Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tug wars, tributes, Z's crush

Y'day was the death anniversary of a comrade who got killed at our college 34 years ago. So as tribute to the martyr, the Union organised tug-war games and a quiz competition. So instead of a sombre event in remembrance of the guy, we had fun cheering on the tug warriors! O.k, so just in case everyone got carried away, they had a very sombre lengthy speech( of which you can guess we heard nothing) and they lowered the Union flag, had a procession blah blah.

The tug war was damn fun. We supported our 2nd years in the 2nd years Vs. hostelites match. 2nd years won easy peasy! Then there was the 1st years Vs hostelites or some other team. ist years lost! Losers were having as much fun too. though!

Anyway, all this fun made us wonder;"what will it be like if we die when still studying here?"
"What had the tribute be like?" If it was N, everyone would have an all-out flirting throughout that day in her memory! If it was Vaikhari, people would run around speaking like wizards from Harry Potter's world! If it were Ni, the mobile phone company would sponsor the programme in her memory,they'd say;" without her, now who will buy recharge coupons?"
And if it's me---;You shoulda seen my friends getting excited as they thought of that; "All the chocolate companies will sponsor the tribute for you saying,'oh, Raphe is gone! Now we won't have any business at all! Alas!'

In between all this, there were some problems too. Vinaya sprained her foot. Though intially we made fun of her calling her 'langda',later when she cried in pain,um..we felt real bad.
Crow shits in N's hair! Yuck..

Beyond all this, my day had a different feel. After so many months, Z calls me up. It isn't like we forgot the other one. Rather Z is always with me all the time,on my mind. She's in a mess. She's gotten this immensely huge (unbearable,she tells me) crush on a guy in her college. Doesn't help much that he's got all the girls mad abt him and Z's friends give her a harder time. They tease her and sing mushy songs whenever he passes by and now-her crush is getting all-consuming addiction for her! And the worst part for her was that....
"you blushed????" I gasped! Because for one thing, Z isn't the kind of girl who blushes even when the going gets embarrasing. Now she tells me she can't concentrate on anything either! My poor darling Z. She added ruefully that if it hadn't been for her friends she hadn't have done so badly. Sigh....Guess she's burning herself up in this addiction.


J said...

refreshing as always....


Raveena said...

Friends and their crushes!

How sad they make us!

Azra Raphael said...

sigh, your heart goes to them and their sad plights!

Vaniya Fazal said...

super! fantastic!
i never heard such blog!