Friday, August 8, 2008

Where we draw funny dumb faces on each others' hands. I think Vinaya began. Then everyone was going freakin' mad and ended up with silly cartoon faces on the wrists. I ended up with two faces, one on each wrist. One by Vinaya, and the other by Namitha. Pictures given. So you can pronounce your verdict.
The topmost hand is Ragitha's;done by me. And the dud is wearing a cap, in case you didn't understand!
Second one is my hand. This one was done by Namitha. Face with a stitched mouth. Dunno what she intended. But I named it 'Stitcheroo'. My left hand(not in the scene) had a more respectable face drawn by Vinaya. Which I named Tom Cruise,only to have a PG senior scream, "whaaaaaaaat??????"
Third one is Namitha's arm. Done by Vinaya. With horns and a sprout of hair in the middle of its pate. *chuckle!
The hand lying beneath all the other three is Vinaya's. Done by me. She hated it and wiped it out after this shot was taken. =(

So, as to console her I drew a haughty-hottee guy on her left hand. She's still not impressed. hmph! What does she want? Ranbir Kapoor? The girl on her right hand was done by Sanjoop. Hidden talents on the surface! Though he's a bit of shy around girls, that day he was really on roll, what with all of us girls hounding him for pretty pictures for our arms!

That's the cool one Sanjoop did for Vrinda.
Finally he got bored and drew a pathetic devil on Nimisha's hand!


I'll try 2 be truthful said...

hehehhe nice figures , i liked the ones on your hand :) , even the one with the cap looks cool :)

Princess Consuela Banana Hammock said...

lol ... this is so much fun!!!!!!!!!
i loved the cap dude .. and even tom cruise ..... hidden talents huh .... ?????
its just the devil which doesnt look like a devil .... :):):)