Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Feeding my pet. My bloggie pet. My latest muse.

I get a breather now because my exam has been postponed. Phew!

So..I'm done with my Shakespeare&Poetry paper. Pretty much ok. If you ask me, I ought to ace the exam. But last year, I was just as sure, but somehow things go wrong. Whatever..


I really got worried thinking I was mistreating my blog without feeding it with posts.
"Pieces of me" sure is a piece of me!
It's like having a pet! You look after it,make fuss over it, feed and pamper and spoil it, coo about it to one and all. Showing it off.. Awwwww!

But truth is, I have never had a real,live pet. Excluding the human being pets I have in plenty!
My otherwise first pet was my teddy bear. That addiction has never left me. Not even now! I am an incompatible mix of mushiness and toughness.
Oh, my tamagotchi pet! I almost forgot! Y'know the tamagotchi nah? It was such a craze 10 years ago. The first real virtual pet craze began with the tamagotchi. Damn cute thing! You get to feed it, overfeed it (then you show him to the doc, and give medical treatment), he poops,pisses and plays.. wondehful!

The best part was that --no dirt! You are not messing with the real poop! Just great!

I got so indulgent of him. Then doggie died and was buried in the virtual cemetery. *sniff

But then I reset the tamagotchi and got back to fussing the new chick. feathers and cuteness.

My current pets are..
1. Five year old Snuffles
2. Four year old Darcy
3. Three year old Padfoot (he was supposed to be gifted to Riph. If I hadn't fallen in love with the cute lamb!)
4. Two year old Harajuku kind of wooden doll (no name yet. can you suggest something? what? Gwen????? you must be joking!)
5. The last one. Just one year old. No name. Tiny like Ron's Pigwidgeon. Small, yellow. Gifted to me by K.S (kid sis)

All stuffed and softies. Cutie pies. I will post their pictures asap.
I could have had six all in all, if Riph hadn't taken revenge on me on the same coin. Last birthday of mine she tells me, "I've bought you a cute teddy". Next thing I hear,"but I fell in love with it. So can't give you!"
The darling devil!


The Wanderer said...

yeah.. blogs do feel like pets sometime...hehe.. kya analogy hai!

Mohua said...

very cuteee... koochiee coooo...

Azra Raphael said...