Thursday, April 24, 2008

Preparing for moi exams-TWEEEET!

Woohoo! (Jus trying to show off that I'm being silly)

I've begun twittering. Yep,tweet-tweet! Sounds pretty silly. Oh,me going mad with exams hanging on my head. They're right on the other corner of the week.

Though not really a Herculean task,my exams begin on this 30th, and I can be back to social networking by May7th. Yayy!
So it's bye until May7th. (Or rather, until I succumb again to my internet addiktion,sigh)

Is any of you on Twitter? My user name is Raphe. Catch me there! I'm just 2 tweets old.

Wish me luck, catcha later.
Till then...........TWEET!

P.S-Guess I should just have twittered this 'un.

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