Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rantings of a whole week(almost)/ Happy Feet Part3

Long time since I blogged. This one was supposed to happen last friday from college. Y'see, I had been acting pretty out of control from home and as a result, our broadband limit reached the brink sooner than ought to! So I planned to blog side by side with Dusk from college.. if it hadn't been for the lousy connection, I wouldn't have logged out half way through the post. That didn't work out as planned, so here I am, after a week!

What a week it was! As if all of a sudden we had realised that, "this is the last week of our second year." We were outrageous!
*We go shopping*.
I bought a cutesy bag, we checked accessories, collectibles, blah blah.. We were all over the place! As if that weren't enough, Vinaya snaps our whole footloose madness on her camera. Then by afternoon, we return collegewards. Or as Namitha aptly said, "back home". Back home....Home sweeter than our real home..home that brings stronger feelings than the real home..Or am I not mistaken? Isn't this alma mater our real home?

The next day, we don't step outta college, but that doesn't lessen our deeds! First hour, Faim brings cream cake as it's her fiance's birthday. Me,Vinaya and Shalima lick the pastry clean.. Yummmm! Next hour Vinaya and yours truly step out of the campus to return the cds we'd taken. Lollipops and umbrella in hand we walk and talk a lot of stuff. Or rather a lot about some subjects.
Back at college everyone's looking at the sky. Wassup? we ask, looking upwards ourselves! Turns out there's this rainbow surrounding the sun! A circular rainbow! Mebbe I should say raincircle!
Whatever! Anyway, from 1.30pm to 3.30pm, it was show time! We just lounged around our favourite place near the main entrance..and sing! Duniyawale kya kahenge iski parwa nahi hame! We began with our current anthem Azeem-o-shan-shahenshah and were on a roll! Whoooo!!! You should first of all understand that 9o% of the campus consists of pseudo-sane and dignified people. We make up the rest 10% who set the mood around the place we are. Plus, we notice now that when we sit somewhere which is already full, one-by-one everyone leaves the place, making it our own kingdom!! When this kept happening everytime we settled down, Vaikhari, me and the rest couldn't help but wonder...."body odour?"
And it had us sniffing about, until we finally decided we didn't smell any worse than the rest.

Our mini concert rocks the campus (partly)
Anyways,we sang:::*better take a long breath*
Azeem o shan Shahenshah/Jashn-e-Bahaara/Pehli Nazar Mein/Kiya Kiya/Saiya Re/Salaam e Ishq/Khaike Pan Banaraswala/Ye mere dil/Khalbali/Rang de Basanti/LOOSE CONTROL!!/ Bure Bure/Say na say na/Soni de Nakhre/Mauja/Nagada/Bum Bum Bole!/Jise dhoondti hu mainKoi milgaya/ Aankhe Khuli/Welcome/Bole chudiya/Falguni songs/Ek Ajnabee/Ek nazar mein bhi/Kajra re../ Maiya/ Where's the party tonight?/Heyy Baby/Darde disco/DIL MEIN BAJI GUITAR/apun bola/aati kya khandala/.....plus a whole more. We basically stuck to fast numbers, so to keep the mood upbeat and funky.
All the sound effects from yours truly. Since I'm more learned at the lyrics fore, that was good. Like in "Saiya re", I would sing,"Ye adaa..", the rest would complete,"Haaye!"
And in "Khaike Paan Banareswala", the "chhora GAnGA KInarewala".. and we did the drums, guitars, oh the whole orchestra babe! We had the whole music coming out from us! And the filmy antics too!
The best was probably "Azeem O Shan Shahenshah", me and Vaika did the drums part so adeptly, we were W.O.W!!
There were the old songs too. Mere sapnon ki rani, our all time mad fave YAHOO!!!! vagera vagera..
And smatterings of Tamil (A.R Rahman numbers) and Malayalam.
We did a seperate section of ad songs.Jojo was really enjoying along with us. Saifu was ready to have fun.He asked us girls to surround him and sing wedding songs for him. He pretended he's a bridegroom. We sang a lot, then sent him off. Then came the campus' Kunal Khemoo. He first tried to be all angry with our singing, but finally gave in and suggested us to sing a funeral song. Huh? We sang anyway!
I might have missed out some of the better songs.. We forgot to sing Beedi Jalaile!Whatte miss!
Finally back home after tiring ourselves out completely. I was still bubbling with the adrenalin, texted Namitha a message.It's like this,"This is the day the Offbeats made some noise and hoped someone would complain so that they could fight back and make more noise!" She really loved it.

Free hours showering down upon us. Hmmmm, maza aagaya bhai! We tripped over to the canteen ( there's this low lying tree nearby). Vinaya takes out the soap-bubbles box we'd bought the other day and blows. Shooo mainy kyooot kyooot bubblezzhh!! I giggle like silly girls and wave my arms around to catch 'em. Namitha snapped a pretty pic o' Vinaya blowing bubbles. Then_
We climbed a tree (and sing silly songs, with gestures.. B comes along,tries to shake us off the tree.)
I scraped my knee( well, not the knee. My ankle actually. But I had to keep the rhyme na!)
My dress (thankfully) hasn't got a tear
We bhangra on our way back to portico
I whistle everywhere
And underneath my head-gear, I have got kinky hair!
I think that's enough of really corny rhyming attempts. *Sigh!*

*Apart from this*
Vaikhari is helping(rather too enthusiastically) in completing my "my vices" list. Its still under construction. Dunno when I will post that one. Or should I? I might be scaring people out!
Why she's so helpful now? Because I didn't apologise for accidentally stamping on her 2 mile long skirt!
My defence:She's a friend. I don't feel the need to say sorry to friends! B'cos they are friends,duh!
Anyway, about this vices list.
Vaika reckons I'm arrogant.
* BIG gasp from everyone* (I hope they will gasp!)
I'm the least arrogant person you'll ever find on Planet Earth. I might ace a test or win prizes and all.But I'll come back with the same scrawny face. No emo! I'm the nicest, most down-to-earth, humble girl you will ever have the fortune to meet! Ha!
I Am Not arroGant! I'm nice all through! See?

*Last day of academic year*
We are supposed to step down from being the funky, bunker, way-so-zany 2nd years to being ""serious, mature""{this deserves extra double inverted commas!} final years.
So- the mucho talked about farewell party. Thankfully no hitches. Except that we had an extreeeeeeeemly tough time shoving the teachers into the party place. Good food, great anchoring from Dhanya and the rest of the girls. We felt so proud that we gals had single handedly organised the whole thing. Vinaya remarked that she felt like a powerpuff girl! Juniors turned out to be actually nice!
We didn't have a propah lunch later on. None are bothered! We are all feeling so rested. Laid-back, sedated. Like, we finally accept the sad truth that the year had ended! Too quick! Way too quick!
Last episode of Happy Feet.
Vinaya takes off her shoes. Complains of weary feet. I think, why not? Me too goes, off with the shoes! Then rest of the girls take off foot wear and we walk down the path happily, singing our anthems {Azeem o shan shahenshah, Sajnaji Vari Vari, Kajrare, blah blah}. Of course, everyone except Namitha are bare feet.
End of road. On with shoes and slippers. Goodbyes for a month. After which the exams begin. *Groan* Kisses and hugs all. Love ya all.
Oh yeah,we might be getting togethah for Pretty's wedding.


J said...

nice to see a post after quite a while...
black roxxx..widout doubt..
climbing tree...intrstng...


Detached. said...

omg i miss my school SO much.


Azra Raphael said...

eh? whats this i'm hearing?

I'm about to begin my third year of college! All these madness happened at college!:D

but me too would give a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g to get back to school. great days..miss em soo much!