Tuesday, February 19, 2008

To you

This to you-I'm not specifying,sorry.
You'd better know that I love my faith, and truly stand to my principles. So when I realise that someone is having misconceptions about my religion,I try to straighten the misunderstanding, make them see the light.
But you?
You come to sudden conclusions,exclaiming that "I never expected you to be like this..blah-blah".Even your eyes show your disillusionment. Do you know how much irritating it is to know that a friend isn't understanding enough even to listen to what you have to say?
I know this post seems a bit harsh.
But I say it here, 'cos I can't say it to your face. You are too immature to accept things.
Signing off bitterly,Raphael.


The Wanderer said...

Sometimes people agree, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they understand, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they appericiate, sometimes they won't. You really have no control on what somebody thinks... So let things be..

I have grown comfortably numb to expectations...

btw as long as you are content with your faith... nothing else matters :)
(Listen to it, its a great song by Metallica.. Nothing else matters...)

Azra Raphael said...

i'm strong enuf to handle stuff,
but sometimes it just goes deep down into you,hurts a lot..