Thursday, November 13, 2008

Vignettes of the tour

Day 1:Crossing the Kabani river, leaving the idyllic Kuruva Island behind. Scaredy cat Nauman watches from distance, all the while smoking his hundredth cigarette.

The Kabani River. Fantastic clicking from Prof Efthikar.

Pretending to call evil spirits in the candle light. Ouija Board thing. [Power cut follows us all the way to a small tea shop in Wyanad, Sulthan Bathery]

On the left side you see the street-fast-food-joint. It's not everyday that we girls get to eat off from a street food joint at night!

Day 2:At the Wildlife Sanctuary at Wyanad, Kerala, India. Beautiful. Us Offbeats were like ready to give up everything and live somewhere like here.

Heading for the Edakkal caves. The caves were worth all that huffing and trudging we had to do to climb up there.

Feet lapping in the Kara River, watching the sunset with best friends. Only thing that pissed me off? The jeans I wore got wet and thus muddy after all that wading in the water.

Prof Babu [left] and Prof Efthikar returning to bus after some cigarettes. Shot is foggy 'cos we took it through the rear window of the bus.

Suicide Point, Ooty. [Only thing I can't undertsand is, why'd anyone trudge all the way up here just to die??? It's a sin in itself to die from such a gorgeous, breathtaking place. Moodspoiling!]
ps- the wind was so strong that everyone was worried that I might get blown off! point to be noted since I'm the skinniest.

The last flames of the camp fire. Kind of symbolic even. Shucks, things are getting too sad!


Kk said...

vignettes -- short scenes? right?
are apne to pura safar he dhikaya!
Thanks Raphael!
lemme see....I love the pic with the lamp in the mid!
So artistic!

Bluebutterfly said...

so all of them are pretty.
I really like teh suicide point picture. its so beautiful. its been years since I have seen a place so green and clean.. and so natur-y. :)
you know...

Bluebutterfly said...

I think you may want to delete my old account blog.

Mohua said...

I would like to agree with Bobby.. The pics are artistic and so green.. Trips with friends are always enjoyable..

Azra Raphael said...

@ bobby- thank you! thank you!
the pic with the lamp was snapped by my friend vinaya, not me. :(

@ blue- yes, ooty is so cool,beautiful and verdant. wyanad[where we went too and is in kerala] is gorgeous too. like a gem of undiscovered nature.

@ mohu- thanks again!

Saloni Chavda said...

Such beautiful pictures. Makes me wanna visit kerela and south india. I loved your blog. Really cool.
ps. was i at suicide point, id be blown off too! :) we're both skinny that way :)

Saloni Chavda said...

Btw I surfed you up on Indi Blogger. :)

A. C. Sreehari said...

really fun-tastic
u r simply gr8, man!