Thursday, November 27, 2008

The saddest

Not missing dads or being alone.

The saddest is when extremists attack and bring blame to a whole community who have got nothing to do with violence.

Another saddest is when they bring hate and suspicion among people who live in harmony and peace.

The hope is alive when we come together as a nation holding hands and show the evil-doers how much we love each other and that love is too strong to be broken by heinous crimes.

The prayer is that we can make it through the bad phases of the country and have a future as one single,united nation.

The happiness is when we believe in each other, no matter which God we may believe in.

Hoping to spread the love,


The Wanderer said...

the saddest is when terrorists kill people and still call themselves followers of a religion..religion never taught hatred...never will.

the saddest is when the politicians paint these as opportunities to further separate Indians..

angrez chale gaye 'divide and rule' chhodh gaye..

Saloni Chavda said...

This is the worst worst day any Indian has ever witnessed.
Its the cheapest political move, and we are still facing the long drawbacks of the divide-and-rule policy that britishers left us 250 years ago.
With such sightings, where instead where we should be holding hands together and uniting the two sects, and learning to love each other, it appears probable that humans will attack each other until humanity is eroded entirely.
All for the sake of nothing.
I am indeed indeed sad to the core of my being.

Matangi Mawley said...

no one could agree more than i..

blog updtd.

Ashish Gourav said...

yeah it's very sad........... I know I sometimes become too much Hindu-centric. we should join our hands to prevent yet another Godhra case.....I'm upset with myself too. I've many friends from different communities and religion and I love them and so why I'm so much hinduistic at times??
Now I'll change...I have to respect the vulnerable minorities.........
Jai Bharat

Saloni Chavda said...

I don't like the blaming of one on another community. This whole communal rivalry should be banished from brainwashed people that has percolated through history.

Peace should reunite the two sects as they were 300 years ago.

I'm with ya Raphael... Happiness is indeed when we believe in eahc other and love each other.

Spreading love too.

Bluebutterfly said...

I say the attacks sucked. We were glued to the tv screens through out. I odnt know what they get out of killing innocent people. i just wish our system and govt would learn from this huge mistake. and chnage teh way they do things.. I am sick of hearing about mumbai's spirit, why cant the govt for once get its act togather and do something about it.
politicians cant even face upto their mistakes.. like stupid cowards they have put in their resignations.

as for nsg, they did whatevr they could. it was the politicians which called them late and then the crappy plane ride made them late or more lives could hve been saved.

Vee said...

Raphael, i totally agree with u! terror has got no religion, and doing it using one or the other is not at all a good idea...