Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My king dad

King dad and his li'l princess daughter. Sure,kid sis too is a princess. But this is my space!
Daddy sure knows how to make me feel speshul. Very very speshul. I told you guys once that I'm very much the "I-want-this-I-want-that" type. And dad's the "Anything my princess wants" kind of dad.(Much to mom's annoyance who keep saying to this day,that dad spoils me.Too true!) So you can understand we have a great relationship! He he!! He indulges me in everyway he can. Chocolates,teddy bears,accessories, gadgets etc etc. Have you heard of the tamagotchi? Used to be a great hit. I had one!
No-even without that part we do great.
Once he gifted me this very endearing fridge magnet which had the words, "Daughter and a friend,a blessing twice." Doncha think that's immensely cute? I do!
I remember when I was the only child, dad had bring home video-cassetes of Disney's fairy tales. I got to watch e.v.e.r.y fairy tale in the book! And I remember I'd these cartons full of toys. AND I also remember my cousins murdering my eldest teddy and then we gave the "martyr" a salute and sang the national anthems and "very respectfully" flung him into the garbage bin. I did think it funny when it lasted. But when everyone had left I began missing the teddy,and I guess I whines about it to dad.
Going shopping with dad is always fun. I get to use all my "spoilt-kid" lines, and dad gets to indulge me. I wonder if he gets bored?
We resemble each other. Sans dad's bald pate and mustachio!
No one gets tired of remarking how same we are. In respect of appearances and behavior. Reserved,but fun!
He cracks the best jokes. Makes even mom laugh!
He helped me with MY VERY FIRST POEM. Which turned out to be quite a success. It got published in the newspaper and I read it at my school's morning assembly.
Upto the age of ten,he used to tell me stories. Or rather I used to force my darling,tired daddy to. The same three stories in rotation. I donno how I stood that. The hare and tortoise story, and his two invented story. In the end when I had gotten bored, I would tell him stories. he same stories. Ha ha! Another bad thing about me was that I had nevah go to sleep soon. I had make him tell the whole silly story to the end.
And he makes funny faces to make me laugh when I'm putting up a fight.
And many other things.
I feel guilty that I have never been a good daughter and done things to make him feel speshul. Except for the hugs and kisses. Bah!
I can't even remember when dad's day is. I just make it on dad's birthday. You know,kinda double treat. And I had buy him things he likes with his money. Talk about love!

I really love you dad! For everything you do for me. Like the cute gifts. He's excellent at gifts. No one can beat him there.
For the best daddy in the whole wide world.
Hey,I love mom too!


Pirate Phoenix said...

What on earth happened to your spellings and stuff? Pretty sentu post!

Azra Raphael said...

im all cooped up at home!
nuffink happening to talk abt!

Anonymous said...

I do too!

Last year my dad got me a piano black Sony PSP. I gave it to my brother a month back, and he broke it, so I requested mom to bake for dad an apple pie, which she did, and to lock my bro up in the bathroom for thirty-nine minutes, which she didn't. I want to go home.

Did I mention it was in black?

Anonymous said...

My dear daughter,

Thanx for all those complements. It is nice reading starting with those story telling days. You deserve all what I give you. Because I love you so much.

Your KING dad