Friday, February 22, 2008

Lost; but I feel like a winner!

The worst has happened.
We've slaved over this thing for months,finally THE DAY comes.We're ready for even that,worked damn hard, gave our all..[correct that,gave more than our all]...and the result?
We lose! Yes all my friends who've helped me-we lost!
They twisted the topic from"Is reading dying?" to "Are reading habits dying?" Grrrrrr....

We wouldn't have been that bothered if the other team deserved the win.But no!
We were all gentlemanly( OK,admitted that we were all girls), listening to them patiently and only THEN airing our views. We countered all their arguments,our only negative side was that we spoke about the deteriorating quality of reading as a whole, as far as we can see; that's all that we went wrong on.

For one thing, it wasn't us who faltered in our presentations. It was THEM.
For another thing, we weren't the ones who kinda barged in and went hollering in the counter-parts' faces. That was THEM!
And for yet another thing, we weren't the ones soooooo impatient as to not be able to listen to what the other team had to say. That was THEM again.
And it was their stupid supporters who were making noise so that judges couldn't hear us.

But I wanna say something on their behalf. Awesome team spirit guys! Good going!

But I hated the part where they were reportedly laughing when Namitha was speaking. And I hated the fact that we had to fight inside their fort,where they are so much comfy.Aaaaaargh!
But the worst part of 'em all is that we lost only because of the inside politics and bias.
Thank you Ismail and all,we now realise that etiquette is out dated.Barbarianism and totalitarianism works for today.

But you know what? We didn't feel like losers.On the contrary;I know this sounds weird;but me and Vinaya are feeling like winners-despite the fact that technically we lost. Because
inside all of us we know that we are the winners. But when the result were out-we felt emotionally dead. This wasn't what we desired to hear,but we knew that it would happen.
Felt weirder when our teachers(darling,darling teachers) told us they knew it was going to
be a pre-planned affair. Like what happens in those scripted reality shows. They had decided the judgement even before the whole damned thing even began.

On the other side of the matter,we so wanna strangle that idiot who asked baseless questions just because we defeated him in the semi.Well,atleast me and Vi wanna do that.

And as I already said-I feel so much as if I won. Which is the truth by the way!

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The Wanderer said...

Happens... I think this prepares you better for next time. And as long as u feel like a winner.. no one can defeat you :)