Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lazy and blogging when I should be studying. Blae!

If it hadn't been for the fact that all my friends (yep,the whole lot of them) were so doomed lazy, you had think that no one cared for each other. Not that I'm any better,I could only be worse. Each one of us have a problem moving our respective asses off the seat where we are.
And as we are all without seeing the rest for some weeks( study leave!), it's getting kinda boring at home. I've been having a bit o' fun on my own though.Shopping,travelling and my dental appointments have kept me on my feet. We could meet up if we could muster up the energy to get off our respective couches and sofas and beds.
We are so lazy, that no one is even bothered to call up the rest. So difficult to press the buttons,huh? The max one had go is to do a missed call on the rest to remind them, "Hey, i exist! i remember u!" That kind of thing.
Couple of days ago, I called up Vinaya. Someone has to begin na?
We crap a lot, I tell her of a weeiiiiiirrrrrd dream I'd last night. Usually Namitha's the one who has the weirdest dreams. Vinaya chuckled out at the end saying,"you beat her this time!"
By the time we hang on each other, I've slouched onto the floor, reciever in hand. btw-it was a pretty short phone call. The calls during which I slump onto the floor usually lengthens to 2 or 3 hours. But now that has lessened.
Maybe it's the prick-o'-conscience in respect of the phone bills.
Or maybe its bcos no Riph's calls now. She's like my other half.I'm Raphe, she's Riph. The girl is doing her posting (or whateva it was; i guess its something like the interns).Doing her dental science course.I'm soooo proud of you,gurl! So she's mighty busy-busy. No more calls. We had see each other everyday at school, but would still ring up and chat for hours on end.
Miss you babe! Work hard and become a good dentist! My teeth are waiting! No,honestly! I'm pretty sure I've the worst set of teeth around this side of Earth. My dentist has already worked her way through three of 'em. *Sigh. Some sort of fate,huh?

I'm supposed to be using these days for studying. But the disgusting part is that, though I'm an English major, I have to study for my second language-Hindi harder. English subjects are easy-breezy for me. But Hindi? Uff! I'm getting up at wee hours to get a head-start on it. 5 goddamned textbooks for an optional language. WTF? And the whole Hindi syllabi we have is sooo damnably goody-two-shoe genred, that I can't help but feel like throwing up everytime I pick up my Hindi textbooks.As a language, Hindi is pretty cool. But academic material? Oh no thanks.
I feel blessed that the cursed subject won't be there in my final year. Thank God!

Alvida then!


J said...

nice to read a lighter post after the last few rather gloomy ones....

nicer to know that there are other equally lazy asses in this world....Finally my ass found some company...lolz...

I know somehow all my comments tend to be nearly the same but again I found this post refreshing and very dil se(straight from the heart).

Riph..Raphe...yeah some friends are like that....

Best of luck wid ur Hindi ordeals....


Azra Raphael said...

well im still feeling pretty gloomy. bur blogging helps reviving me from mundane-ness. its nice to know there are other sloth asses apart from me and my pack!