Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Horrible realisations of self

1. Cousin probably had a difficult time thinking of how to describe me in the nicest manner to a friend of hers. Well, she settles to say how I have fine eyebrows. Guess that means eyebrows are the only part of me worth ANY kind of praise??

2. Remember how I told you guys once of how I had a clean mouth and I never really spewed toxic jargon? wipe out that memory. 'Cos when Vaikhari was kinda shocked when I said ****, and Vinaya was like no-big-deal,-it-happens-ALL-the-time. I realise that I actually do say quite a lot of words and phrases that ought to be censored, when I'm like so totally annoyed and angry and worked up.

3. I'm mega wicked, mean and nasty when it comes to sharing chocolate. I might even have been lying when I told you that there were NO chocolates left. Ahah!


Kk said...

I have very VERY bushy eyebrows...

I can't finish my sentences without those censored word

CHOCOLATE - I wud kill someone for that! UMMM!

Mohua said...

U got to b kidding if u think these are "horrible realisations" cz i say a lot of wrds (mostly at wrong places, at wrong tym, b4 wrong ppl), i m utterly miser wen it cums to sharing (anything) & ask my frnds hw they describe me (m short heighted, n u cannot evn imagine hw badly m mocked)..
so u see ur self analysis was'nt so bad aftr all...

The Wanderer said...

beauty lies in the eyes of the beer-holder.. offer some to your cousin next time :) lol

my dad says I drive like guys (which means i talk trash when I drive rash(that rhymed!!)) .. well.. whateva!!

I recently fought for a peice of chokate;)

these are "horrible" realizations?? u got to be kidding me :P

Azra Raphael said...

well then, thanks to my blogger-equals who have convinced me iam not horrible at all, i feel so good!

Bluebutterfly said...

Oh, you are not horrible at all.
eyebrows is well your really distinguished feature you know. think of it that way. people have always described as big. no qualms.

and the swearing... its ok... I do it all the time when I get worked up. just never ever in front of mum.

and chocolates thats also cool.... I never share them. I dont lie but I will for chocolates.

Vee said...

you may safely change the post's title to 'Not-so-horrible realizations of self' :)