Saturday, March 1, 2008

About my brand new hag-voice & Chilling out with tutors

I really wanna scream everyone's ears off! Like-

Oh, you wouldn't understand. I've got throat infection or whatever the docs call it.. Thing is now I have a voice thats S.T.U.P.I.D! Totally! Day-before-yesterday, the voice was all husky and manly. I was actually feeling happy and adapting myself with my "cool" voice. Why, a buddy even told me this voice sounds better than your original one. So I take it that my real voice is boring.

As I was telling you, just when I was beginning to feel happy that finally I sounded something like my celebrity crush Atif Aslam, yesterday morn everything changes. Now I sound like a hag.
A lot natural too. Hacking all the time as if I had just begun smoking..
Vaikhari wasn't sure how nicely to make out of my bad (bad? worst!) voice. She looks at me, and says, "you know what you sound like now?" I queried,"wicked?"(rather hopefully)
She:"No, you sound like what-they-call-it, a hoarse whisper."

Yesterday afternoon, me,Vinaya,Namitha and Ragitha went to our department staff room. Ended up chilling out with the most unlikely people, our tutors. They are so warm and nice, contrary to our ideas! Especially Saritha ma'am,lots of effervescence, and she has played all the pranks we play now! And turns out she is my brother's friend's mom!

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