Thursday, February 28, 2008

One sad poem

I wrote this piece for my college level versification. Topic was "That rainy night".
Though me and Vinaya goofed and played around,at the end, I wrote about my cousin who left too soon after getting seriously injured in a bike accident. So you could understand that this poem is rather personal. I felt satisfied at having written it. Though I couldn't bag the first prize, I felt so much at peace. I mean, I had meant to do it all along, yet something held me the feeling that I wouldn't be able to do justice to his memory,his adventurous life and everything about him. Anyway..This is kind of my way of paying tribute to my brother-
a good friend, helpful, caring, naughty and loving. I regret the fact that I warmed up to him rather late. He used to be soooo irritating when I was younger!
But I really miss you bruv,now that you're gone..I really really miss you.

Here's the poem-
And tonight I relive
Every moment of that day.
That fatal news,
That tear-streaked night
That dug up earth where you were to lie.

After all these months,
I can still remember
Those drawn up faces
The hushed up cries
The talking in whispers.

In this rain-
All those tear stained memories
Have come back to life
Wrapped in this pitch black night.
And it feels like it was all just yeasterday.

I walked through that melancholic rain
Drenched, with a burdened heart.
In that loneliness that only death could bring;
I screamed my agony to an inky black night..
But the night was crying too.

I realised then that,
After you, nothing remains.
One crash was all it took
To bring about a world of sadness.
"Were you really gone?"

My tear are wasted
They just bring back sadness.
And my prayers are wasted.
You left all too suddenly-
Never to return.

I cry not because you left
But because you left too soon.
And in the silence that prevails
Everything is finished
All that remains is that one rainy night...
The final parting was on May 6th,2007.


J said...

beautiful....and heart-rending at the same time....

Azra Raphael said...

thank you.
i wrote it from my heart.
you see,when my cousin(rip) died,there was torrential rain,everyone crying, i felt too numb to feel anything else..