Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rain-Bikes,Birthdays,Photo Sessions...and Aditi and Pappu

I'm talking about Wednesday first because that was the best day of the week. Hope you guys have the luck myself and Vrinda had!
good luck!

I realise I'm quite broke in the evening and so had to take a lift from Vrinda. Had to take? Not exactly, cos I love bikes,I love bikes and I love Vrinda! She turns on the engine and we are ON! In between before we'd made a quarter of the ride, Vrinda made the first halt to take out her driving glasses to stop the dust from getting in the eyes.
I'm riding full-saddled. Hey, comfort first, maintaing feminine illusions is only next!
By the time we reach the Court areas, the climate had progressed to a full-fledged downpour. We giggle down to our second halt. I take out my umbrella and by then the rain is down to a minimum of a drizzle. On the bike again and off we start, this time with the umbrella as well. We wouldn't have bothered about an umbrella if it hadn't been for the fact that you can't drive smooth with rain blinding your eyes. But the strong winds keep trying to blow the umbrella out of my hands. And the place we were driving along was very close to the sea. So really,really strong gales. The umbrella finally breaks off the hold and__flies awayyyy! We were like, "oh shit!" and laughing our heads off. Vrinda halts for the third time in the ride and I step off to pick up the umbrella. All the while with my face and hers split into smiles and drenched to the bones. The umbrella wasn't helping much and the rain had come down. So we drove with the umbrella folded and put aside and enjoyed the rain. We still had to make a fourth halt when it got too heavy to see straight.
You can guess the scenario. No frustration. 2 girls laughing like mad,pointing at a broken umbrella (yes, it got twisted) and pointing at each other's wet clothes. We couldn't even wipe our glasses as there was no part of us which wasn't wet! Both couldn't stop saying over and over again, "This is the best ride I've ever had!"
Finally reached our places.
Drenched, cold and happy as a 'nything.

KS's 11th birthday. Happy birthday dahling!! I still can't believe the Kid Sis is growing up, and that too in such a short time!
At college, my pals and meself wolf down the biriyanis me and Vrinda brought in a matter of nano-seconds.
Somehow by 2.30pm all our buddies have left college. That is,except me,Namitha and Vrinda. We take out my camera, and it's clickety-click,snappity-snap-snap-snap!! Climbed broken walls and trees for cool poses. And since our college has a history of more than 200 years, there were millions of places to discover! After snapping each other in every thinkable place and pose, we used the auto-timer and laughed and giggled for the camera. Plus we went into a mini-jungle and climbed trees (trying to be oblivious to the presence of biting ants and worse biting insects). Obviously by the time we stepped out of there, the 3 of us were scratching arms and feet.
Babes in the woods, but not at all lost!

*Tuesday- Vinaya is mighty jealous that we held a photo-session when she wasn't around. Mind you, she's the first camera-obsessed among us. (I became camera-obsessed only after I owned one.) Morning onwards I'm all pepped up. But by 10am, Namitha,Vinaya,Vaikhari and Nimisha leave to watch that very-hyped "Dashavataram" of Kamal Hasan. Seriously, I'd have been suffocated to watch the same man 10 times over in the span of 3 and a half hours. Ragitha,Prajisha and myself stay back and do a photo session. Cute photos turn up. Noon and we did a house-hunting. Futile search,I may add. By then, our movie-going pals have returned and are speechless. Yes,they loved it and were mind-blown. To tell you more, they mark the movie as an "experience" in itself. What do I know? I'll just don the garb of Scroogie for now.
Bah, Humbug!
Vinaya is all-consuming jealous by now when she learns that we conducted yet another photo-session without her. Hey! Nimisha swept me off my feet literally and had the moment immortalised by Prajisha who handles the cam. I couldn't stop giggling! By this time, a misunderstanding has begun and a spat over between Offbeats and a friend. No one's too sure what triggered him to talk so.
Was he on dope? drunk? or in love???
Anyways, we clicked more photos.

At college,Vrinda has already dished out our adventure to all and we can barely stop laughing when we so much as look at each other. *Sigh!
The best ride on wheels yet!
Vaikhari has finally fallen in love with "Aditi", so has Namitha. Which means everyone is singing "aditi" all the time. Then it's "Pappu Can't Dance".
Photo sessions. Jumping from fences. "strangling" Namitha and Vinaya. But i notice that volunteers for "strangling" Namitha were much higher than for Vinaya.
Say what you want!
Just as I expected Namitha is highly jealous of our very cool bike adventure.
A fight in which many of our friends get hurt. What was worse is that the whole "friction" began right from the place we were. Very ouch feeling for the rest of the day.
A movie star comes to college for some club inauguration.
On a happier note, Prajisha's birthday!!!!
Took videos of the whole thing. I'd taken along my pipe. nothing too excellent. in fact, it makes a very ugly noise when blown, which had everyone in splits!That's exactly why I bought it at the flea market. Plus it lengthens when you blow. Extra fun. The childishness of the whole thing had Prajisha and everyone else tiring themselves out laughing.

Amazing write up, Farzad! Kudos!


Mohua said...

seems u ppl r havng a gala tym at ur clg... kewl!! its been rainin in blore as well... classy weathr... v hav been goin clickey ckickey as well...

Princess Consuela Banana Hammock said...

if this is anywhere close to the fun we are suppossed to have in colleges .... i am so just waiting for mine to start ... :))
teh bike thing was so much fun !!!!
running after an umbrella ....
lolzzz ....
just whave to wait till the cameras come out and all girls become camera abssessed !!!

Azra Raphael said...

hey mohua, great to see u bak!

and blue- welcome!!
u r so ryt, bring in the cameras and the girls go ga-ga!

college is soooo fun!

Sutta said...

:P :P

Matangi Mawley said...

wow! havin a gr8 time indeed! :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

hey nice blog , u have described very nicely what goes on in a day of college life

Azra Raphael said...