of my life in the last 2/3 days.

Yep ppl,I got my last year's annual results this week.After a pseudo-torturing wait(it was meant to be torturing,I wasn't too bothered!),they are out and definitely about.Aaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!
I'm class topper!
But the marks aren't so hot as to publish 'em here!Waaaah!

And today was Parents-Teachers meeting.Not many turned up.Probably my classmates were behind that.
In the Department Head's own words,"We are very very special!Yeah!"Well,he said something of the sort.Hope he doesnt sue me for using words he didn't use!
And our class tutor( actually tutor is a woman,d'you call a woman-tutor a "tutoress?" ) is of the opinion that though us Offbeats are very good kids, our batch has never ever occured before in the whole history of our department( "excellent functional dept").
We are one of a kind!
Never happened before,never will happen again!

I'm wondering,isn't this all fate,that,wherever I study,MY BATCH is always a historical first,certified by all teachers alike!

Signing out,

Take care y'all!

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