Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A "waah-some"/awesome week

Waah! Kya Birthday Thi!, Waah! Kya Birthday Thi!!
October 1- Dozens of text messages, even more phone calls,cards, tearful- "I miss you" letter from a friend, hugs in person, one mom-made chocolate cake, add an almost surprise landing from Daddy, meet-up with old school friends.. Everything about the day was fantastic! In fact it was birthday celebratory mood for 3 days straight!
Thank y'all!

Waah! Kya Eid Thi!, Waah! Kya Eid Thi!!
I'd an extra speshul day 'cos Eid was on the same day as my Birthday. Mehndi on hands, family and friends all day, I loved it!
The hand with blue bracelet is mine. The one to my right is Barjis'. Below that is Shamnas'. AND the hand remaining is Thanzeela's!

Waah! Kya post-Eid/Birthday meet up thi!
Waah Kya post-Eid/Birthday meet up thi!!
Ah yes, high school best friends get together for some ice creams and catching up on each others' lives. We got to talk on phone to the love interests of 2 friends as well. Yup, except for me,MC and BS, everyone's been thru relationships.

And a 'not-so-waah Union Day' and a "Waah-Kya-Belated-Birthday-Celebration-Thi!"
Union Day was pretty boring. Thanks to DJ, we had fun grooving to good music. BUT there were dumbass pseudo-singers who spoilt the mood with stupid songs. AND Gymnast is having separation agonies. BF going away for a year.
Who cares? Definitely not me!
BUT, on the other side, we celebrated my birthday and I got 10 cute dolls, representing us 10 girls. Sothatslikecementinghefactthatwearenolongerlessthaneight. Anyways, I had a lovely gift to show off. That's fun!

Waah Kya Niqah Thi! Waah Kya Niqah Thi!!
My cousin gets married. And his wife is a perfect darling! I was part of the official Cousins-Photographers crew. Me, plus four or five or more cousins were like taking shots of celebs at the Cannes or something of the sort. So, we were confident that we hadn't missed out a single moment of the special day.

Almost forgot!!
Waah Kya Movie Thi! Waah Kya Movie Thi!!
Rock On rocks to the core. A really good movie sans the usual rona dhona and melodrama and item numbers and yet superb. The kind of movie Farhan himself makes. I wanted to write more on this movie, but that'd make this post longer than it already is.

Ciao for now!


Mohua said...

Waah! Kya post thi!
Waah Kya post thi!!
lolz. cute one.. ya i m totally in love with farhan akhtar.. intelligent movie.. luvd it..

The Wanderer said...

arey mast post yaar... u had fun on ur bday eh?.. wish u even better days ahead!!

btw cute dollies!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

hey raphael,
a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D i can see u had loads of fun , just like one should on a birthday & congrats to your cousin ( lovely mehendi designs - i'v never had my mehendi done on my hands *sob* )enjoy enjoy & when you get tired enjoy some more :)

Azra Raphael said...

thank you all! really thank you!

@ truthful- never had mehndi done? aw...that's sad! why doncha check the nearest salon?
or maybe some friend might know how to do that. or MAYBE, when u do come to kerala, i will get my mom to do mehndi on ur hands! she did for me!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

thats sweet of you :) will get it done soon

Bluebutterfly said...

I have seriously missed out on the important posts. I am sorry.
And as late as I am, A very very happy belated birthday to you darling.
After reading the post I know you had lots of fun, just wwishing you lots of more happiness where that came from.
Rock on well just rocks on nah…
And the official photographer part sounds so much fun ….

*love the blue bracelet*

Azra Raphael said...

thanks blue!

yeah, i love the color blue a lot too!