Monday, February 11, 2008

How Raphael came to become me!

Mmmmm....What for today?

Legs are aching,twinge of pain remains in my left shoulder..Wicked!
It hurts.Still I can go on!
That's enough!

I thought I'd tell you what's this thing about "Raphael" is.
My name on my blog profile reads Raphael.
So who's that?
Some guy?
Some prrrrrecioussssss memory?
Or can't you see it's actually plain me!


My real name ain't Raphael. Obviously.
But its such a neat name!Cool,special,!

Well,it happened the year that passed.(Or was it 2006?) Whatever..
Me and dear ol' Vi were having fun doodling on the black board,graffiti,writing back and forth..Wicked!
Just got totally engrossed in doodling so much that finally someone-can't remember,if the person can remember,tell me!-anyway,she says,"What do you two exactly think of yourself?
Raphael and Picasso???"

It was like a bulb just lit.
So off we scribble-"Raphael and Picasso at work."
I was named Raphael and she was Picasso.And as if that wasn't enough,we made one more alias,
me was Da Vinci and she Michalangelo.
The joke remained there for a long time,appearing in text messages and blackboards and the desks.

The charm wore off her after some months.But not for me.No way!
Raphael meant a lot.It began with the same letter as rain,ravenclaw..much more.

Thats how Raphael stuck on and became my blog name!


J said...

so I finally know where this Raphael thing comes from......

kewl post....
read few of ur other older posts as well....nice stuff....

And fr the crush wala too agrees.....Crushes are far more romantic than love.....


Azra Raphael said...

hey, if i hadnt checked this post now, i hadnt know u commented!

thats the story behind raphael.
and crushes?
yeah, its always better un-commited yet know the liking is in u..