Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sisters by chance. Friends by choice.

"Sister is a little bit of childhood that never goes"{courtesy-flickr}
So true!
For one thing I'm really missing my kid sis. She's enjoying the sun at my uncle's place in Tamil Nadu. There used to be a time when I used to fight with her,make her cry(sorry!) and what not.
Well, she used to be a miss prissy then! But that's no reason to be fighting someone who's 9 years younger than you, especially if it's ur own sister! Couldn't help being wicked sweetie! I was spoilt and pampered for too long. So when you came,I had a difficult time adjusting to the new scenario. I mean, I'm selfish! So having to share the love to which only I was privileged for nine years was tough. So there were problems.
There still are. And I'm the only one responsible for that. I haven't yet grown up. I behave like I'm forever 15! But kid sis is more mature. She understands and copes. I don't.
Oh..You nasty,li'l,spoilt brat! [that has to be me!]

Anyways, leave all that behind. I'm not expressive, and it creates all sorts of misunderstandings that Raphe is uncaring, self-centred,selfish,etc etc..
ok,some of it might be true,but that doesn't mean I'm a bad person. I really love my friends and family. It's just that I don't love people the way everyone else does. And I have a small problem with sharing. Just a teeny-weeny problem. Hope you understand! Kid sis does!

She's the best part of me. We have fun together despite the 9 year gap. We play music and pretend to be rockstars at a concert! We dance the way they do in Pride and Prejudice. We blow bubbles and giggle. Please try to forget the fact that I'm a 19 year old. We make up fake rap songs and act out the funny scenes in movies we have watched. [Last one we played out was the OmiSwami in Om Shanti Om]. When we sleep together,she kicks the hell out of me in her sleep though. That ticks me off. Aaaaaaargh! But she's otherwise always veryyyy careful not to irritate me. My sugar! We check new websites together and try new widgets in her blog. She's just a 10 year old but writes mighty cute!

What else? She's my hair stylist. Sort of. When I have the patience to sit still.That is.

And,which other 10 year old would gift her wicked,selfish elder sister her favourite teddy bear?
Only mine would!


J said...

u know....I always wanted to hav a kid sis or for that matter a kid bro...or for that matter a kid ******. lolzz

Being the youngest, I never got a chance to spoil nyone nor dominate nyone....Lucky u...

Nyways, beautiful post...The best part is that you can accept your shortcomings with such a grace that they start looking like positives...

Mind telling ur sis' blog address...

Nyways, u may check out a few posts on

All the best for ur exams....


Azra Raphael said...

hey! being the youngest means u r privileged to lots of pampering!

and well,i guess i accept my shortcomings bcos thats the only way i can see myself as a whole.

my sister has started gettin a bit bored in blogsphere. but still,the url is

i think i hav visited ur blog once or twice..