Tuesday, July 1, 2008

To my sweet Gryff Vaika, from me-the Ravenclaw

It's too early to get nostalgic.
But what I'm about to post is a fictitious letter I wrote to Vaikhari last summer or so. Based in the wizarding world (oh yes, again) and well...you comment and tell me!

Mount Pleasant June 1,2007

Dear Vaikhari,
How are you? It's been a long vacation, right? Got your Hogwarts letter yet? I got mine. And guess what- Iam the new Hogwarts Head Girl!!! Yippee!!! Such joy! I got to know that you've been made the Gryffindor Quidditch Captain. Congrats!
Remember the last time we met each other on the Hogwarts Quidditch Ground? You were Seeker, and I was Chaser for Ravenclaw. It feels great to be on Roger Davies' team. He's a super captain.

The usual at home. Right now I'm at Hartfordshire at my uncle's place. The Weasleys are neighbours. We play Quidditch in the evenings. Its not the same without the twins. Them pranksters sent me a banging telescope last week. Idiots! Hermione and Harry hang out at the Burrow more often now. Bill and Fleur's wedding coming up. Expect the twins to be back by then. Harry seems more serious now and spends most of his time with Ginny.

Missing you darlings! When are you moving in to Vinaya's?

Know the hottest news around the place right now? Our Prajisha is dating the very dashing Mr Darcy! How lucky can you get?
As for Namitha, she's looking for Mr right in Captain Jack Sparrow. Wild choice Nami!
And know what Ragitha is currently busy with? No, not wizards. But a research paper in Muggle Studies on the use of the word "sorry". Very apt,I say!
Silly girl Nimisha won't take my advice. I told her to zap over to WWN(Wizarding Wireless Network) and dump her flimsy muggle fone. (God knows if the spelling is right!) But no, she won't listen. Mph! What's so cool about muggles? No wands,no fun!

But I won't be too hard on muggles. My dad bought me a cute gadget last week. It's called iPod and it can load a lot of songs. It is muggle,but its mighty cool!

Day before yday, I was strolling down Shire square just to spend some time alone. But the walk wasn't as lonely as I had expected. Most of the HU [Hogwarts Union] was present there. And all of 'em, my Ravenclaw mates!
We made a sudden plan to hike to the falls. Tiring out, but what a view! After a splash, we just dozed off. Mind you, all this happened in the morning. Noon-we went for lunch to the food-joint nearby; a very funky one, "The Opa Court", whatever that means. I sent an owl home telling them my plans for the day. Then everyone swung onto their brooms, since I'd walked to the Shire, I sat behind Anshi's broom. Flew straight to the multiplex, watched "Pirates of Carribean 3". Then Sanil bhaiya dropped me home.

Almost forgot. Got to know from them that Vinaya is at St. Mungo's. We visited her there. She's in the 3rd floor-Potion and Plant Poisoning-ward is Healer Stinko. Nothing too serious. You know what kind of girl she is. She and her Science Forum (I forgot you're a member too!) were poking around some plants. Their professor forgot to mention that the place was full of Mandrakes. They pulled out a young mandrake (as a memento of the trip,I guess) and all of 'em get knocked out of their consciousness by its screams. Now all at St. Mungo's. Not to worry, she's almost fine by now. Her healer is a really cute guy, so she doesn't seem to be in any hurry to leave...

Anyway, what news in your place? As it's your birthday, I'm sending you some gifts. Surprise!Some of them mayn't work because of the non-magical atmosphere you live in.
In that case,wait till you reach Hogwarts!

And that last fight we had as regards which is the better House. I hear that Filch is a Gryffindor too! It fits!!
And us? The whole of HU, Head Girl, Head Boy. Avril Lavigne, Keira Knightley, too were Ravens. All my cousins are Ravenclaw. The entire Philosophy, BBA, all the Science streams, one English student(me) are Ravenclaws too. Anyways, enough fighting. We're still friends, no matter which House you're in.

Won't you come for Quidditch World Cup. Everyone else has agreed.
And then we could meet at the Ministry for our license in Apparition.
We'll celebrate yours and Nimisha's birthdays at Hogsmeade.

Happy birthday again!!!
a) The Invisible Book of Invisibility, Madcap Magic for Wacky Warlocks
b)Wit Sharpening Potion (Gryffindors need that!)
c)Bouncing Bulbs (for your garden; hold on tight!)
d)2 way mirror so you can talk to me
e)A deluxe box of Honeydukes Toffees: Cockroach Clusters, Bloody Lollipops, Acid Pops, Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans.
f)A cute Hungarian Horntail
g)As a pet I'm sending you, Niffler,Cornish Pixie and a Zombie.
h)A 2 year subscription of the Quibbler
i)Patented Day Dream Charms from Weasley's.

Aaaaaah....The best gift box ANY friend could ever give. Right?
I forgot to tell you,
The Banshee will bring the gifts.
And IF you get angry and try to send naughty things to me, the Banshee is there to scream your head out.
You may keep her.
She's as adorable as Kreacher.
*I deliberately cut out a whole paragraph where I insult Gryffindors. I don't want all Gryff enthusiasts attacking me, do i?
*AND I wiped out the How-to-make a Pepper-Up Potion. Too long I thought.


The Wanderer said...

hehe.. good one :)
reminds me of my HP days.. I am restarting the seris .. man.. i feel so nostalgic about it already ..

X said...

Weird in the best sense of the word!
heart warming to read another HP fan!

Azra Raphael said...

cheers to ye two too!

Princess Consuela Banana Hammock said...

oh ... the greatest post i have read in a long long time .... awesome doesnt begin to describe it miss-crazy-HP-fan .... lol ...
i loved it !!!!!!

X said...

rafa wen are you posting next?
keep me updated.
blogrolling you!

Azra Raphael said...

and yeah, i need to update soon!
thanks for rolling me.
hadnt i been so lazy,i had have read ur blog then and there.