Sunday, February 3, 2008

Post wedding hangover,and I'm tired. AND I have a debate to work on!

Aah, what I need now is to sleep. Wrapped very cozily in a blankie.Fan full on.Windows open. Let the night breeze in!
Or even better, sleep under the dark blue sky,all those cute stars shining down.Can't help but remember the movie "Taare Zameen Par"[ Stars on Earth].
Oh,this dream won't work out. I know!
What with the thieves lurking around,and mosquitos. Oh the mosquitoes!

Mom has a huge suspicion that the watch man who makes the rounds around our place is a thief.
The days when he's on sick leave,are the days when our neighbours' cars' music systems got robbed.8 houses robbed in that one night! Gasp!! ( C'mon,you gasp too! )


The reason why I really wanna go and sleep is because I'm that tired.
Went for my classmate's wedding.
The first classmate-wedding.Makes it special!
My friends didn't really like it.They were like" nothing's going on!!"
When we finally left the wedding pla
Thats bcos bebe, in my community,weddings aren't simply rituals.They tend to become a mega 7-day celebration!!
Thats why I'm tired.
Where's mah coffee?

Woops! Almost forgot that I'm on a diet!! No caffeine allowed.But tea is ok.
But-I hate tea!!!!!!

And now I'm simply wasting my time!!!
I have to practice for the debate that's on tuesday!
Against the Bachelor of Business Administration department.
Of all the topics to choose from, we end up with "Commercialisation of Cultural Arts"
And I'm left with a face that clearly speaks out "Are you guys seriously mad?"
Anyways we are in favour of this commercialising thing.

If you all have any good ideas,suggestions that could help me,
do drop in and tell me!!
Remember,its on tuesday!
This tuesday!!

Catch you all later.
Wish me all the best!

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