Saturday, September 6, 2008

The last 3 weeks and y'day when we became angry young ladies

Starting from yesterday and moving backwards, I got a lot to blog.
Y'day was our Onam celebration. Floral carpeting, tug-of-war, musical chairs and lounging (well, the last one was what we were doing primarily. It isn't a game). Who would have thought it had end like this? Vri always has had fights with the U. She mostly voices her disagreements. Which was why, though we were damned shocked, we knew why her tyres had been flattened. So pathetic, ugly, disgusting of them! Though I'm prone to cussing, it has never been too sharp. This time, I couldn't stop the downpour of expletives and curses. "How dare they?" Is this the way you had react to criticism?
So we wrote down a complaint to the Principal and went to the nearest police station and filed a complaint against the people Vri suspected.
Let's see what happens next. Too bad it's a 10 day hols now. Slows down the action a lot.
On the lighter side, everyone except me were dressed in traditional saris and looking pretty. And ZC was being close and chatty. Plus a lot of photos happened.
*******************Before that day
*Vi has bought a camera!
*Inspirational speech from our district collector. Makes me wanna take an IAS!
*Making paper rockets with Sanjoop. The cool dude definitely knows how to make 'em fly. I don't. =(
* We'd sat around the Grand Stairs and having fun when... Ragitha spotted a creepy black caterpillar on Nimisha's lap. That has everyone screaming like scaredy cats. Aaaaaaargh!!!!
*We have maxo fun at Ragitha's place. Even though I was running a slight fever and kept hush and Vinaya was the only one to find out. She's got an uncannily good observation.
All dance and jive. Arm wrestling after lunch. Namitha was beating everyone by cheating. She scratched and used the other arm as well to beat Vaikhari and Sajla. So when she tried to beat me up, I cheated for a change and tickled her. Yeah! I won!
Moral of story: Cheating is what cheating gets. Vaikhari's and Namitha's arms. Vinaya made them pose for my blog! The silly pair was smiling and Vinaya had to remind them that only their arms would be appearing.

*Freshers' Party cold have been more fun. sigh On the other side of the Abandoned Building, the Business Administration dept gets together and enjoy a traditional Onam luncheon. Forget a luncheon, we Functional English people don't even seem to have the unity to come up with a decent Freshers' party. BUT. the party WE threw last year for our direst juniors had been fantastic. This year, we let our juniors do the work, and it is disastrous. ugh.
*That Korean drama "Sassy Girl" which I talked about in my tag? It ended last week. And I'm literally crawling the web for more on them. And Nishi, i don't know Korean language except for a "yes", "what" and "why" in Korean. The dramas have English subtitles. That's how!
*We trudged up our college's own Forbidden Forest. Yeah!
*Namitha's birthday was celebrated on the college election day. Clinking glasses of water and raising toast for the girl and kissing her till she got tired. Phew!
*Got shortlisted in our very first campus recruitment interview.
*AND memory games where I lost out after Namitha,Vrinda and Vinaya. Vaikhari,Sajla and Ragitha survived.

Have I forgotten to write out anything? My girls had better tell me.


The Wanderer said...

The silly pair was smiling and Vinaya had to remind them that only their arms would be appearing...LOL!!! Poor them.. but they friends blog fame yaar..lolz

sutitles eh? I had suspected ;)

Good One :)

Princess Consuela Banana Hammock said...

thats one heckuva lot of stuff to do..... and did i mention it's almost amazing the amount of fun you can have...
our freshers sucked too and it was because of our fellow freshers.....all fine from the fever I hope.
congrats on getting shotlisted.....
and cheating is fine....I cheat at scrabble... take words off the board.. its all about keeping teh other person distracted .... lol ....
and of ourse update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

hehhehhe , u know what i do to win arm wrestling ?? use my feet as well !!! & by the end of the game its not only my hand which has won , but my hands , feet , sometimes even my a** . (don't worry that person isn't like hurt or anything )
happy belated onam :)

Azra Raphael said...

@ nishi and blue- =D

@ truthful- well, i would have kicked her too but we happened to be sitting on the floor!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this nice post 111213

Anonymous said...

hi - re your "shell post" yesterday please pm and we will get back in touch these ones arnt wood