Saturday, July 12, 2008


*Namitha, Vrinda and myself are the new "gang within gang". In respect of being "amazingly slothy", and um, amazingly slothy again. Not just that though, we three are the ones always ready to be deliberately late for lectures, bunk as well,and the first ones to volunteer in anything "ulti-seedhi".

*Eight girls together on an impromptu hike to a beach is mega fun. Even more so when the beach is kinda like an "undiscovered bit of nature."We could hear the roar of the sea miles before we were anywhere near the woods through which we stepped into the beach. And, the sight blew my mind, took my breath away and... made me cuss[I have this problem I see or sense happiness]. The long strip of sands with the water lapping on the edges... I forgot all my initial protests. I had been a bit too lazy and had wanted to opt out of the plan. Good I didn't! The fun was hindered a bit by the stoopid-stoopid male numbers. But still, it was all-out fun. By the end, when Vinaya asked," who all are ready for such a trip 3/4 years later??" All hands went up. I wished we had a couple of scooters or a Hummer (I know it's macho. So?) Vinaya wanted a Gypsy. Whichever way, we want to go there again.

*After that I hopped on with Vrinda and we zoomed on her scooter at....50s and a bit mo'!!!
Reached home with sandy feet and windswept face.

* We wondered how it would be if we made a film. Or a serial. Vaikhari, Prajisha and Ragitha will act. I will be the script-writer, and everything that need be penned down. Vinaya will be the camera-girl(obviously!). Sajla will sing all the background stuff and tracks. Vrinda will handle the transport section. Nimisha will handle the finance department (she's good at numbers. I know!)
Namitha will be the costume designer. And Nilla will be the stunt-woman! Vinaya suggested.
It fits! So who's all ready for Project Movie Making??
All hands shot up.
But i guess Project Mega Serial will be more beneficial since we all can be together for,like eternity!

*Vrinda wonders how it would be if we all end up at the same work-place?
If it's a call center, in Namitha's opinion, no one would call for a second time.
She thinks a bit more and adds, the office would go out of business within a month!!
Considering the kind of behaviour we all put up together, it's possible.

*Vaikhari has found out a sure-fire way on how-to-shut-Raphe's-mouth. Not that I'm such an irritating chatter box though. She's trying to find love-symptoms in my every action,gesture and everything! Like, I told her I can't sleep well nowadays. She declares that I'm in love.I say I'm not hungry, same respponse from her. The girl is yet to notice that you fall in love when there is someone to be called the "love interest". There are none in my life. Silly lovable goose!

*I have taken 500 odd pictures with my friends already!

*It's difficult to have an online life when your Professor is in the same orbit as well. Especially if you're spending a lot of time online when you could be working on your project.

*"Hell is empty, all the devils are here"-Shakespeare. Too true.

*Phone.E's heart broken again by her MCP of a boyfriend.

*Me and my pals are supposed to be contributing stuff to the regional webportal. Nothing has churned out so far.

*I have learnt how to ride on a scooter without having to hold onto the shoulders of Vrinda. Just sit with your hands on your laps. Easy! Namitha on the other side isn't too interested in scooter rides anymo'. She gets back aches!! whoa!

*I'm yet to watch JTYJN. And that makes me feel all grouchy.


Anonymous said...

d inpromptu beach hike must b fun(minus d loafers), n bike rides, bunking clasez to sit in canteen, cumin late fr clasez, dreamin to make films or sagas, teasing each others abt bfs or gfs, plannin to do PG togethr or evn jobs.. u jus made me nostalgic.. clg days r sure fun..

rantravereflect/ jane said...

heeeeee.. i feel liek i were back in college.. come out with the serial... i think peopel are gonna love it, if this is how fun it gets :);)

n well, when ya were talking of teh scooter, i thought ya were talking abt riding it; nhere ya are, looking at how to balance as a pillion rider!! you rock girleo!!!

mwuahhh :*

Pirate Phoenix said...

Someone is having an amazing time huh ? :)

Zeba said...

Whoaa :) Looks like someone's having a blast!! N don't forget to gimme a sneak preview when u come out with ur movie or megaserial [;)] he he .. Enjoy girl ! Nice to connect with u over blogspot !

mindbodysoul said...

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Azra Raphael said...

@ mohu, jane and pirate phoenix-yeah,
life rocks for the time being!!!!!!

@Zeb- u r right, it feels cool to connect with cousins in the blogsphere. this place roxx!

@mind/body- i will check it. thanks for telling!

Anonymous said...

Hi ,

I was reading ur blog posts and found some of them to be wow.. u write well.. Why don't you popularize it more.. ur posts on ur blog ‘Pieces of me’ took my particular attention as some of them are interesting topics of mine too;

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This way you can reach out to rambhai readers some of whom could become your ardent fans.. who knows.. :)


Princess Consuela Banana Hammock said...

you are having so much fun ... !!!> wow !!!!! ......
loved the shalespeare quote ...
the mega serial would be awesome .. lol .. the scooty would definitely play an important part in it ... :)
love the picture above !!!

Princess Consuela Banana Hammock said...
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The Solitary Writer said...

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Rajesh said...

Well...Raphael...coming here the first time...fell in love wit your reason being... ' Both of us share the same style of writing' ...I could relate to everything u had written..amazing language...nice post... Blog rolling U :)

P.S: Do visit my blog

Azra Raphael said...

@ Solitary writer- Invitation accepted. Thank you!

@Rajesh- yeah,I visited your blog. great stuff there. But cut short of commenting bcos I was just too lazy!
I will do that soon though. cheers!

and keep reading my blog and blogging yourselves!