Saturday, February 2, 2008

Met an Orkut friend

Hey there everyone!
I'm here with a pack of crispies to give me company.(If you're particular,I'm chomping on Lay's India's Magic Masala.....mmmmmm! Yummy!!)
Lay's is much better than Kurkure. My sister's favourite.Even the name(kurkure) turns me off.
The only thing I liked about it,was their ad. It featured a crazyy family,including the very cute Bollywood celeb Juhi Chawla.I love her!

Afternoon,mom 'n' me set off to my sister's school for the P.T.A meeting.All the more interested b'cos I was going to come face-2-face with an Orkut friend whom I befriended via my sis.
This girl's my sister's friend's sister.
That's ok!
Anyone who meets me,leaves confused!
Again confused? Just forget it!

Anyway,this girl was great fun.We hit it off soon enough.So while mom and others were getting bored, we blabbed our way through 2 and1/2 hours.

I liked the chips.
Flavour-tingly spice!

Switching tracks,
I'm going to attend my classmate's wedding tomorrow.
I hope I can go for this one at least!
Remeber what happened to the last one?


The Wanderer said...

"Anyone who meets me,leaves confused!"

Oh.. u too?

nice blog!

Azra Raphael said...

thank you nishi!
well,yeah. i just end up confusing ppl! sigh..