Monday, April 14, 2008

They have done it again!

Rakesh Roshan does it too!
I simply can't believe how many Malayalam movies are remakes into Hindi! It's even more surprising that everyone seems to like them! And Priyadarshan (who's a Malayali in case you missed that) seems like the King of Rip-Offs and Remakes.
It's kinda pathetic that no one has any originality left in them anymore.

Hulchul-the Akshaye Khanna starrer is a rip-off of a Malayalam movie named "Godfather" which was made 20 years ago or so.
Hungama-is another rip-off.
Hera Pheri-is another.
Golmaal-seems a mixture of two Malayalam movies.
Garam Masala-is a make over of a 20-30 year old Malayalam movie called Boeing Boeing. The 3 air hostesses, the three timing, everything is the same. And the surly cook. i swear the Malayalam version was way much better than the crappy Hindi version. No offence meant!
Chupke Chupke-was made in Malayalam 10 years ago. Name was "Punjabi House"
Bhool Bhulaiya is actually an awesome Malayalam movie "Manichithrathazhu" which got the actress Shobhana her National Award. She was mighty scary and damn original in her acting. Vidya Balan didn't give me any thrills. Shobhana did. I still feel the goosebumps. Chilly!
Tamil industry too remade the Malayalam one,then the Hindi does it too.
Bhagam Bhag is another rip off.
Kyonki-was made in Malayalam decades ago or so,which is based on the english "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".Kyonki was boring,but I cried buckets at the Malayalam version.
Heyy Baby was already made in Malayalam 20 years earlier. "Thooval Sparsham" was so adorable and funny! I cried in the end. Couldn't help it! But now I realise that Heyy Baby which I considered a rip off of the Malayalam version is a rip off of a Hollywood movie Three Men and a baby! Talk of the rip-off of the rip-off! Ha ha!!!
I See You was made in Malayalam before the hindi one even hit the floors. "Vismaya thumbathu". I didn't like it though.

The worst is yet to come.

I have watched the Malayalam version of the "Krazzy4" years ago!
That was hilarious! I donno if this scene is in Krazzy4 as well. But one of the mad men(they all behave pretty same actually,except for the mad streaks), the senior one gate crashes into a meeting. He gives a very inspiring speech of how Gandhiji gave up all foreign clothes for his nation. And declares that he is going to do the same right now,and strips down to his briefs! Funnier is the fact that the sane people who listened to his speech became inspired and sacrifice their clothes as well!
And now the gossip mill informs me that Krazzy4 is the rip off of some Hollywood movie.
Seems like Malayalam movie industry has been ripping off ages before the idea hit the Bollywood circles!Hey,but that's not to say the Kerala movie industry has no originality. Quite the opposite. We have innovative screenplays even now.No one can still forget the eternal love story"Chemmeen"which was made during the black n white times.We have award winning film makers like Adoor Bhasi, and other uber-serious people who are so serious in their art, that shallow people like me don't know about them! and versatile actors like Meera Jasmine(don't I love her!)
Its just that there are some supposedly talented directors who have no sense of dignity left in them,except for a talent to copy and paste! and Sobhana(North Indians may know her for acting in 'Mitr-my friend'.,and Revathi,famous for directing 'Phir Milenge' in Bollywood. But they have more to them than all that! Oodles of creativity,attitude etc etc.

Why do the Indians keep on stealing ideas from Hollywood? Why don't we make original stuff anymore?????


Vidooshak said...

found this nice post thanks to that LCD weirdo. i started writing this comment and glanced at the beautiful post on "sisters". brilliant and touching!!

as for movies, good list up there. wish i knew malyalam and tamil or at least there were good subtitled DVDs available. the only way we can watch regional films is if some nice bolly soul copies them :-)

but yes, one day, there will be more original films like Jonny Gaddar and Khosla Ka Ghosla made in bombay. until then, pop "the Incredibles" into your player and marvel at the effort THEY put in

Azra Raphael said...

so there was some advantage from lcd guy!
yeah, apart from few original stuff like bheja fry,khosla ka ghosla and the like, all we see is remakes and rip offs.
and u r ryt. all we can do is watch the hollywood stuff and be content with being impressed!